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LEGO Marvel Super Heroes Spider-Man: Ghost Rider Team-up 76058 Spiderman Toy Review



The Lego 76058 Spiderman Ghost Rider Teamup build has got to be the tiniest one out of all the three latest releases from the Lego Marvel Superheroes series. This build was released in 2016, and has become one of the most highly-anticipated Lego releases for this year. That’s because it contains two new characters, which includes the Ghost Rider minifigure itself.


So many fans are enthusiastic over seeing this underrated Marvel character in a minifigure form. We feel like they won’t be disappointed at all. But there’s actually more to this set than just revolving around a single Ghost Rider figure, since he’s never seen without his famous motorcycle. Hobgoblin also makes his debut as a minifigure here, so there are so many things to like about the 76058. The build costs around $19.99.


One of the main draws to this specific build is the Ghost Rider minifigure. He looks amazing! We love the printing at the back and front side of his torso, as it shows off some of the flames that pass through his leather jacket. There are also chains all over his chest, staying loyal to his comic book counterpart. Too bad there aren’t any prints found on his legs, making them look completely dull.


One of the best aspects of the Ghost Rider minifigure has got to be his head, which looks spectacular. Strangely enough, the flame and head elements are mixed together, which is a bit odd, since the same flame has been utilized in the Lego 76057 Spiderman: Web Warriors Ultimate Bridge Battle build as well – Although he uses a different head there. Maybe the smaller flames that surround his head would have been a bit fragile if these two pieces came separately, and cannot be moved in both sets. As expected, the Ghost Rider minifigure also comes with a transparent orange chain accessory.


The Spiderman minifigure is in dire need of a makeover, if in our opinion. However, this take on him, which has actually been in use since 2012, is still very decent. The prints on his torso and head look wonderful, while we love the balance between the blue and red hues of his spider-suit.

The printed arms and legs would be a welcome addition, since this minifigure just falls flat as compared to the other characters. It would be great to see the new iteration of his minifigure when the Lego 76067 Tanker Truck Takedown gets released soon.

A very interesting set of additions to the brand new range of Lego Marvel Superheroes theme released this year has got to be Spidey’s web element, which is actually tiny enough to be fit onto a minifigure’s own hand. The whole thing looks rather splendid, and even contains a few attachment points to it, so it’s highly versatile. The same can be said for the brand new piece that has been utilized to fit into the Web right in the hands of a minifigure. The piece is comprised of a stud with a single hole in it on one side, while there’s a short bar on the other. This allows it to fit perfectly right into the family that began last year thanks to the rounded 1 x 1 plating with its vertical shaft.


We did not expect Lego to release a Hobgoblin minifigure, since not much is known about this guy as compared to the other Spiderman or Marvel villains who have yet to have their very own minifigure. But apart from that, we are so delighted with how the figure turned out, as well as the bright colors utilized on his outfit. This lets us see the difference between Hobgoblin and the other bad guys in the Spiderman franchise.


We do think that a flame yellowish orange suit fits him more, especially in his torso area, as well as the hood and the cape, depending on whichever iteration of the character you want to see in the comics. Regardless of that, however, the mixture of dark blue and orange is highly striking.

The Lego 76058 is comprised of three different models, and the smallest of them all has got to be Hobgoblin’s purple glider. The colorized scheme looks amazing, and we did enjoy the angled wings alongside the decent attempt, which has been created to replicate the bat styling seen on the front side of the craft. The flick fire missiles found underneath the wings do make the entire thing look bulky, however.

The build contains enough room for Hobgoblin’s minifigure to stand on top. He actually looks best when he is angled slightly forward, as if he’s hunched over. This is an excellent effort, but there’s still loads of room for improvement. We did like the glider that was included alongside the Green Goblin’s minifigure for the Lego 76057 Spiderman: Web Warriors Ultimate Bridge Battle build.


There’s a tiny section of the pavement that has been included here as well. This looks similar to the Lego 79118 Karai Bike Escape from the Lego Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles build, since both of them showcase a Lego version of New York, which also includes newspaper racks and street signs. Every rack is decorated with a small sticker that showcases the front pages of the Daily Bugle and the Front Line, both fictional newspapers in the Marvel comics universe.

You can actually open up each one of them to show off a stack of bundled newspapers. These are represented using stickers placed on top of 1 x 2 tiles. Each one of them corresponds along with the front page showcased on the sides of the racks. There’s also a bin, which contains a bright green stalk inside. A third accessory is the traffic light which faces two directions together with street lights, which have also been created with the help of stickers.


We have to mention here that the build accidentally misspelled Bleecker Street, which is a disappointment. We’re actually hoping that this would be corrected in a brand new wave of Lego Marvel builds. And what’s more, Second Avenue and Bleecker Street don’t actually share a junction in the Spiderman universe, so this doesn’t really show off the real geography of Manhattan. However, both of these streets do contain famous locations in Marvel comics, so the little Easter eggs are appreciated here. But these still pale in comparison to the Easter eggs found in the Lego 76057 Ultimate Bridge Battle build.

Ghost Rider’s own Hell Cycle motorbike is pretty famous in its own right, and it’s really important that the people behind 76058 were able to achieve this aspect of the entire set. We think the model is pretty much close to perfect, since it’s got a gorgeous profile from all sides of the vehicle, along with lots of flame details which copy the source material. Perhaps the only off-putting thing about the motorcycle is its size, but the amount of detail here has also been increased in accordance to the Hell Cycle’s size. This makes the whole thing a rightful trade-off, if we were to be honest.

The front side of the motorcycle has been nicely assembled as well, with the aid of a couple of hinges as well as a shield tile. This makes the entire build look dazzling. The whole module is then connected to the remainder of the motorcycle with the aid of another hinge, creating a lovely area of angular bodywork. We do like the flames that have been mounted right on the front side of this part. However, we have to say that the Lego Technic pins utilized in the 76058 look a little bit out of place. We assume that it might not have been possible to place these inside a transparent orange or transparent red, which probably suits it better.

The flames from the backside suffer from the same issue, but apart from that, everything looks wonderful in all angles. The seat is actually quite big enough for Ghost Rider to sit on. We also like the various wheels which have been utilized at the front and back side of the Hell Cycle, since this gives the motorcycle a strong sense of speed.


Both Lego Marvel and DC builds are completely dominated by sets such as these, which Lego continuously releases each year. They just keep on improving, in our honest opinion. Not only do these two minifigures look great, but the Hobgoblin’s glider, as well as the Hell Cycle, both look great. Meanwhile, the pavement section gives off a lovely backdrop for all of the action that goes on.

Ghost Rider’s minifigure has got to be the main highlight of the entire build. His minifigure is pretty much everything that you could ever ask for, and this alone is one of the many reasons why the build is worth buying. If you are a fan of Lego Marvel builds, Lego builds, Lego Superhero builds, or just Marvel comics in general, then this build is the one for you. Plus, the additional stickers are highly useful for Lego City fans as well.

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