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LEGO Jurassic Park Jurassic World Raptor Escape Set 75920 Review



While reading the Lego news not too long ago, we discovered some cute new Lego Disney minifigures coming out in the near future – they will be a bit different from the Lego sets 2016. A year ago, we put together the Lego 9493 set, which is the popular Star Wars X-Wing and we must say, it was really exciting. However, when we saw Lego 75920, our heart immediately jumped – we just had to have it …our love for dinosaurs made us want this set from the very beginning. Today, we put the cute little Lego Disney minifigures to the side and put our focus on some wicked looking dinos ….

If you haven’t watched Jurassic World yet, what are you waiting for? This movie should definitely be on your “bucket list’ of movies to watch. We’re not going to spoil too much for you right here, but what we will tell you is that it is a lot of fun and has everything you could ever wish for in a Jurassic Park movie. If you’re a fan, you’re not going to be disappointed at all. We could go on about how they managed to nail many, if not all, of the nostalgic and iconic elements that originally made Jurassic Park a classic and how Chris Pratt did an amazing job as a lead actor. Just go watch the movie, you aren’t going to be disappointed.

We re-watched the movie the other day and with the movie fresh in our head, we figured it would be a good time to turn to the 75920 Raptor Escape Lego set – it’s suitable to the previous Jurassic World review we did on Raptor Rampage. The entire time, Chis Pratt’s Velociraptors really stole the show and we didn’t want to waste any more time at getting the entire pack together in our Lego Display area.



The front of the box is just as good as the build itself. If only we could get a big poster of the picture we see on the box. On the box, we learn that this set is for ages 6-12, but as we say in most of our reviews, Legos can be for adults as well. So, even if you’re older than 12, you can still take advantage of this build. Also on the front of the box, we learn that there is a total of 394 pieces. Not too long ago, we put together the Lego 10195, which had a total of 1758 pieces – that took us days to put together, so 394 pieces is going to be easy for us.

At the bottom right hand corer of the box, you’ll get a good look at the minifigures that come with the Lego 75920 set.


For your convenience, here’s a picture of the front of the box:


Flipping the box over to the back, this is when things get a little more interesting. Here, we see the minifigures at work.

Here’s a picture of the back of the box:



Lego Building Instructions and Contents

The Lego instructions are simple to follow and we didn’t really have any problems. It came with two books.

Here’s a picture of the Lego Building Instructions:


The Lego 75920 set also comes with a sticker sheet – of course it does – it’s been years since we came across a Lego set that didn’t come with a sticker sheet. In total, if our memory serves us correctly, there were a total of 8 stickers …we don’t really like stickers, but only having 8 stickers here doesn’t make it unbearable and in all honesty, there were some pretty cool stickers in this set, which we really enjoyed. The Raptor symbols, for example, were pretty cool and the electric fence warning signs as well as the small vehicle number plates (that’s sticker number 7) contained a cute little nod to the original Jurassic Park that debuted back in 1993.

The Dinosaurs


The dinos in Lego 75920 set are the undisputed stars of Jurassic World and in Raptor Escape – we receive the two remaining Velociraptors named Echo and Charlie. Now, we have all four Raptors to keep Owen company (we also have Lego set 75917.

Charlie is a pretty cool looking green raptor. He looks the most natural. Echo has an orangey peach shade with some greenish colored trimmings on his body. These Velociraptors have been exquisitely designed. Each Lego raptor has their own distinct body markings, which is something we really like. Establishing their unique identities was a good call on the Lego team’s behalf. We appreciate the fact that Lego didn’t get bored with the project and lazily recolor each Velociraptor, so thank you for that.

Out of the two Velociraptors that are in this set right here, our favorite would be Charlie, because of his overall colors and body markings. To us, he looks like how we would imagine a traditional dinosaur. Echo is cool, but his peachy skin makes him look a bit odd …his skin looks unnaturally raw.

The Minifigures


Stepping back and taking a nice look at the minifigures that came with this set, we must say, we really are impressed. First on our list, we have Owen’s right hand man, Barry – in the movie, he is played by Omar Sy, which if we must say, he does a great job at acting. Like Owen, he is a part of the popular Velociraptor training program and gets along very well with Charlie, Blue, Echo and Delta.

As for his minifigure in Lego 75920 set, it’s decent. We really took a liking to his khaki pants and orange shirt combo. He’s a dark-skinned minifigure, which is something you don’t find very often. More minifigure diversity is always welcome in our opinion. Barry comes equipped with the standard issue tranquilizer rifle – you know, just in case Echo and Charlie decide to step out of line. You never really know what a raptor is going to do, do you? Looking at Barry’s printing, he has some nice printing, but unfortunately, he doesn’t have an alternate case, which is kind of a letdown, since he is a major character in the movie.

Next up, we have Vet. Just vet. We have no idea if that is his actual occupation of if that is just his name. In this set, he has a hairpiece that is fairly uncommon and his facial expression is just something you have to see. He has a good looking torso with a lot of detail printed on it. Overall, “Vet” looks pretty sharp. Not sure how his accessory is supposed to help his veterinary duties, but his accessory is a shock stick that he used to jab any misbehaving Velociraptors. Yeah, you really do have to keep those raptors in line, right? Unlike Barry, what’s cool about Vet would be the fact that he has an alternate face with an awestruck type of expression. His expression doesn’t exactly scream “fear,” like many thing, but to us, it looks like he is saying “wow, look at what the raptor did. I didn’t know they could do that.” The back printing on the tan cargo vest is brilliant, if we must add. Staying true to the movie, Barry has an ATV that he uses to move around on. This is a simple vehicle that looks similar to a police ATV, which is kind of a letdown to some reviewers.



The main build is the Velociraptor pen, which was fun to put together. For a set that is a bit on the small side, the entire thing really came together perfectly. Honestly, we were really surprised at how large the entire structure came out to be. The build was a bit on the repetitive side, because the wall sections are generic and there aren’t really any other notable building techniques, which made it an easy breezy type of build.

There’s electric fences that are used to prevent the Raptors from breaking out and they are as basic as you would expect. However, the stickers Electric-Shock warning tiles, along with the transparent blue rod rounds out the fence neatly. There’s a lone transparent blue rod that looks a tad bit lonely sitting there on its own, but surely it serves its purposes. You can fit both of the raptors comfortably into the pen, but there are a couple of angles where their tails may end up reaching over the fence.


In the end, when it is all said and done, the Lego 75920 set looks great and the play feature is fun. The idea of sending a helpless employee to his death is fairly entertaining and in a way morbid. The mechanism works flawlessly, just as you would expect. If the Raptors aren’t able to press the button, they could always jump really high to enjoy a good afternoon snack. In the end, once you’re done with this Lego set, you may want to look into Lego 10182, which is a café corner.

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