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LEGO Minecraft 21117 The Ender Dragon Review



Think about it, Minecraft and Lego are similar and go hand in hand, so when we came across the Lego 21117 set, we couldn’t help but to say “finally, they are combined.” Like the Lego city sets, the micro world sets were a good, yet expensive, way to introduce fans of both Lego and Minecraft to the idea of Lego Minecraft …doesn’t that have a nice ring to it? Just as Lego Star Wars sets have expanded, so have the Minecraft theme and today, we are here to introduce you to Lego 21117 (the Ender Dragon).

About the Ender Dragon

If you’re a fan of Minecraft, surely, the Ender Dragon is something you’re familiar with. This is a versatile boss mob that pops up in the End and is the first boss mob that was added to Minecraft.

How do you get to the Ender Dragon? First, you have to kill the Endermen that are spawning throughout the world, toss the Ender Pearl that drop when they are destroyed, making a particle beam. Going towards the beam, starting digging (this beam will fire towards the nearest End Portal). You have to go to a furnace and cook a total of 8 Ender Pearls, with one leftover. Before throwing them, make sure you cook them. Once the portal has been activated with those cooked pearls, the portal will turn black with nice purple particles around it – you can go through it and the Ender Dragon will spawn.

Make sense to you?

Today, we are here to take a look at the Lego 21117 set as it contains the largest character of the wave – the Ender Dragon.




On the front of the box, you’re going to find this set in action, with a nice Minecraft banner running along the top of it. We personally found it a bit odd that the “trophy egg/exit portal” wasn’t included in the photo – instead, it has been pictured on a separate inset.

We’re never ones to complain, but this set wasn’t exactly in the best possible packaging. There’s bubble wrap and packing wrap that won’t do a whole lot for the set if the box is tossed around.

Flipping the box over to the back, the scenario gets a bit more interesting. This is where you come face to face with the baseplate design for the towers – they have changed as the bottom portions have been removed and we see them stressing the fact that we need to “build our own creations.”

Here’s a look at the back of the box:


Opening the Box Up

Once you open the box up, you’re going to find bags that have been numbered from 1-4 – there’s an unnumbered bag that contains the wings and a total of three 8x16 baseplates with a loose 16x16 baseplate.

Lego instructions


The Lego Building Instructions, as usual, are easy to follow and personally, we didn’t have any problems with them. We couldn’t help but to notice the really nice picture of the set – it’s set against a beautiful purple environment of The End. Again, as we previously mentioned, even in the instructions, the portion of the set that contains the exit/teleport/egg isn’t seen here. During this time, we feel that it is obvious Lego has something against the egg and doesn’t want it to show up in pictures with the dragon, since it is, after all, a trophy for killing him.



As with every Lego set, like the Lego 60051, Lego 75054 and the Leo 60095 set that we did in the past, we’re always super excited when it comes to the minifigures. In this case, there are a couple of minifigures that we should expect to see. In this section of the Lego 21117 review, we’re going to take a close look at the minifigures …


With this set, of course we’re going to get Steve – what would a Minecraft Lego set be without our Steve? Steve comes to us wearing Diamond armor. For those of you that are not familiar with the game, Diamond armor is the highest grade armor you’re going to get in the game – it’s the most expensive. So, we believe it is the most fitting suit for Steve to wear in this set, because by the time your character reaches The End, it’s likely that you will be wearing this armor – not only this, but you’re probably going to need it.

Analyzing Steve, we find that his head is a new piece – a large, square head that has the same attachment point on the bottom as the regular minifigure head. Looking at the legs and the torso, they’re not new and we’re not that big of a fan of the torso print. In the game, Steve doesn’t have sleeves, and we feel this set right here could have benefits from The Simpson’s style short sleeve – do you catch our drift? Perhaps we are just being a little too picky, but we wish they wouldn’t have used the blue shirt and just made th entire torso the same light azure as the other portions of the armor.

The torso armor, along with the helmet are both new in this set. The torso armor is pretty neat as it attaches just as the usual vest-style armor piece would and the helmet can attach to the head through friction. Don’t worry, it’s not going to fall off – the helmet is pretty secure.

The set comes with a portion of Minecraft themes tools and that is what we would expect to find. To be exact, this set comes with a bow and a diamond sword. Placing the weapons in the minifigure’s hands is easy to do, because both of the weapons fit comfortably, so there’s certainly no complaints there.

The Enderman


Here, we have the Enderman. This little guy comes with a new body piece and already has prebuilt legs. This means there is no movement going on there, because the legs are a solid piece. Looking at the head of the Enderman, we find that he uses the new block head with an eye print. In his hand, he has a block of end stone, which is neat looking. The end stone is a bit on the heavy side and due to this, you won’t be able to stand him up, without making sure he is mounted on something.

The Ender Dragon


The torso construction of the Ender Dragon is quite interesting. It uses a neat mechanism that makes it so that the wings of the dragon can flap. First, you need to build the stomach of the torso before you can place the pivots of the wings. Building the stomach of the torso is actually fun.

Here’s a look at the wings on the dragon:


As you’re building the Ender Dragon, you will gradually be adding parts around it, creating a square opening for the “button” of the wings. The wings are put on, then the weight is responsible for pulling the pivots down, and then pushing them back up – in return, this creates the “flapping” effect of the wings. When you press the tiny button, the wings push up, then you let them fall back down. It looks pretty cool to say the least and there’s no complicated stuff going on. We believe it is a really cool way to implement this feature.

The torso is finalized with a large amount of tiles in order to give it that nice smooth, yet blocky look that the in-game character has. Even with the Ender Dragon, the legs are simple, but they are built using click hinges, along with some SNOT work being done in order to give it that blocky and smooth look.

When it comes to putting the arms together, those are built with hinges and a mixel joint. This is a fairly basic look and it doesn’t look that interesting, but it’s supposed to be there nonetheless.

Making his tail, there are four different builds that are used. One of the builds consists of repeating three times. This isn’t the most inspiring build on the block, but using the hinges makes it cool and the overall look isn’t all that bad.

The Ender Dragon comes with a 2x2 tile and a 1x2 brick with his mouth and eyes. For the head’s build, here’s a bar hinge, which gives the dragon an opening mouth look. We personally enjoy the finished head as it has a nice shape to it and the printed eyes are there to complete the overall look.



We knew eventually Lego would get a hold of Minecraft and being both a Minecraft and a Lego fan, we are personally glad they made this move. If you’re a Minecraft fan, this would be an interesting build for you. Once you have the Ender Dragon put together, you’ll probably want to put him on a display shelf where you can have him watch over you.

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