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LEGO Friends Jungle Rescue Base Building Set 41038 Review



When it comes to Lego sets, sometimes, we just have to push the Lego city sets, Lego Star Wars sets and all of the other popular Lego sets to the side and take on something that is a tad bit more adventurous. Speaking in adventure, have you had a chance to try out the Lego 41038 set? Before jumping into the Lego sets 2017, perhaps you’ll want to take a walk in the jungle first? Today, we are here to give you our honest review on the Jungle themed set and we must say, it may look like something a child would put together and yes, it’s a great set for children, but adults can also mess around with this set.




Starting out, we’re going to talk about the box, since that is the first thing you’ll see. This box stands out in our mind because it’s what originally caught our attention. On the front of the box, you’re going to come across three main components of the set – you have the control centre, living quarters and the amenities block. You’ll also see the friends that run the base – Andrea and Stephanie. You can see the jungle theme of this set really shining through on the front of the box. There’s bamboo trip on the top banner, flanges and the mini doll image. In a way, this sets the jungle them apart from the other sets – to us, it almost feels as if it’s a sub theme if you know what we mean.

Flipping over to the back of the box, you’ll find exactly what you expect to find on a Lego box – it highlights the playing features and tells us what accessories you’ll be getting. It also shows you that you can combine this set with three of the other jungle wave sets that are currently available on the market in order to make one huge jungle. Combining the other sets with this one right here is actually something we’re looking forward to doing.



Lego Building Instructions



Opening up the box, you’re going to find two Lego instruction booklets. As for the Lego Building Instructions, those are fairly easy to follow, as we would expect from something made by Lego. Even younger fans shouldn’t have a problem when it comes to following the instructions. Both of the booklets have tea me main image that you will find on the box cover. Looking at the first instruction booklet, towards the back of it, you’re going to find a map of the jungle – this features all of the jungle sets with this wave.





Along with the instruction manuals, you’re going to find four numbered bags with parts, a sticker sheet and one additional bag that contains the large parts. Actually, we found two identical sticker sheets in this set.


The Parts and the Build



Starting out, we’re going to talk about the animals that are available with this set, because apart from building, the animals just so happened to be one of our favorite aspects of the set.

The Panda – This is a new mould and has the sweetest looking face you have ever seen. On its feet, it has pretty lavender pads. This is an animal we look forward to seeing more of.

The Chameleon – The chameleon isn’t a new mould, but it’s still adorable. Earlier in 2014, the chameleon popped up in Rapunzel’s Creativity Tower. However, there’s something different about this Chameleon –the color highlights with blue eyes, instead of brown ones. There’s also a neat lavender splash on the tail and rear legs, instead of a green splash.

The Chimpanzee – This one isn’t a new mould either – it’s the same one that was in the Series 5 Orangutan’s Banana Tree, but for the first time, it’s available in black.

The Parrot – This is the same as the one we seen in Series 5 Macaw’s Fountain.


Isn’t the parrot cute?



While these animals may be the same moulds we’ve seen in other sets, that doesn’t mean they’re not special. We enjoy each and every one of them – from the panda to the parrot.

Next up, we have the un-numbered bag that includes a 16x16 plate in Medium Azure, an 8x16 plate in Green, an 8x16 plate in Tan, two of the new rubbery vine pieces in Lime green and a slide in Lavender. These parts are used throughout the build.

For the MOC waterslide and the playground scenes, the slide will come in handy.

Let’s take a look at the contents you’re going to find in the first baggie:

The Panda can be found in the first baggie – this will make you smile, but there’s more than that in this baggie. There’s a nice mix, and while they may not be particularly unique, they’re still good. There’s the walkie-talkie, which isn’t a new mould, but it is available in a new color, which is bright light orange. Looking at the other jungle sets on the market, the walkie-talkie is found in almost every single one of them, so it’s not going to be rare for awhile.

Similarly, you have a mould of the medical bag, which isn’t new, but there’s a new pattern for the jungle sets. The medical accessories were first introduced in the Heartlake Vet set back in 2012. They aren’t exactly new, but they’re still a good highlight for us.

There’s another brick separator …but isn’t that in every set?

Bag 1 is responsible for building the medical examination cart, the amenities block and the “raft” the panda uses in order to float down the river.

The amenities block looks similar to the one we saw in the Heartlake City Pool set, except this one right here has a more rugged shower.

Let’s take a look at the contents you’re going to find in the second baggie:

In the second baggie, you’re going to come across quite a few parts and while they’re not all that unique, they’re still neat. For us, the highlights of the second bag include the Dark Orange arches and supports, the palm leaves in Lime, the Reddish Brown slopes and fences and the tan ice-cream cones. In this bag, you’re also going to find a nice set of ladybugs, flowers and butterflies in bright light orange – those are exactly what you’d expect to see in a jungle. As far as our thoughts run, you could never have too many beautiful flowers, so keep them coming!



You will be using the second bag of parts in order to create the main living quarters for Andrea and Stephanie – many people like this part of the set. This is a little building that creates a feeling of being outdoors, but on the same note, it looks like it feels very cozy. The contrasts of the bright Lime and Dark Pink colors really are something, especially when they’re sitting against the tones of Dark Orange and Reddish Brown. The ceiling fan is neat – it’s simple, but at the same time, it’s fantastic …simply fantastic.

Let’s take a look at the contents you’re going to find in the third baggie:

Here we are, staring at the third bag of parts. In bag three, you’ll see a continuation of some very earthy themes of tan, dark orange, green and even reddish brown and they all have just the right splash of bright colors.

To us, the highlights for the third bag would be the boat that is in a medium lavender color – in this color, it’s more unique to this set. After all, if you plan on taking a trip down a river, why not do so in style? Another feature we noticed was the two shades of transparent light blue for the 1x1 plates (round).

The parts you have in part three are used to build the base of the tree where the control centre for the rescue base is housed.

Let’s take a look at the contents you’re going to find in the fourth baggie:

In baggie number four, you’ll find parts in reddish brown. To us, the highlights were the round corner fences that were available in Magenta. The three lime palm leaves were also a good addition. In bag number four, we also get to see the chimpanzee.

Bag number four is responsible for completing the control tower. The vines wrap around the big tree trunk, which is very neat – it makes it look all “jungly.” The slide is another interesting feature and personally, we believe children will have hours of fun playing with it.

The mini dolls, Andrea and Stephanie are also interesting – Stephanie is wearing a Sand Blue Skirt with sandles and her hair piece fits snug against her head. Andrea is wearing a sleeveless shirt in bright pink and cargo shorts that are tan.

Here’s a picture of the minidoll






If you’re looking for Lego sets 2017, you should try this one first as it’s a big hit. Once you’re ready for more of a challenge, go ahead and take a look at Lego 60095, Lego 76023 and Lego 42055 – all three of those sets will give you the challenge you want.

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