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LEGO Jurassic World Raptor Rampage 75917 Building Kit Review



While looking through the Lego 2017 sets, seeing all the different Lego City sets and the Lego Star Wars sets, our gaze immediately fell upon the Lego 75917 set. During the Toy Fair in London, there was a total of six Jurassic World sets and we must say, this set right here really stood out from the crowd. Yes, we’re hooked to sets like the Lego 75149 (X-wing Fighter Star Wars) and the Lego 75928 (firehouse) was a great addition to the Lego City sets we have on display. However, from time to time, we like to step out from the common sets and do things a bit different, like the Lego 71040 set, which is a Disney castle. This set right here is much more different than any of the others currently on the market and we must say, if you have a love for dinosaurs and liked Jurassic Park, then this right here should be the next set on your list to build …

Of course, we don’t recommend you going out and buying the set before you read what we have to say about it. We believe it is only fair that we tell you about our experience with the build before you buy it. This way, you will be able to determine whether it will be a suitable match for your hobby or not.

Before we move forward with this review, we wanted to tell you that we may place spoilers in this review, so if you have not watched Jurassic World yet, you should be warned. We feel we have given more than enough time between the release of the movie and the time the reviews go up, so we automatically assume that the majority of our readers already had the opportunity to watch the movie, which might we add, was a very interesting movie to say the least.



Looking at the front of the box, we were immediately sucked into this product (good job Lego). On the box, there’s everything we like and the dinosaurs look really cool. Here, we also learn that this build is best for ages 6-12. However, this doesn’t mean adults can’t enjoy this build! We’re an adult and we enjoyed every second of this build (we still have it on display). There’s nothing wrong with being an adult putting Legos together – it’s a great way to relieve stress. Now, back to the front of the box …here, we also learn that there’s a total of 324 pieces. That’s nothing like our last build, which included over 1000 pieces and took us a couple of sessions to put together. With 325 pieces in this set, we can assume it will only take us one session to build it completely, which is okay. At the bottom right hand of the box, you’ll see the minifiures that come with the set.

We could sit here and describe the interesting box to you all day, but you’re not going to fully comprehend it unless you see a picture. For this reason, we took a picture of the box for you:



Flipping the box over and looking at the back is when it’s all over. From there, that box was already in the cart. Here, you will see all of the excitement unfold before your eyes. Here, just take a look at the picture so that you can feel the same excitement we felt when we first saw it:



Opening up the box, we are happy to find the pieces separated in plastic bags.



Lego building instructions



The Lego building instructions aren’t hard to follow at all. In fact, the Lego Instructions come in a total of two books. We like when the Lego team includes more than one book so that our partner can work from another book in a different section of the build, while we work from another section. However, in this case, while there were two books, we didn’t invite our partner over to build with us, because …well, we kind of wanted this set all for ourselves. Yes, we were greedy with this one.

In the first book, you’ll be focusing on the raptors – this is when you will be assembling them and those are followed by Owen Grady and his popular bike. Claire comes next with her printed 1x2 flat cellphone tile, which is pretty cool. Don’t worry, because after all of that, the Lego building instructions really are easy to follow.

The Helicopter rotor did have us confused at first because while putting the turret together, we didn’t see anything about the helicopter rotor. Then, our confusion went away after about 5 minutes when we looked at the front of the box. On the front of the box, you’ll discover how to use the helicopter rotor. So, when you reach this step, just look at the front of the box and the light bulb will turn on in your head just as it turned on in ours.





Those raptors in the above picture look really cool, don’t they? The raptors are similar to those rom Raptor Escape, except they have a camera harness, which they use in the film. As an accessory, Claire is holding a cellphone (it’s a real shame that there are no spare cellphones, but that is okay). There’s Owen Grady/Star Lord/Chris Pratt/Emmett and he has great printing on his torso – Claire does as well. We cannot forget about the ACU Trooper as well. Take note that Claire and Owen Grady are the only two that are exclusive to this set.





There are a total of three minifigures in Lego 76917 set. You have Claire Dearing, Own Grady and an ACU trooper.

Owen Grady, who is Chris Pratt’s, as we mentioned above, is an exclusive minifigure to this Lego Jurassic Worlds set. Owen is wearing a long sleeve shirt and brown vest printing on both the front and the back of his torso. He has grey leg printing, which does a great job at finishing off the outfit. Looking at his hair and headpiece, we can’t help but to notice they are the same as Star Lord from Lego Marvel Super Heroes Garden of the Galaxy Lego sets. As his personal accessory, he has a small knife.

Claire Dearing who is portrayed by Bryce Dallas Howard is the next minifigure on the list. She is wearing the same white outfit you find her wearing throughout the majority of the movie. She has a neat double-sided head – on one side, she has a worried look, while on the other side, she has an angry look. We’re not one hundred percent sure, but we think her dark orange hair is a new piece that is a reminiscent of her hairstyle we saw in the movie. Her accessory is the printed 1x2 cell phone tile.

In the end, we have the ACU trooper. He is wearing a nice dark blue shirt and the sand blue flak jacket does a good job at finishing his look off –this is the same look used in the Lego Movie sets. On the front, there’s the letters “ACU” printed. His accessory is, of course, the tranquilizer gun.



In this set, you have a total of two velociraptors that you get to play with. There’s Blue and Delta. Blue is the dark green colored raptor that has a nice blue printing running down the head. Delta is the tan and green colored dinosaur. Both of the raptors come from the same mold as the Lego Dino sets we saw back in 2012. The legs, arms and head are “poseable,” which we personally found pretty cool. Both of the dinosaurs are wearing mounted camera harnesses that are attached on their head. These camera mounts are used in the scene where they use the raptors to hunt down the big Inominus Rex – do you remember that scene?





As far as the builds go, there are two parts. First, you have Owen’s green motorcycle. This is the first time this type of motorcycle has appeared in dark green. We believe it is pretty accurate to the bike he rides in the movie.

The mobile veterinary unit is the main build of the set. This is what we see during and after the Indominus Rex chase. This truck is supposed to look similar to modified Mercedes Unimog, but unfortunately, there’s some inaccuracies between the movie version and this version. The biggest problem for us was the blue area that is on the lower part of the trailer. Overall though, the mobile vet unit is an average truck with nothing special.



Overall, the Lego 75917 set was a good choice and we’re not disappointed in it. The two velociraptors and the minifigures are the main feature of this set as many of them are exclusive to this set. For those of you that have a love for dinosaurs and like putting Legos together, we highly recommend this set. Yes, there may be a little over 300 pieces, but it was still a lot of fun to put together.

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