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Lego Friends Sets

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Lego Friends - Amusement Park Roller Coaster 41130 Review

These complaints turned out to be the opposite of what the Lego 41130 Amusement Park Roller Coaster build was really about. Continue Reading View and buy it

LEGO Friends Adventure Camp Tree House 41122 Review

Beginning March 2016, Lego has released a whole slew of brand new builds from the Lego Friends series, including the Lego 41122 Lego Friends Adventure Camp Tree House build. In here, the main characters from the Lego Friends series are being transformed into bona-fide superheroes. Continue Reading View and buy it

LEGO Friends Livi's Pop Star House 41135 Review

A lot of people are extremely fond of Lego’s dwellings – And the Lego 41135 Livi’s Pop Star House is sure to give them twice the amount of excitement. But is this purchase really worth it? Continue Reading View and buy it

LEGO Friends 41101 Heartlake Grand Hotel Building Kit Review

Each week, we enjoy checking out the Lego news, because you never really know what you’re going to find – it seems as if something new is always popping up. Our favorites include the Lego city sets and Lego Star Wars Sets, but from time to time, we push thes to the side and try something new. Not too long ago, we stumbled across the 41101 Lego set and liked it so much that we decided to give it a try. Continue Reading View and buy it

LEGO Friends 41095 Emma's House Review

Lego 41095 is also known as Emma’s House – A part of the Lego Friends Series, target towards female builders. Emma is one of the main characters of the series, and this particular build deals with her and her family. Continue Reading View and buy it

LEGO Friends Heartlake Shopping Mall Building Set 41058 Review

The Lego 41058 set is one of the most expensive sets in Friends wave five – it’s the Heartlake Shopping Mall. You’ll have to excuse us, because this review took a couple of days for us to photograph and an evening in order to complete the writing. Continue Reading View and buy it

LEGO Friends Jungle Rescue Base Building Set 41038 Review

When it comes to Lego sets, sometimes, we just have to push the Lego city sets, Lego Star Wars sets and all of the other popular Lego sets to the side and take on something that is a tad bit more adventurous. Speaking in adventure, have you had a chance to try out the Lego 41038 set? Continue Reading View and buy it