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LEGO Friends Livi's Pop Star House 41135 Review



A lot of people are extremely fond of Lego’s dwellings – And the Lego 41135 Livi’s Pop Star House is sure to give them twice the amount of excitement. But is this purchase really worth it?


This package contains some really lovely box art at the front side. It showcases the house in the background, which comes with a long and winding driveway and a beautiful skyline of a metropolitan city in the background. Livi, the set’s titular character, is a fabulous young lady who is assumed to reside in an exclusive part of the hills – Probably Hollywood Hills in Los Angeles, where nearly all of the celebrities live.

Meanwhile, the backside of the box showcases a bunch of mini scenes that are discovered as you progress through the set’s build. Much like the Grand Hotel build, the areas and floors of the house can be fixed in so many various ways.


Inside the box are three baseplates, five numbered bags, three types of instruction booklets, as well as a tiny sticker sheet. Found inside one of these baggies is an accessory that practically every Lego fan loves – That would be the brick separator.


The first two minifigures in the build are Andrea and Livi herself. Both of them carry brand new torsos in this build. Livi wears a tank top with metallic details, as well as a necklace. Meanwhile, Andrea dons a short with a cute vest, which is also decorated with metallic trims. This isn’t really shown in the box art, but both of these ladies wear skirts – Livi wears one with the same metallic design as her tank top, while Andrea sports a white one with golden metallic design. Both of these skirts are exclusive to the 41135. It’s not really certain whether these two skirts are meant to be worn with the pattern facing inwards or outwards, since the instructions and the box art show them in both ways.

Since they both live in an area where it’s bright and sunny, the two ladies come equipped with a pair of sunglasses. There’s also an additional skirt included in a fuchsia shade, which you can pair up with either of the two girls. Accompanying Livi is her faithful canine companion, who makes her second appearance in this set, first showing up in the Lego 41104 Pop Star Dressing Room build.


The first part of the construction process begins with building up a chaise lounge for Livi and a dog bed for her puppy. The next part is the pool build, which contains a rather brilliant representation of a tiny waterfall filled with bubbles, as well as a floaty circle for the pool. There’s also a tiny deck with a table and umbrella in it, as well as paving stones which complete the first bag.


The second bag is meant for building the main house, beginning with the kitchen. The contents of the fridge contain a carrot and an apple – It’s always nice to have healthy snacks in your home! Also found in the freezer is a popsicle dessert – Let’s just assume that this treat is made out of frozen juice.

There’s a rather novel kind of usage for the lighting fixture parts inside the lounge area, while the sliding door itself is a very nifty portion. Also included in this part is a three-sided fireplace that allows the open door plan of the house’s first floor. The second bag’s contents end when you finish up the steps located in between the pool itself, as well as the second floor which contains some really cool highlighting bricks.

Then there’s the third bag. This furnishes the very first floor, beginning with the details found on the exterior of the house, which is littered with dozens more paving stones. This is followed by the furniture for the interior of the house, along with a TV set, a sectional sofa, and the remainder of the kitchen accessories, complete with snacks. We do enjoy the usage of a kitchen counter instead of a table – This is rare when it comes to Lego Friends builds like the 41135. Also included is some sort of food element right inside the set – It vaguely resembles a sandwich with vegetables, meat, and starch on it and it looks so much closer to being the size of a minifigure, as compared to the other food items found inside other Lego sets.


The fourth bag signals the beginning of the second floor’s construction, which is mostly comprised of Livi’s bedroom with the bathroom. This is a great closet door attachment. Livi’s guitar hangs right over the bed – A rather unusual place to put your guitar in, but since there’s not much free spacing in this build, you won’t find any other spots to put it in. The aforementioned fuchsia skirt can be placed inside the closet. Also found in there is a pair of roller skates, as well as a shoe box. Nobody is exactly sure why there’s a pair of roller skates in there, unless this build is connected to the Skate Park build released last year.


And then there’s the last bag, which completes the structure of the second floor. Even though the stickers are highly important to the 41135, so many of them are still gratuitous. A good example here are the ones which are meant to represent the upholstery on sofas and beds. It is common knowledge that the Lego Friends designers are in an unfortunately difficult place right now – If you need to place in one sticker on the build, you can choose from an entire sheet to do so, so you might as well just fill up the entire thing. However, it seems like the last couple of sticker sheets for the Lego Friends theme have contained a rather unnecessary high amount of stickers used for upholstery.

The 41135 also contains a double-sided TV. One side showcases dog programming (most likely for Livi’s pet) while the other side is comprised of the footage that comes from the security camera installed right outside her house. The final part of the build is the balcony, and the tiny rooftop.

The pool area is connected to the first floor – And as mentioned, this means that you can fix the house in so many different ways. This contributes to the house’s flexibility. Plus, the way that the build has been designed makes it super playable – It doesn’t matter if the house is spread apart or closed together.

Overall, this build is just delightful – Particularly because of the house’s floor layout. In fact, fans of this build have mentioned that they wouldn’t mind one bit if this house existed in real life. The design is truly unique, as well as the windows, and even the open spaces. The pool outside and the steps that lead up to the second floor are awesome too. Another enjoyable part here is all of the details included in the kitchen.

But there are also downsides – Fans wished that the box had sort of emphasized a couple of other activities you can do in the house, apart from swimming and cooking. This is a rather unspoken prevalent theme in the Lego Friends sets. Don’t these Lego Friends characters have any other activities to do apart from the ones mentioned earlier? Livi’s occupation is a famous pop star – It would’ve been great if Lego managed to throw in a recording studio or even a music library as one of the smaller rooms – Or maybe even an office. Perhaps the only clues in the house that would tell you about Livi’s job is a gold record posted on the wall in her living room, as well as the guitar found in her bedroom.

Much like the other sets in the Lego Friends theme, the piece count for the 41135 is quite decent – There are 532 of them in total. The build costs over $49.99. Among the 532, there are a couple of pieces out there that are exclusive to this build. And if you’re into house-themed Lego builds, the 41135 is highly recommended for you. The only gripe here is that they could’ve used a bit of diversity in regards to the rooms. But that’s what Lego is all about – If the room isn’t to your liking, you can always change it to whatever you like.

Some of the eye-catching pieces found in this particular build include: Two black cupboards with hollow studs that measure 2 x 3 x 2. These are both unique to the build. There are also several food items apart from the ones mentioned earlier – Including sushi tiles, ice cream swirls in a bright pink hue, and strawberry tiles measuring 1 x 1. There’s also a tap in a golden hue. Other exclusive parts include a 1 x 2 panel with two sides in a trans-light blue shade. You can also find this in one other set, which is the Lego 41173 Elven School of Dragons set. Lastly, you have the dark purple 1 x 1 rounded bricks, which are new only in color – But not unique to the build.

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