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LEGO Large Creative Box 10697 Review (Lego 10697)


Lego is famous for producing building sets that keep builders busy for hours at end putting together incredible structures and iconic arrangements. However, somewhere along the road when Lego creator sets were launched the bigger building sets and theme specific sets took center stage and the basic building sets were pushed back. Even though Lego has always produced and sold basic building sets (Lego creator series also had some of these sets), casual shoppers couldn’t spot them easily and thought Lego no longer sold them. To counter this problem Lego announced a separate product line (called the Lego Classic Line) that included basic building sets only. The Lego 10697 Creative Box is one of the larger sets of that series.

The set includes all the basic LEGO elements; bricks, slopes, plates, wheels, windows, doors, and arches. In addition, it has special pieces like wheels, windows, doors, and eyes. This free building set allows people of all ages to channel their creativity to produce different shapes and designs. It is also a pretty good supplementary set to have around for when you want to customize other Lego sets. This set isn’t as geared towards younger audiences as the Lego Duplo sets but children old enough to enjoy the Lego Friends Sets and the Lego Elves set will surely enjoy it as well.

Features of LEGO Large Creative Box 10697
•    This set includes 1500 pieces including bricks, wheels, plates, windows, doors, and more
•    The set doesn’t come with any mini-figs but includes special pieces like eyes which you can use to add a little personality to your builds
•    Also included is an instruction booklet that showcases instructions for five creative builds and suggestions for another five

•    This set is perfect for shared building. Parents of younger kids can use this set to create fun family projects
•    Lego has marketed this series as building sets that help promote creative skills in kids and adults. This set does just that and more
•    The best thing about this set is the variety of colored pieces it has. The beautiful yellows, oranges, pinks, purples, blues, greens, browns, grays, blacks, and whites are just perfect for creating a host of wonderful designs
•    The free-building set allows you to create customized designs that go with other Lego creations you may have in your Lego city

•    Though marketed for ages 4-99, older builders or builders who prefer dedicated builds may not enjoy this set as much

Final words
The Lego Classic series targets a basic need of Lego lovers; to build designs that they like without following any instructions. This free-building enhances creativity and promotes healthy shared experiences. The set also comes packed with some special pieces that can’t be found in any other building sets. If you are looking for a break from building the heavy-duty Lego Creators set and are looking to blow off some steam by creating free designs then buy the LEGO Large Creative Box 10697 today.


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