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LEGO Minecraft The Jungle Tree House 21125 Review



Lego’s partnership with Minecraft has pretty much resulted in dozens of highly successful builds. And not only that, it gained plenty of success with both Microsoft (Minecraft is played on the X-Box) and Mojang (Minecraft’s publisher) as well. According to a recently-released statement from Lego, the most successful themes released by the company are as follows: Superheroes (including Marvel and DC), Lego City, Lego Star Wars, Lego Friends and Lego Minecraft. All five of them happened to be the top ranked Lego builds of the year all across the US market.


Six Minecraft-themed sets were produced during the 21125’s release, and one of them was long-rumored to be a direct-to-consumer build. Meanwhile, the rest of the sets were released in March 2016.

Minecraft is a sandbox video game developed by Swedish company Mojang, and created by Markus Persson. Minecraft, which was first released back in 2011, is the second best-selling video game of all time. The game involves players constructing all sorts of different structures made completely from textured cubes, while roaming around inside a 3D-generated universe. There are other kinds of activities you can do in the game apart from build – You can gather up some resources, explore different worlds, fight other players, and make crafts.

Minecraft also contains plenty of gameplay modes, which includes a survival mode. In here, players must gather up a decent amount of resources needed to construct the world, while keeping their health in good shape. Since its release, Minecraft has garnered tons of praise from critics and video game fans, and has managed to win loads of awards through the years. Over 121 million copies of the game have been sold.

This article will be focusing on one of the more popular builds from the Lego Minecraft series, called the Lego 21125 Jungle Tree House build.


There are two minifigures included in the 21125 – Namely Steve and Alex. Both of them carry the same torso and headpiece found in the previous iterations of the two characters – However, in the 21125, Alex has silver legs. This also marks the first time that a non-printed minifigure’s legs have been created in this color. Steve, the other main character, dons a silver helmet and carries an axe accessory in the same color.

The other two minifigures in the set are a skeleton and a Creeper, both of which look identical to the ones from past Lego Minecraft builds.


Meanwhile, the sheep minifigures have been a staple of Lego Minecraft sets since its inception in 2014, with their Farm build. However, the ocelot character is a new one. A brand new headpiece is also introduced here. According to Minecraft players, the ocelot is a tameable mob which you can turn into a pet cat. These pets are then used to keep the Creepers at bay.


The 21125’s parts are split into four bags. The first bag includes the minifigures, as well as the necessary parts to construct a whole host of tiny details, including obsidian blocks, and cocoa pods (which are strangely colored orange, despite its name).


When you have used all of the parts contained in the first two baggies, you will notice that the build is now gradually beginning to take shape. This is an irregular area that contains Minecraft’s signature ‘unfinished edges’, allowing the builder to either modify or extend the whole thing.


The parts contained in the third bag are meant for the tree house. There are dozens of kinetic features that are surely worth noticing during this point of the build. There’s a pivoted section located at the base of the build, which allows the bottom half of the tree house’s steps to be collapsed and rebuilt again.


There’s a mechanism you can push together with two hidden rods, courtesy of Lego Technic. These two rods work on a trapdoor located right in front of the tree house’s bedroom.


The parts in all four baggies finish off the construction of the surrounding trees, as well as the bedroom. The third kinetic feature of the 21125 involves the waterfall portion of the build. You can actually use this waterfall as a lift, and after the platform has been placed in its top position, you can hold it there through the use of a pivoted Lego Technic piece. It’s still puzzling how the water from the waterfall manages to stream out of a tree trunk, but that’s Minecraft for you. The whole build doesn’t look too bad from the backside either.


As compared to the other Lego Minecraft builds, along with the instruction booklet for the 21125, there’s some additional building inspiration that you can do in the manuals. For this model, plenty of the parts found inside the fourth bag are removed, along with a few others. These are then reconstructed into brand new model.


If you take a look at the Lego 21125 from the perspective of a grown-up Lego fan instead of the average Minecraft fan, the build won’t look too much like a display set. But for some Lego fans out there, the 21125 has got to be one of the better Lego Minecraft sets out there, especially when you take a look at its color scheme. There are no less than 120 bricks that measure 2 x n, at least 120 dark orange portions, seven 8 x 8 and 8 x 16 plates, as well as a whole heap of other useful portions found in different earthy tones. This is actually an excellent pack of Lego parts.


Those who are into Minecraft will truly enjoy what this build has to offer – Since the build incorporates too many elements taken from the game itself. It contains both the lead characters, Steve and Alex, an adorable ocelot figure, a Creeper figure, and a skeleton figure. There are a couple of play features thrown in here as well – Such as wobbly bits, lifts, and trap doors – And all of them will provide fans with a genuine interest even for just a short while. However, you can still enjoy the build in typical Minecraft fashion – Through modifying it, building it, and tearing it down, as well as constructing a brand new terrain for these minifigures to roam around in.


The Lego 21125, much like plenty of other Lego Minecraft sets out there, are completely enjoyable. Despite the fact that they belong to a completely different franchise, these builds represent what the entire purpose of Lego is all about – Crafting and building tall structures, and creating scenarios out of them. These builds are all designed to appeal to a specific demographic, which may have been completely raised on video games, such as Minecraft.


The Lego 21125 is just wonderful, through and through. In fact, some fans are seriously hoping that Lego releases more Minecraft-themed builds and not just a special-edition series, so you no longer have to pay a licensing fee when it comes to these builds. Nowadays, plenty of Lego builds contain some sort of hollowness to them, which could be a bit of a turn-off for some of them. It’s quite tough to sell and produce, but still not that exciting to play around with.

One more thing that people did enjoy about the build is that the set contains a type of abstraction in regards to the overall look of the build itself. For instance, if they want to create a torch, then they have to use a translucent orange or yellow piece instead of an actual fire piece. And if they want to mimic the look of leaves on trees, they use green or orange plate blocks instead of a detailed and customized piece.

You might notice that there’s some sort of hypocrisy here, because the normal custom pieces utilized in a lot of these Lego builds were really fresh and exciting when they were first released to the public – But they eventually lost their appeal as the years went by. These sets could easily get lost in a whole heap of other Lego builds that plenty of people have witnessed. Creating new stuff from old Lego bricks is a good feeling, and the Lego Minecraft builds take us back to a time when Lego was still simple and was only meant for building structures. The bricks in the 21125 contain plenty of room for reinvention as compared to other builds coming from other Lego themes. Lego sets have the tendency to pass through trends. A lot of fans would actually love to see a couple of the brick principles found inside these sets pass through to other series. A Minecraft-themed Lego room or street composed entirely out of Lego bricks would be fantastic overall.

This set is recommended for those Lego fans who aren’t interested in Minecraft due to licensing. The rest of the Lego Minecraft series sets are recommended as well.

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