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Lego Ideas 21303 Wall-E Review



The Lego 21303, also known as the Lego Ideas Wall-E, was taken after the Disney/Pixar movie of the same name. It’s one of the best-selling animated movies of the decade. The film was initially released in 2008, and follows the adventures of Wall-E, a trash compactor robot who was left all by his lonesome in a completely deserted world. Wall-E is left behind to clean up a hugely abandoned city filled with loads of garbage. He later falls in love with Eve, a probe sent by a ship called Axiom to track down vegetation on the abandoned planet. Wall-E has received plenty of acclaim from critics, and has won several accolades after its release, including a Golden Globe Award for Best Animated Feature Film, and an Academy Award for Best Animated Feature. Time magazine has also hailed it as one of the best movies released by Disney/Pixar. The film features the voices of Ben Burtt (as Wall-E), Elissa Knight (as Eve), Jeff Garlin (as Captain B. McCrea), Fred Willard (as Shelby Forthright), and Sigourney Weaver (as the computer of Axiom’s ship).

In July 2014, Lego launched a brand new line called the Lego Ideas project. This project was conceived by Angus MacLane, and managed to hit at least 10,000 supporters in a short amount of time, which is a huge feat. A couple of months later, it was announced that Wall-E would be a part of the Lego Ideas set.

The Lego 21303 contains over 677 pieces – A pretty small set in total. It retails for over $49.99, which is actually quite an excellent pricing in regards to the ratio of pieces included here. The box’s contents include over nine unnumbered baggies, along with a thick instruction manual. No stickers are included, which is a relief for some.



Much like the other Lego idea sets out there, the box contains wonderful packaging that comes with tabs and a folding lid. The box containing the build is a tad bit larger as compared to the other Lego Ideas boxes, which all have increased width and height.


The set image found on both the back and frontal side are shown height-wise, as compared to the length-wise everybody else is so used to seeing. The flap of the box reveals a couple of scenes taken from the film itself.


The instruction booklet is comprised of the thicker paper normally spotted inside most Lego Ideas manuals. And as always, the first few pages discuss who the character is (in this case, our beloved robot Wall-E), as well as a short summary of the movie. After that, you will see details regarding the set designer for Lego Ideas, as well as a brief biography of MacLane, who also worked as the Directing Animator for Wall-E.

As previously mentioned, the nine baggies found inside the 21303 aren’t numbered – Which basically means that you have to pour them all out in one giant pile. The first part of the build deals with Wall-E’s body. There isn’t anything too complex or detailed about this part of the build, since it is only comprised of a couple of stacking bricks, which are all meant to build the cubical body. While you’re in the middle of constructing, you might notice that there are plenty of bricks here in a bright orange hue. On the sides of Wall-E’s body, you’ll also end up building his long arms which you can actually slide backwards and forwards. There are rubber connectors found in the build that will provide the arm with plenty of friction, so they won’t slide off too easily.


The next part is building up the treads. The main portion of the wheel is fixed mostly with the help of Lego Technic parts. There are four wheels here that run using the treads, and look pretty much the same as the ones found inside the movie. They use newer treads here, and they’re much bigger than past treads too. These treads were actually released last year.


After this, we now move on to the head and neck area of the build. All of the joints are attached together with the help of click hinge pieces. Each portion is built with a couple of great techniques. Building Wall-E’s eyes are probably the best part of the entire build. There are plenty of building techniques here which all provide the SNOT look to the build, and the results are actually very nice. There are a total of 68 pieces utilized for each of Wall-E’s eyes, so it adds weight to the build overall.


The last part is for the hands and arms. They are connected to Wall-E’s body with the aid of a ball joint. The fingers on his hands are made with the help of some flag pieces, which work excellently.


The Lego 21303 is perhaps one of Lego’s best releases for 2015. The entire set is so much fun to construct – It’s full of detail and is just as accurate as the one found in the 2008 movie. There’s even a Haal accessory included (Haal is Wall-E’s cockroach friend). Haal is comprised of a 1 x 2 plating with a tiny antenna piece. Wall-E’s head is the best part of the entire build, as mentioned earlier. That’s because this is where Wall-E gradually stands out in both the build and in the movie as well. You can create plenty of expressions on his face just by adjusting his eyes, and even more so with how his hands and arms are posed.

As much as fans found the build enjoyable, there were still criticisms received regarding the Lego 21303. As mentioned earlier, the bricks that comprise of Wall-E’s eyes were a tad bit on the heavier side after you’re done constructing them, and are attached to his neck. Whenever you angle Wall-E’s head downwards or upwards, the top portion of the neck joint comes off pretty loose, and fails to keep his head in an upright position. It’s also quite a chore making him look to the left side or right side, since the eyes are a bit heavy on the front and the head has a tendency to swing in a backwards position. You might also have to do a couple of adjustments here, but a majority of the time, the head doesn’t even stay in one place. Other fans have also complained about the same issue. Perhaps the only way that Wall-E is able to look either left or right is to keep that topside joint in a neutral upright position. However, you can surely count on other fans to create modifications for the build, which they will share online so that this issue will be completely rectified after the set has been sold in the markets.

There’s also one more issue that fans have had regarding this build, but it’s only a minor issue – The treads don’t work nicely as intended. They do roll on the floor, but it does stop after a very short while. It’s much harder on softer surfaces, like mattresses and carpets – Wall-E just slides around.

Despite the 21303’s faults, there are still other portions of the build that contain plenty of excellent details. For instance, the arms contain a wide assortment of movements, but you can’t turn them in an inwards direction. Also you might have noticed the absence of stripes on Wall-E’s arms, as compared to his film counterpart. This is a disappointment, since there are a couple of tinier details here that were thrown into the set. Wall-E’s wrists have some sort of articulation in it as well, along with his fingers and hands. The fingers aren’t meant to be double-jointed, so he is able to grab and snatch things much easier. You can also attach a Lego Technic pin to him, where you can hang a single plant.

Lastly, you can open up the frontal side of Wall-E’s body to reveal his portable trash compactor, which he also carries in the movie. The top portion of the panel contains a printed piece that shows off his solar charging level. His panel also includes some wonderfully printed pieces which are meant for his name. At the back of the build are a bunch of details connected to the hydraulic presses.

So many Lego fans and Disney/Pixar fans were delighted with how Lego handled the 21303, and with how the completed look turned out. Even though there isn’t much playability included inside this set, the completed build does look wonderful when put on display, as well as a subject meant for Lego-related photography.

The Lego 21303 has a retail pricing of over $49.99. Considering its size, the pricing is just right. This build is highly recommended for fans of Disney, Pixar, or even just a Lego fan in general who enjoys fun builds like this one. This set is expected to sell out very quickly after its release date, so make sure to buy one as soon as it hits stores. You can also find this in your nearest Lego store and toy shop.

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