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LEGO Minecraft 21122 the Nether Fortress Building Kit Review


Is the new Lego 21122 a Hit or a Fail?


Are you familiar with LEGO or Mine craft? If you know any of the two, then you will be as delighted as I was to hear that a new brand of Lego Minecraft games has been released. Back when it was announced, both LEGO fans and gamers were incredibly hyped up about this product. And why wouldn't they? These are 2 of the biggest franchises in their respective fields, and people dig them both.

In the past, LEGO has ventured into many different areas, taking great risks along the way. From the classic and simplistic models like the Lego 10695 to the more adventurous ones like the Lego hulk, there have been many instances of LEGO's creativity in terms of themes and ideas. Rest assured I own most of them. However, Minecraft is something which holds a different place in my heart altogether.

Back in the old days (I am referring to the early 2000's) when Minecraft was first released in the market, I distinctly remember the incredible number of hours I spent making my own buildings, destroying ones made by others and overall having a hell of a time.

Such is the nostalgia related to this franchise, and when LEGO decided to venture into it, you can guess just how ecstatic I was. But enough about me, how good is this product? Does it hold up to the quality of all the previous ones released? Is it worth the price? I give you my humble opinion about this product.

The Product: Overview

  • Product Name: Minecraft
  • Dimensions: 18 cm x 40 cm x 4 cm
  • Weight: 2.2 pounds
  • Set Number: 21122
  • Exclusive To:
  • Year of Release: 2015
  • Price: $79.99

Some of the previous LEGO releases had problems on release, so much so that a lot of people including myself waited for a fix to be released before purchasing it. However, I am happy to say that this one had no such issues and I was able to treat myself to a Lego 21122 right away on release day.

Also keep in mind that this product here is for people above the age of 5 years. If you want to gift something from LEGO to your child who is less than that age, make sure you get the Lego Duplo sets for him or her. The bricks used in the Duplo are twice the size of normal bricks and hence harder to get accidentally swallowed.

But without any further ado, let's get to know this product a bit more shall we?

The Concept

Like most other LEGO sets, the 21122 also has a background story to it. In this case, you are running really low on your supplies, and the Overworld is incapable of providing you with them. So it is up to Steve and Alex to defeat the things known as 'The Blaze' which guard the fortress from all sides.

You will have your sturdy and trustworthy pickaxe with you and your mine glow stone as well. Also, make sure that you are not ambushed by the Zombie Pigman which lives here as well. Not to mention, there is a red eyed Ghast which also lives here. It shoots fireballs, and you would do well to dodge them all. Make sure you succeed on your journey!

The Contents

As far as the contents of the box contend you will find the following things:

  • Comes with 3 mini-figures with their respective weaponry: Steve, Alex, The Zombie Pigman and the Ghast.
  • A Nether portal (through which Alex must pass through) that features lighting up effects on it, 2 glow-in-the-dark bricks, a fireball element for the Ghast, a lava flow element, 3 portable fire elements, Nether wart element, 2 brick ores and a chest containing 2 diamonds.
  • Includes a fortress bridge which you can set to 90 or 180 degrees for different builds.
  • Weapon elements which included 3 swords and 1 pickaxe.

Also, keep in mind that the set is capable of being combined with other sets similar to its theme, thus paving the way for you to create a complete biome. For the hardcore fans out there like me, this is a great feature despite the fact that it has existed as early as the Lego 10697 set.

Opening the Box

Let me share with you experience in revealing the contents of the box in step by step basis. You will get to have a look at everything inside the box right here.


This is the front of the box as you see it. It has the name of the product and has few details regarding the contents of the box.


This right here is how the back of the box looks like. Pretty much similar to the front in terms of looks, you can see the different things you will find inside the box.


This is the smaller box that you will find on opening the bigger one. You will find the different figurines inside it, along with their respective accessories as well. The packaging is pretty well done as you can see.


These are all of the figurines that you will find inside the box. As you can see, they are all fitted with their respective accessories: (From left to right) Alex with his sword, Steve with his pickaxe, The Zombie Pigman with his sword and the Blaze. At the back, the white coloured figurine is none other than the Ghast, and as you have probably noticed, there is also a treasure chest on the front as well, containing swords and diamonds.


Here is another look at all of the 5 figurines along with the treasure chest on the side and the fortress at the back.


This is an overview of the fortress. As you can see, I couldn't fit it into a single picture. This is the left side of the building, and you will also notice the portal at the very end of it.


This is the right-hand side of the building, and you can see the treasure chest at the very end of it. Also, notice that there are torch-lights on the ramp of the bridge throughout the whole fortress.


Here is a close up of the white coloured Ghast. You will find 2 different plates as well which can be put on its face. These are basically 2 different expressions which you can use other than the one already in use in the picture. So in total, you can have 3 different faces for the Ghast.


These are the 2 heroes of our story. On the left you see Alex, and one of the rights is Steve. The helmet and armour they are wearing are removable along with the swords and pickaxe lying on the ground. The 2 button like things are the diamonds which you can put inside the chest to be discovered by these 2.


This view you get from the back side of the figurines. As you can notice, there are holes on the legs as well which allows you to put them lying on their backs as well.


These are 2 of the enemies that Steve and Alex will have to go up against. The pink coloured one is the Zombie Pigman, and the yellow coloured one is the Blaze. The sword lying down on the floor is for the Pigman.


This is how the 2 look from behind. Just like Steve and Alex, the Zombie Pigman also has holes on the hind-side of the legs. It can also be placed on the mat in a laid back position. That is not true for the Blaze, however.

Inside, you will also find the Lego mine craft instructions which can guide you through the assembly process. Personally speaking, this was one of the easier LEGO sets in terms of constructability. As such, being a veteran in this department, I barely had to use the instructions even once. For newcomers, however, you will probably need some help.

The Good

  • For those who have played the game, you will instantly notice that the whole set is a picture perfect representation of the Nether realm from the game. I was personally astounded by the attention to detail, and it is something fans will appreciate as well.
  • There are many different ways of creating the fortress. You can follow the instructions or go on your own way. As such, for children of young age, it develops their sense of creativity to a great extent and allows them to expand and develop their skills.
  • The thematic approach of this set is also something which sets it apart from something like the Lego 10698 which was pretty basic. And although it has been done before with other sets, it still continues to impress even today.
  • The capability of the pieces used in this set to be combined with other LEGO sets is also truly amazing, especially for nerds like me. There is nothing like combining 2 or more LEGO sets with the same themes in the way you want and gazing at your masterpiece. It is truly a building experience that no other franchise can deliver.
  • Replayability is a huge factor when it comes to toys, and this set delivers that in huge amounts. Children will rarely get bored of playing around with it. Hell, I'm a college student and still find time to fidget around with it once in a while. And that is all down to be well-made nature and the execution implemented in making it.

The Bad

  • I have raved about how fun constructing the whole thing can be and how easy it is compared to some other sets. However, for children who are younger, it can still prove to be quite a tough challenge if they want to do it alone.
  • Despite how famous a brand LEGO is on its own, people who do not know about Minecraft will probably stay clear of it. However, for people who like to increase their collection and fans of the game, this will definitely be a hit.

Personal Experience

Personally, this set was a huge hit for me. After all, as I have mentioned countless times before, I am a huge fan of LEGO as well as Minecraft. The combination of the 2 is stuff made in heaven for me. The last time I felt so ecstatic was when LEGO decided to go for Star Wars and to be a fan of that movie; it was delirium for me.

My favourite will always be the LEGO X-Wing Fighter, but despite that, the new Minecraft themed also set a good trip down memory lane for me. Anyone who played the game will feel the same way. Other than nostalgia, the set offers a lot as well. The fortress, in particular, is my favourite part of this set.

Making it was as fun as anything I have done in this year. It was challenging, it took time, but it was a hell lot of fun. It went really well with the rest of my collection. The figurines are excellently made as well, as I have come to expect from LEGO over the years.

Overall, I find it amazing how LEGO can do things like this on such a constant basis. It never gets boring despite their basic formula remaining the same over all these years. It is definitely a product I can encourage others to buy.

To Conclude

There is nothing more to say about this product than what I have said already. If you are a fan of the franchise, there is no reason not to go out there and get it. If the price is an issue, you can always try to get some Lego coupons for yourself as well. But no matter what, it will definitely be worth your time, effort and money. A fantastic product that continues the high standards set by previous models in the past.

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