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LEGO Friends Heartlake Shopping Mall Building Set 41058 Review


Today, people throughout the world enjoy putting Legos together and in all honesty, it makes a great hobby. So, what do you do when you want your child to start taking part in this interesting hobby? If you have a young child, you cannot expect them to jump into one of those Lego city sets or Lego Star Wars sets and automatically understand the Lego Building Instructions. This is why there are Lego 10697 sets (the classic ones) that you can use for an introduction, but perhaps you want something more than just a set of blocks with some models to build? While there’s the Lego 71040 set, which is a nice Disney castle or the Lego 42056 set, which is basically a car, we would like to take a look at the Lego 41058 set because according to Lego news, this is something many children have enjoyed.

The Lego 41058 set is one of the most expensive sets in Friends wave five – it’s the Heartlake Shopping Mall. You’ll have to excuse us, because this review took a couple of days for us to photograph and an evening in order to complete the writing.

Now, let’s get down to business …


The Packaging and Box

This set is fairly large and size, with a total of 1,120 parts all together (that’s a whole lot of parts). As you could imagine for a set this size, the box is going to have a lot going on. In the picture on the box, there’s so much for you to look at. In fact, there’s so much that they weren’t even able to fix the car in the scene. There is obviously a lot going on inside this box and we cannot wait to take a look to see what it’s all about.

When looking at the front of the box, at first, you may be a bit overwhelmed as you’re trying to figure out exactly what’s taking place. In the picture, we can see some buildings in the back with many tiny elements in the front. There’s also four minidolls and a neat looking car. It really is hard to settle on one specific detail as you’re staring at the box.

When you flip the box over and look at the back, there’s an image of the buildings side by side, without the other elements – then, all of a sudden, the set starts to look smaller. On the side of the box, the images don’t show much – it only shows a fraction of what you think is the toy. The idea here is obviously get your attention, but keep some room for suspense and surprises when you open the box. Besides, there’s no way for Lego to show every single little detail. Without further ado, we are now going to move forward and commence to opening the box.


Here’s a picture of the box and manuals:








Box Contents

Moving forward and opening up the box, you’re going to find eight numbered bags. In another one, you have large plats, and all of the papers neatly stored in another bag and secured with cardboard in order to make sure it doesn’t bend. We like how they add the cardboard for reinforcement, because we cannot count how many times we opened up a box to find sticker sheets all crumbled up inside it.

When you open up the un-numbered bags, you will discover six baseplates, along with two smaller plates, four numbered instruction books and two sticker sheets.



Bag Number 1:

In bag one, you will find the smaller elements. First, you are faced with the minidolls. On the back of the box, we saw Stephanie as the main character, when Emma is also present. It’s rare to find more than one of the five friends in one set, by the way. So, with that Lego news, this is already looking good and we believe this set will do just find. For an even bigger bonus, these two girls have their poodle for the day with them.

Picking Stephanie up, we find that she has a new hairpiece that she wore in her beach house and Emma has some pretty cool looking purple DJ headphones on her head. When we come across the handbag cart, we immediately smile – we always find these cute little cart shops in the typical mall sets. We really like how there’s ribbons attached to the yellow headlight bricks with classic flowers.

Moving to the photo booth, it’s pretty cool – this is a simple build that requires using the right amount of Lego Technic parts. There’s a printed photo tile of Emma and Stephanie – stick this in the slot at the back of the booth, turn the knob and magic will take place. The photos will come out, as if you’re using an actual photo booth.

Other elements in this set include what looks like a turning dance floor and a setup for disc jockeys. There’s also a really cool DJ booth that is complete with a laptop and loudspeakers. As shown on the front of the box, apparently Emma is a professional DJ.

There’s also a catwalk that you will need to put together and it’s not your traditional type of catwalk. This particular catwalk comes equipped with a turntable that is buildable by the black turntable base along with the 6x6 azure round plate.

What would a large Friends set be if it didn’t have any foliage? Boring, that’s what. In this set, there’s two palm trees (potted).


Bag Number 2:

By the time you move on to bag number 2, you will still be on the first of the four instruction booklets. Bag number 2 contains all of the parts needed for the next stage of the build and there are some pretty lucrative parts.

During this time, we will be welcoming our new found friend Julian. For those of you that aren’t familiar with Friends universe, Julian is the fifth male character.

The first main build of the set would be the entrance to the shopping mall. Every good shopping center has a good entrance, right?

The interior of the entrance is pretty cool – it has a neat checkered pattern with Magenta jumper plats and medium blue tiles. These nice jumper plates give the minifigures a place to stand


Bag Number 3:

In bag number 3, you’re going to be taking the build to a whole new level as things are going to start getting on a serious note. The palm tree leaves in Pearl Gold are one of the most noticeable pieces from the box – these are the parts you will find in bag number three – four 2x2 round tiles and 1x2 round tiles for the tree leaves.

Other parts include four Lavender A-frames, 2x4 lavender tiles and 1x2x2 bricks. By reading various other reviews online, we’ve noticed that some people don’t like the 1x2x2 bricks for some reason, but we actually enjoy them.

During this time, you will be building the dining area – everything you need for the dining area is in this bag.


Bag Number 4:

Bag number 4 will be taking you forward to something a bit different – this bag has different kinds of parts and this is because we will be building Emma’s Sports Car. You have some lucrative basic elements like 1x4 and 1x10 Magenta plates, 1x4 azure tiles and a pair of 1x4 modular plates, but we are really excited about the tires and the wheels in this bag – we can’t wait to take them out of the bag and start using them.


Bag Number 5:

In this bag, you can find some more stuff, like neon yellow 1x2 bricks, two transparent 1x6x5 panels and four blue 2x4 tiles.

In bags number 6, 7 and 8, you will really be getting into the build. During this time, you’ll be building a pizzeria and sandwich shop, beauty salon, wedding store and everything you would expect to find in a shopping mall of this size.


Look at these buildings – don’t they look pretty cool?




Putting this together was a whole lot of fun and the Lego instructions were easy to follow, so we’re sure your little one won’t have a problem. One thing to take note of would be the fact that the shops were designed so that they could stack vertically, you don’t have any connections to attach them horizontally, but you shouldn’t let that stop you from coming up with a layout of your own.

We’re going to leave you off with some pictures





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