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LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 76042 The SHIELD Helicarrier Review



If you’re a fan of Legos and you enjoy even the most complicated ones, then you’re going to be interested in the Lego 76042 set – if you’re not familiar with the numbers, that is the Super Heroes SHIELD Helicarrier – this is an Ultimate Collector Series set. The focus is on adding accurate details, and to make it as impressive as possible for when you display it on your shelf. Along with it looking good on the shelf when displaying it, Lego also managed to incorporate some interesting play features in it as well.


The Box

When you first receive this set, you’re probably going to notice that the box is huge. When it comes to those huge Lego boxes, they’re always fun to open because you never really know what’s going to be inside of them. All you know is that it’s going to be full of fun.

The size is nothing like Lego 75104 or Lego 75827 – it is much bigger and on the cover, there’s some pretty interesting artwork. You have the Helicarrier flying over New York City, while there’s a smaller aircraft manoevre around it. There’s five minifigures and dimensions of the model that are also being shown off on the cover of the box. We find it interesting how the box shows the cylindrical structures at the nose of the vehicle firing something, almost as if it has weapon. We assume those are sensors or communication antennae of some type.

When you flip the box over, you’ll be looking at a rear view of the vehicle, details of the items needed in order to install power functions and a shot of the control room inside.


The Instruction Booklet



When you open up the box, you’re going to find the instruction booklet (pictured above). This book contains over 400 pages, so we would toss the word “booklet” out and call it a manual. In the past, Lego used to add a couple of smaller booklets when the Lego set was larger than normal. However, recently, they have started to include one huge high quality book, no matter what size the set it. We must admit, having one nice book is neater, but there is one downside to this …if you’re building the set with friends, you will no longer be able to work on different tasks as each of you will be working from the same booklet. If you have a copying machine, you could always make a copy of the instructions for the section your friend would like to work on.

With the instruction booklet, you’re also going to find some stickers that are packed. Lego did this in order to keep the stickers safe and flat.


Smaller White Box

Inside the large box, you’re going to find a smaller white box. There’s also bags that are numbered all the way up to twelve – most of the steps consist of using two or three of the bags at a time. You’ll also discover two bags that don’t contain numbers – those contain some of the bigger pieces like the hull sections and printed 16x8 tiles.


The Minifigs



Oh yes, we definitely cannot leave out the minifigs – it’s like the Lego Star Wars minifigures. The printing on the minifigs has a nice appearance to them. Maria Hill has the SHIELF emblem printed on her – you can see it if you look at her right shoulder. For Lego, the arm-printing is fairly rare, but it’ really coo looking detail.

The first of the Lego figures in this set would be Hawkeye – his popularity suffered a bit after he spent most of the first Avengers film helping Loki. The hair piece on Hawkeye is more accurate than ever before and the torso and leg designs have obviously been updated. Hawkeye, as you would expect, is equipped with his compound bow.

The next minifigure is Maria Hill. As we mentioned before, she has the SHIELD emblem printed on her. She features a dark brown ponytail hair piece and her head has a smiling expression and an angry one.

In bag number seven, you’re going to discover Captain America – this is a minifigure that has taken a major leave from his previous versions. This minifigure is exclusive to this set and this is his only appearance without his mask on. He has a tousled hair piece and the torso design is new and very detailed on both the front and the back.

Nick Fury is another one of the minifigures you’re going to discover in this set. This is the first time a move version of Nick Fury has been released. This figure is complete with an eye patch and grimace.

Black Widow is a perfect minifigure. The hair piece is new in this Lego set and the mould is accurate to the film. The head is also new and those unsightly lines that you may have noticed in some of the other sets are now gone. On one side, you’ll find a cheerful expression, while on the other side, you’ll see an expression that indicated Black Widow is ready to head into battle.




In the final bag of the set, you’re going to find the nanofigures. Officially, many refer to them as microfigures. Out of these, Iron Man is the most detailed as it features a gold printing on his helmet, legs and torso. There’s a 1x1 round trans-light blue plate that is included to stand Iron Man up if you wish.


Adding Power-Functions




You can add power-functions to the Lego SHIELD Helicarrier. Even for those of you that have never worked with power-functions before, you’ll discover just how easy it really is. When you look at the back of the instruction book, you’re going to discover a list of the power-function elements you will need. There’s also step-by-step instructions on how you can install them in the set.



Looking at the latest Lego news, if you like this set, you may also like Lego 75094 and Lego 75059.

As for the set, we believe it is excellent and a whole lot of fun to put together. However, many of you may feel as if the price for this set is a bit too high. What we can tell you is that it looks amazing on display and would be a great conversation piece once you have finally got it all put together.

As far as the minifigures go, they aren’t hugely impressive, but the nanofigures look amazing when you place them on the deck of the Helicarrier. Despite their tiny size, we’re not fully convinced that they are in scale with this model, but we still adore them and have no complaints.


Here’s a picture of the nanofigures standing on the deck:



Now, we’re going to leave you off with these pictures:






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