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LEGO Ghostbusters 75827 Firehouse Headquarters Building Kit Review


Prepare to fight the paranormal with the Lego 75827!

“When there’s something strange in your neighborhood… Who ya gonna call?”

Ghostbusters, released in 1984, is considered to be one of the best movies of the decade. This classic horror-comedy film was first created as a sketch for Saturday Night Live by one of the film’s main stars, comedian Dan Aykroyd. Aykroyd plays Ray Stantz, a doctor who also happens to be an expert on metallurgy and paranormal activities, and one of the three main ghostbusters – The other two being Peter Venkman (played by Aykroyd’s fellow Saturday Night Live alum Bill Murray), and Egon Spengler (played by the late Harold Ramis). All three of them work together to rid New York of ghosts and other spooky creatures plaguing the city.

The film grossed over $42M, and received rave reviews from critics. Later on, the film spawned a sequel, Ghostbusters II, two animated series released in 1986 and 1997 (The Real Ghostbusters and Extreme Ghostbusters, respectively), and more recently, a 2016 reboot featuring an all-female cast.

But the Ghostbusters franchise doesn’t rely on films alone – Several toy manufacturers have created a whole range of action figures, playsets, collectibles, etc. Popular Danish toy company Lego has also cashed in on the original film, by releasing the Lego 75827. This particular Lego model features the Ghostbusters headquarters, an old firehouse in the streets of New York.


Just like the actual headquarters in the film, the Lego 75827 firehouse has three stories, allowing you to recreate the film’s most popular scenes… Or maybe just your favorite ones. This model has at least 4,600 pieces in total. On the outside, the building looks very similar to the one used in the real movie, except the bricks on the top floor come in a deeper red hue, instead of a darker orange one. The firehouse is especially filled with plenty of details. In fact, it contains a lab, a garage bay, a kitchen, sleeping quarters, a recreation room, a darkroom, an office area, a bathroom, and a containment unit. Feel free to slide those minifigures down the firehouse pole, and get those proton packs ready, because it’s time to catch some ghosts!

The building’s style is vaguely similar to one of Lego’s previous releases, the Haunted House – Although plenty of Lego fans have agreed that this one, although heavily detailed, lacks a bit of charm that came with the haunted house build, adding that the ground floor with the garage could use some spare stickers.



You can also open up the walls of the firehouse to look at what’s happening inside. And if that doesn’t satisfy your craving for anything Ghostbusters related, then you can buy the official Lego Ghostbusters Ecto-1 vehicle. This vehicle easily fits into the Lego 75827’s garage, allowing you to take the Ghostbusters gang on plenty of adventures and paranormal action.


There are nine minifigures found in the Lego 75827 model, namely: The three main Ghostbusters (Egon, Peter, Ray), Winston Zeddemore, Louis Tully, Dana Barrett, Zombie Driver, Janine Melnitz, the Library Ghost. Other non-human figures included are the pink ghost, the blue ghost, and of course, the franchise mascot, Slimer. All of the minifigures have decorations on their arms. Perhaps the most unique minifigure of them all is the Library Ghost, since it comes with two faces: You can even change up her wig or facial expression when she’s normal or possessed.

The tiny containment unit in the firehouse lets you track down and trap bothersome ghosts. Visit the laboratory with a test subject to check if they have been possessed! You can also suspend these ghosts outside of the firehouse using transparent arms. And don’t forget to avoid the gross slime oozing through the pavement.

Accessories with the Lego 75827 include a fire extinguisher, a phone, a toolbox, computers, slime jars, alarm bells, toaster with slime, tools, camera rolls, an arcade game, a camera, milk, cheese, and a fridge with frozen pizza – Seems like a lot, but trust us, there’s so much more. It just goes to show the amount of thought placed into creating this specific model.


The firehouse headquarters in itself is pretty huge. Among the 4600+ pieces available for this model, you can find red blocks that serve as the upper half of the building’s exterior, with the lower half being gray. Essentially, there are more gray blocks than red blocks. The Lego 75827 currently holds the record for being the third Lego model with the most number of pieces ever created.

The model comes with fourteen numbered mint packs, and each pack contains three smaller bags – So you could just imagine the amount of time/patience you have to exert if you want to complete this model. Keep a trash bag near you during the assembly process, you could create a bit of a mess once you’re done with the build.



The box containing the Lego 75827 is a pretty huge one, which is to be expected – The front of the box features the fully-assembled firehouse headquarters with the minifigures and ghosts surrounding the exterior of the building, all ready to trap these pesky paranormal creatures. Smoke is coming out from the topmost floor of the building. Also included is the official model number of the box, the total amount of pieces included, and the name of the model. On the top of the box, you have the logos for Ghostbusters and Lego.


The back of the box features the same model, except this time, its walls are now opened, giving the viewer a complete look of the headquarters’ interiors. In it, you can see the minifigures engaged in all sorts of activities, like capturing ghosts, sliding down the pole, getting chased by ghosts, playing pool, and browsing through the library. Surrounding this picture are a series of smaller pictures, once again showcasing the minifigures in various activities related to the movie. Some of these small pictures have dialogues in them.

Once you open up the matte cardboard box, you will be greeted with two smaller boxes, an instruction manual, the fourteen mint bags, and a gray baseplate measuring 32x32. The first box has the first four mint packs, and a baseplate measuring 16x32. The second box has mint packs number five to seven, along with a bunch of other baseplates as well as the firepole attachment for the model. Meanwhile, mint packs eight to fourteen are included in the main box.



The first batch of mint packs are meant to go as the building’s first floor. The interiors of the firehouse headquarters are already just as impressive as the exterior was – You can place in toolboxes, lamps, boxes, and desks filled with clutter. The main motif of the interior is dark green, which we guess is meant to represent slime. Shelves can be placed all over the background. The doors used for the headquarters are all constructed out of brick, giving it an additional bit of detail. A lot of people also liked the hint of pink found on the headquarters’ sidewalk, which was supposed to represent the pink slime scene in the films.


You can start the build by constructing the ground floor first, containing a huge set of stairs leading up to the main entrance. This part can be opened up, revealing the garage section of the building.


Also located here are the main entrance of the headquarters, with a sticker label saying ‘Firehouse’. There’s a good number of Technic bricks that are linked using Technic pins. When formed, these create a strong beam that goes from the front of the building, right towards the very back of it. There’s also a couple of lights that hang down from this beam, and each of them gives off a tiny light.




Ground floor furnishings include a cabinet that contains opening drawers located right in the corner, a water cooler, a radio, a toolbox with tiny tools, and a lamp. There’s also a desk and chair made especially for Janine, the crew’s receptionist. The desk is decorated with stickers, a lamp, and a vintage telephone.


The second floor is also chock-full of details, including sinks, arcades, and a small fridge. The fridge even contains pizza! You can also find a delightfully messy bathroom in there, as well, and a darkroom for the Ghostbusters crew to store in their photos. The darkroom’s floor comes in green and white tiles, with a hint of silver mixed in – Once again, to represent the concept of slime. Appropriately enough, the dark room comes with huge glass windows, while its walls are littered with photographs (actually stickers) of the main antagonist from the movie’s sequel, Vig the Carpathian. More added features to the darkroom include a tiny magnifying glass, a camera, and a fire extinguisher.

Other accessories include three tiny whips for the main characters. There is a proper way to construct the entire headquarters – First, go for the base, then slowly make your way up to the rooftop. Once it’s halfway done, make sure to check if you can open up the firehouse to reveal the interior of the headquarters.


The roof of the building is meant to be opened on the side, much like the remainder of the building itself. This is connected to the model. Both portions that get opened up are sealed with a rod and a clip, so the set cannot be moved or toppled easily.

Of course a huge model like the Lego 75827 should come with a highly detailed instruction booklet. This booklet has a total of 418 pages, and gives precise instructions on how to assemble the firehouse headquarters. If you’re still confused as to how the firehouse is supposed to look like, not to worry – The booklet will provide you with many reasons as to why certain parts of the firehouse are highly important. Also included in the booklet’s first few pages is a summary of the movie, so those who haven’t seen it but purchased the model anyway shouldn’t feel too left out. One must take care of the instruction booklet though, as the pages can easily fall out after a while.



The nine minifigures are distributed throughout the mint packs. As mentioned earlier, both the Library Ghost and Louis Tully have two interchangeable heads and wigs. As for the three main Ghostbusters, their heads actually look much different than the ones found on the other Ghostbusters-themed Lego model, the Ghostbusters Ecto-1 vehicle. For instance, the Ecto version of Egon is looking straight through his specs, while his Firehouse counterpart is glancing over to the left. The one with the most obvious change is Ecto Peter and Firehouse Peter, since Firehouse Peter is drenched in slime.

All nine minifigures’ torsos come with elbow pads, arm pockets, and the official logo. Apart from new hairstyles and facial expressions, the Lego 75827 also comes with the following:

A black panel measuring 1x5x6, a pearl gold round tile measuring 1x1 a door with three panes measuring 1x4x6, and a double corner panel which is pretty much two corner panels placed together. This measures 1x1. The Lego 75827 has a sticker sheet, including Lego’s signature silver mirrored stickers. Unfortunately, they didn’t even bother to include the Ghostbusters logo in their set. Stickers add even more detail to the firehouse itself, so a lot of people have welcomed this feature.

Sometimes, one might notice the green squares found on the floor of the building – We’re still unsure if these are meant to represent rugs or carpets, or other bits of slime.



Even the top floor isn’t spared from the detailing – Its inner walls come with a lovely light tan color, an arcade machine, three tiny beds, and a lamp. More huge windows that look similar to the ones in the darkroom are also there. There’s also a tiny sticker of the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man, which is a hilarious and somewhat cute homage to the very first movie. Other details include a fireplace with a chimney, the aforementioned fridge with the pizza and soda cans, and kitchen utensils. Its roof is constructed in a certain way so it won’t collapse when you open up the firehouse. You can only put together the giant walls of the headquarters if the roof and the ground floor has been assembled – Or else it will not work.

One more thing that you must assemble is the fire escape, composed of many ladders. If used, your minifigures can gain access to the ground level and rooftops. Its doors are made from the same color of bricks used in their windows.

Pros: Lego has truly paid close attention to detail when it comes to this build (and all of their builds, actually), especially when it comes to the minifigures and the accessories. Practically every single detail from the film can be found in this build – Which is saying a lot, since plenty of stuff does happen in the movie. And not just in the first movie – A couple of elements from the sequel is found in the build as well. We also like how the blocks are placed inside numbered bags, but this is pretty much a given. Another great thing is that these numbered mint packs do tell you which part of the building the set of blocks belong to.

Cons: Some parts of the instruction booklet were printed on matte black paper. Although this is important since the model itself is associated with a horror flick, it’s not really helpful when you want to identify a darker piece needed for the build.


To sum it all up, the Ghostbusters Firehouse Headquarters model is truly an investment – A must-have piece for your collection, together with the Ecto-1. The details for this particular model are exquisite, not to mention very loyal to the movie. There aren’t any repeated pieces in this model, so each one of them is very important. Of course the entire build in itself takes plenty of time to complete, but once you do, it’ll be worth it – Although we do suggest that you use good lighting and get a comfy seat during the entire process.

Product Overview: Lego 75827 – Ghostbusters Firehouse Headquarters

Item Weight:

Product Dimensions: If walls are opened out – 14” (36 cm) high, 18” (46 cm) wide, and 14” (38 cm) deep. If closed – 14” (36 cm) high, 9” (25 cm) wide, and 14” (38 cm) deep.

Item Model Number: 75827

Manufacturer Recommended Age: 16 and older.

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