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LEGO Jurassic World T. Rex Tracker 75918 Building Kit Review


Dinosaur fever is all the rage once more, all thanks to the Colin Trevorrow-directed sci-fi film, Jurassic World. Jurassic World is the fourth installment to the Jurassic Park film series, which began in the mid-90s: Starting off with Steven Spielberg’s blockbuster film from 1993, Jurassic Park. Since then, the film has spawned three more sequels: The Lost World: Jurassic Park (released in 1997), Jurassic Park III (released in 2001), and the aforementioned Jurassic World. A fifth movie, Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, is set to come out in 2018. Jurassic World, released in 2015, stars Chris Pratt, Bryce Dallas-Howard, and Vincent D’Onofrio. It grossed over $500 million worldwide, and is currently the fourth highest-grossing film of all time. It was also the second highest-grossing film of 2015.



Lego has also cashed in on the Jurassic World franchise. As the film’s release drew closer and closer, the toy company has released several sets related to the movie, including the Lego 75918 – T-rex Tracker.


The Lego 75918 is the second largest build in the set of Jurassic World releases from Lego. It’s got 520 pieces, three minifigures, and a T-Rex dinosaur, which is pretty much the reason why a lot of people want to purchase this set. These main components are all brought together to create a huge car-type vehicle, which, together with a real shooting grappling hook, as well as a detachable motorbike vehicle, has the ability to trap these dinosaurs with the help of their locking cage mechanism. The vehicle even rolls. What could be better than that?

The T-Rex fits just comfortably right inside the cage, which includes its own locking mechanism that helps keep the top of the vehicle closed shut. The cage can be attached to the vehicle. This vehicle has gained the praise of most experienced Lego builders, since it has got to be one of the firmest and toughest builds that Lego has created. This thing is durable enough to withstand a couple of drops from high places. It’s got a base frame that is constructed from both standard Lego bricks and Lego Technic rods. It’s also has a huge build too.



The cage portion can be removed easily, especially since it just sits on top of the completed vehicle. However, it’s just wedged in so it won’t slide out. The side part of the motorbike is also deployed. The scale is pretty large when you compare it to a tiny Lego minifigure.


The dinosaurs that came with these sets of builds are incredible! The T-Rex is one of the most coveted ones out of all of them. It’s got the same size as the new dino in town, the Indominus Rex, however, the T-Rex sports the classic brown coloring that it supposedly wore in real life. When it comes to articulation, both of its legs, as well as the arms, the lower tail, the jaw, and the head can all be positioned at any angle you like. Each joint has also been molded from a Lego Technic pin. This means that you can detach and incorporate the T-Rex’s parts into other builds too. Who knows what kind of craziness certain owners will be able to come with when they use the parts for other things.


When it comes to the minifigures, the T-Rex Tracker has three of them. The first one is some sort of ranger or security guard character in the film. This is a female minifigure as opposed to the other security guard characters that have shown up other builds. The next minifigure in the list is Hoskins. Portrayed by D’Onofrio in the film, Hoskins is a bit of a mysterious character who is always seen with a large briefcase. And finally, there’s the Vet. These three are all amazing minifigures equipped with lovely accessories, and plenty of printed details.


On the right portion of the tracker vehicle is a grappling hook. The hook comes in the form of a modified green dart. This dart was actually present in most Lego Star Wars builds from the previous year. But this one contains a rubberized hook which you can connect to a length of string. This, in turn, can be attached to the launcher itself. You can position this in several angles all thanks to a ball socket joint, which works very nicely when you fire it from between the T-Rex’s legs.


On the other side of the build is a detachable motorbike. There ‘s nothing much to say about this build, unfortunately, apart from the fact that it looks like a cool vehicle to ride on. An additional vehicle to any grand-scale Lego build is always a good thing. It’s widely assumed that the motorbike is used to round up wayward dinosaurs. The tracker’s cockpit can fit in around two minifigures, along with some extra space in the back for the rest.


The rear end of the tracker contains some removable accessories, which all come in the form of a crate. This crate includes a syringe, which probably contains some sort of serum to temporarily knock-out these aggressive dinosaurs. There’s also a computer terminal with an amazing Lego printed Keyboard tile that people seem to like so much. Accompanying all of this is a tiny satellite dish. This can either be placed on the back of the vehicle or the motorbike – Or you can choose to simply take it away for some additional playability.


This is a very enjoyable set and it’s quite clear that Lego has invested all of their creativity and thought into these new builds. Construction of the whole thing takes at least two to three hours. And once you’re done, it can be used for different sorts of play scopes. There’s also a good combination of parts and pieces that you can attach and detach as you wish. And of course, there’s the T-Rex.


The Lego 75918 isn’t just meant to stick with the other Jurassic World-themed builds in the set. It also fits in nicely with Lego’s other dinosaur-themed builds that Lego has released throughout the decades. The 75918 in particular looks really amazing. However, it does have its own set of flaws.

The finished model is just crazy. The vehicle is pretty huge to the point where people have actually quit building it halfway through, or simply dismantled it because it’s way too large. Meanwhile, others will be glad to have toy dinosaurs from Lego rampaging down the streets of their Lego builds and be completely fine with the awkward scaling issues. However, the vehicle that came with the Lego 75918 just doesn’t belong in there. There are a couple of things that fans enjoy about the vehicle, which certain people might feel the opposite of. For instance, a fan has once said that they don’t like Lego vehicles that are loaded with shooters and springs. Strings in a vehicle have also garnered plenty of mixed reviews from Lego fans. So if you mix the two of them into one side attachment with a harpoon, then it’s pretty much a living nightmare for certain fans. Children would probably like this vehicle, but it most likely won’t be a hit for adults.

Another thing that these fans did not like about the Lego 75918’s build are its side add-ons, all thanks to its clunky texture. You can’t even fold it properly into the side of the vehicle, to make it look more streamlined. The motorbike that comes with the build is nice since you can attach it, but it’s still good to have space to connect accessories in. This is sorely lacking for the bobs and bits found in the build.

The roof on top of the vehicle’s cab is a tricky part to build in, and doesn’t even go back at all. This makes placing minifigures inside it a daunting and exhausting task. Another thing that people seem to dislike about the build is how the vehicle’s interior is opened up. So Hoskins’ briefcase doesn’t have a space to be tucked in and it could fall out as the vehicle moves. Some Lego fans are the type of builders who want to keep all of the associated accessories with the models, and want to have places where they can put those things on.

This set is generally pleasing as a whole. There are lots of things that you can appreciate about the Lego 75918, and even like about it. Dinosaur fans, or those who grew up with the original Jurassic Park trilogy, or are simply fans of the new film will enjoy this build very much. Even though there are some things people didn’t like about the vehicle, they are a bunch of petty complaints and absolutely don’t detract from the overall construction experience, or any other finished product. As mentioned, fans of the Jurassic World movie, or anyone who’s into the whole prehistoric-meets-modern theme will enjoy constructing this thing for sure. A truly impressive set, but the price tag is also a tad bit steep, if not really unexpected.

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