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lego minifigures series 15 (lego 71011)


Unlike plenty of other Lego minifigure packs out there, the Lego minifigure series 15 was only promoted for a short period of time – And not only that, only a handful of these packs were produced, so finding a complete set is a challenge. Both individual minifigures and packs are priced really high on sites like eBay, so you must save up if you really want one.

This series was released in January last year, and marks the return of the original Lego collectible minifigures. From what we can remember, this pack is the only one that contains Lego’s original characters – The other minifigure releases for that year were connected to popular franchises. Despite this being the fifteenth release, Lego has never run out of ideas when it comes to their minifigures, and we find that truly impressive. Series 15 can stand on its own, and even blend in with the previously-released minifigure sets. This gives us plenty of confidence that Lego can produce even better characters in the future.

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lego minifigures series 15

Series’ 15’s box looks the same as your average minifigure box, with the question mark-littered background, the Lego logo, the amount of pieces you have to collect, and the minifigure “group shot” in front of the box. The only thing that’s changed is the color – The box comes in a nice red-orange shade.

lego 71011

These are all the minifigures in series 15. Each minifigure is placed inside a plastic pack, with eighteen packs in every box. As you can see here, the entire set is very diverse. It’s actually quite nice to look at them all from a front view. There’s no standard theme when it comes to Lego’s original minifigure sets, so you’ll never really know what you’re going to get. If you want to collect the rarer minifigures in this set without spending too much cash, then you need to feel the pack first before buying so you can be certain that you’ll get the figure you want. Each Lego minifigure comes with their own unique accessory, hairpiece or hat –Try to remember the accessories that came with the figure you want, so you can locate them easily. And starting from there, remove the torso, legs, head, and feel the figure’s other parts. Perhaps the only disadvantage you’ll get from this method is that you’ll end up with sore thumbs afterward. However, this is so much better than buying a ton of minifigure packs using your cash and still not getting your favorite after opening them all.

That said… Let’s take a closer look at the minifigures one by one!


lego minifigures series 15 Farmer

Our first minifigure is the friendly and hardworking Farmer. This is pretty much an improved version of that other farmer figure that they released a while back (this particular minifigure was included in a farming-themed Lego set), and it’s really nice to see a different kind of design for the same occupation. One of the biggest difference between this figure and the other farmer figure is the inclusion of a pig. Also, the Farmer here looks heaps better than his predecessor, so we can foresee plenty of people wanting to own this minifigure.

The body parts that come with the Farmer is unique to the figure itself – You can’t find it on any other minifigure (at least for now). As for accessories, there’s the obvious inclusion of a farm animal –And even though the pig is crafted from the same mould as other pig minifigures, you can still see a huge difference, like the spots on its body, for instance. Pigs in general are great to have in farms, and you can use the pig figure in both modern and medieval settings during playtime. In fact, there are plenty of possible uses for the pig figure, especially since it happens to be a full-scaled character. Apart from the pig, the farmer is accompanied by a scarecrow, and is equipped with a hay-fork. He wears a huge brim hat, which suits him better as compared to the normal cap he wears. He’s got really nice printing on his outfit too, and impressive color on his legs.


lego minifigures series 15 Astronaut

The Astronaut minifigure is definitely going to be a treat for those who enjoy building and collecting space-themed Lego models. The new Astronaut has actually showed up in previous Lego City builds, including their highly-popular Space Port set. His design is based after the standard astronaut outfit, more specifically, the ones from the Classic Space Astronauts set. His space suit is sleek and modern, and not too out-of-this-world (pun not intended). The Astronaut also comes with the right equipment and a kit that allows him to survive in space for months. Although Lego has released astronaut minifigures through the years, this Astronaut minifigure in particular is very special, since it sports the kind of uniform that real-life astronauts would wear nowadays when they travel to space.

We really enjoyed the design of this minifigure. The parts can be placed in position to make it seem like the Astronaut is already in space and collecting moon rocks and exploring different planets. His accessories include a tiny oxygen tank that you can strap onto his back. There’s also a helmet with a golden visor, and prints on his legs and torso. One more accessory is the Classic Space flag, with prints on each side. This is very different than the usual accessories that Lego astronauts have acquired, such as a metal detector, a walkie-talkie, or some sort of space kit. You can use that flag accessory in your Classic Space model (if you own it).


lego minifigures series 15 Frightening Knight

The Grim Knight has got to be one of the more detailed figures in the entire series. It has been referred to by other names, including “Scary knight” and “Frightening knight”. Once again, those who like building and collecting castles and medieval-themed sets will like this figure very much. A lot of people have anticipated this particular character thanks to the amount of detail that he has. This isn’t just your typical Lego knight wearing a red, black, white and blue outfit. This figure uses a dark green color scheme for their outfit, making him look pretty similar to Dwalin, a character from the Lord of The Rings. The Grim Knight also carries some pretty neat customization parts, which look excellent on characters that use real-life skintones. We have actually used this figure to create a villainous group of knights called The Silver Bear Army. Because of his outfit, you can use him to create really amazing stories with your other minifigures. Perfect for fans of Lego’s Castle Series.

The Grim Knight comes with some really amazing accessories and body parts. Those who are lucky enough to have acquired this figure have noticed that Lego has given the Grim Knight lots of accessories. If you remove his helmet, you will be greeted by the knight’s sour expression. One of the more surprising accessories that came with this figure is the spiked pauldron. As of now, this accessory has only showed up once – To be specific, in the 7569 Desert Attack in a striking gunmetal gray color, and we think that kind of color suits the pauldron more. There’s also a Kite Shield that looks just as nice as it was introduced in the Egyptian Warrior build. The pauldron is highly versatile, since you can use it for many gameplay aspects. The pauldron’s spike is comprised of two parts, and looks much sturdier than the accessories used for previous knight figures. The printing on Grim Knight’s clothes also look fantastic.



lego minifigures series 15 Clumsy Guy

Looks like this particular character could use a little bit of medical attention. The Clumsy Guy minifigure is very careless, and experienced a rather nasty fall after stepping on a discarded banana peel – Or that is the theory we came up with after seeing the banana on his shirt. Other than that, this minifigure looks amazing, and the way he’s all bandaged up reminds us of a clumsy cartoon character. You can interchange the parts of his body with other minifigures, and turn them into useful parts, like his injured face, his broken leg, and bandaged head. This is a brand new character and brings in a new type of freshness into the entire collection.

There are a few accessories that came with the Clumsy Guy minifigure. His crutches look great, and fit his situation perfectly. In real life, crutches (along with wheelchairs) allow injured people to move around while their leg is still healing. The cast on his leg has a few messages written on them from well-wishers. This is understandable since his current state makes him look pitiful, and would require more than a couple of trips to the doctor to heal those injuries.


lego minifigures series 15 Tribal Woman 


One more character added to Lego’s Tribal Family. The Tribal Woman’s design didn’t really excite us a t first, and dismissed it as yet another addition to the Tribal Family pack. It turns out she’s very useful to the tribe because she’s great at taking care of children. This character is also significant since it contains the first ever Lego baby minifigure. It’s actually quite nice to see Lego create a brand new life stage for their characters. The Tribal Woman is also the very first woman character to be included in the Tribal Family pack.

As we had mentioned earlier, the addition of the baby minifigure makes this character highly unique. The baby does not carry a certain look to it, so you can use it in all sets. You can also attach her at her mother’s back with the help of an accessory holder. We can see this character becoming really popular all thanks to that tiny baby figure.


lego minifigures series 15 Flying Warrior

The Flying Warrior is nothing short of amazing. In fact, she is a prized possession among those who have come across this minifigure, since she is dressed in a marvelous glittering gold outfit, with huge wings. It almost as if she’s an angel sent to Earth by the Gods to watch over men, or to guard some sort of mysterious place. We really like the color of her outfit, since it gives her a strong, powerful appearance. Along with the Grim Knight, this is also one of the more rarer characters in the series, so be sure to buy her immediately if found. You can create your own army of Flying Warriors, if you like.

The accessories and parts used for the Flying Warrior is just exquisite. The outfit incorporates elements taken from previous releases, including Legends of China, as well as the Eagle and Phoenix tribes, allowing maximum amount of flight capacity – Although we have seen these wings in another minifigure, The legs fit the color scheme nicely. Removing the armor reveals the figure’s golden torso.


lego minifigures series 15 Faun


Another popular character thanks to its great features is the Satyr. Much like the other minifigures in this set, the Satyr’s appearance has been greatly anticipated, especially when the preview images were first released. In Greek mythology, a Satyr is a creature that has the head and body of a human, but the feet and horns of a goat. Satyrs aren’t meant to represent monsters and don’t prey on humans – Instead, they are seen more as a type of fairy tale character. This minifigure is absolutely delightful since we can modify them to our liking to build brand new usage for other types of figure designs.

There’s just a decent amount of stuff to be included here – In fact, the only accessory that this minifigure has is the flute. However, we must pay close attention to its legs – Since this is one of the very rare occasions that a Lego minifigure does not possess your typical blocky minifigure feet and legs. This particular part of the Satyr’s body created so much hype when it was first showcased, and people have even speculated that it could be used on a Disney character in the future (Phil from Hercules, anyone?). Only time will tell if Lego actually pushes through with this idea.


lego minifigures series 15 Animal Control

Next up is the Animal Ranger figure. She joined this protection to be able to protect all of the animals in the forests, or help them when they’re in need. At first you might be slightly confused about the huge net she’s carrying – She’s not there to capture them and sell them to the poachers or someone equally evil. She’s going to move them from one place to the other. The Animal Ranger looks really nice in that green uniform of hers – This minifigure is probably going to be a hit with the younger set, especially because of that skunk companion. Like the Farmer’s pig minifigure, the skunk is a full-scale animal character.

She’s got really nice accessories – The net is a new one in particular, and hasn’t been seen in other sets and minifigures before. The Animal Ranger herself comes with two facial expressions – One of them happens to sport a rather uncomfortable look when they capture the skunk. This is also the first time that a skunk has been featured in any Lego set or minifigure series, which is interesting since it is a highly-disliked animal. The skunk has a nice shape/print, and you can easily tell that it’s a skunk instead of a squirrel. But there might be a bit of confusion since the ranger does sport a picture of a racoon on the left side of her uniform.


lego minifigures series 15 Janitor

The Janitor’s look is very accurate and similar to what janitors look like in real life. Janitors keep our workplaces clean and spotless, and it’s a shame that they don’t get enough credit for it. We truly appreciate the fact that Lego created a character based on someone we practically see everyday when we go to work or school. Despite the dirt on his uniform, the Janitor keeps a stoic expression on his face, ready to clean up any mess available. He’s got his own name badge too, although we need a better resolution of the photo to see what his name actually is.

We also like the look of his main accessory – The mop. The mop is comprised of two parts, which you can attach very easily. The Janitor isn’t as popular as the Grim Knight or the Satyr, but they are definitely needed to keep your Lego model looking as good as new.


lego minifigures series 15 Ballarina

The Ballerina minifigure is sure to be a hit with little kids out there, especially young girls. She’s very sweet and elegant, and looks especially radiant in that frilly ballet outfit. Her entire look may inspire plenty of girls out there to take up ballet as a profession. This minifigure will surely be a hit, and makes a wonderful present. It doesn’t take much to figure out that this person dances ballet for a living.

The Ballerina does not come with her own set of accessories – But the skirt in her outfit can be detached. A lot of people also like her hairstyle, which is a top bun adorned with glittering flowers. There are also stockings printed on the Ballerina’s legs.


lego minifigures series 15 Laser Mech

The Lego Deep Space series recently introduced a brand new character called the Winged Mech Warrior. He’s got a better design than his predecessors, all thanks to that super cool color combo of silver, black, and blue. It really depends on the player if you want to portray him as a hero or as a villain. He’s got a sleeker look to him compared to previous incarnations, especially since he’s got those amazing blue wings. Personally, we think that he resembles Tron – Especially after you take off his helmet.

He’s got a decent set of accessories and outfits. Like we mentioned earlier, we’re huge fans of the mech wings, and it provides a nice silhouette to the figure. The Winged Mech Warrior’s sword was patterned after the Ninjago: Final Battle set, specifically from Jay’s lightning blade. The figure himself comes with dual rods which allow the wings to be connected to his outfit.


lego minifigures series 15 Kendo Fighter

A minifigure set won’t be complete without at least one competing in some type of sport – In this case, it’s the Kendo Master. Kendo is a type of Japanese martial art involving bamboo sticks as weapons and wearing protective gear. Much like other forms of Japanese martial arts, Kendo is now being practiced and learned in different countries around the globe. Not only does it teach you the art of self-defense, it also helps you keep fit. It’s nice to see Kendo being represented in the world of Lego minifigures, however, we had mixed feelings about the helmet’s design. It’s very accurate to how a Kendo helmet would look like, but we feel like more detail could’ve been thrown in. A Kendo-themed minifigure has appeared in the 9551 Kendo Code model, which is included in the Ninjago set.

Apart from the aforementioned helmet and the swords, there’s not much accessories included with this minifigure. The swords are actually replicas of a previously-released Lego katana accessory, but in a brown color. The figure has a determined expression on his face, his forehead covered with a blue sash.


lego minifigures series 15 SharkSuit Guy

This minifigure will surely be the star of the pack – And what’s even better is that it’s a common one, so finding the Sharksuit Guy will be easy. The Sharksuit Guy can serve as a mascot for underwater-themed Lego sets, or as a mascot of a theme park, an aquatic center, or birthday party. Children will definitely have plenty of fun coming up with storylines for this loveable character.

The main focus of this minifigure is, of course, his shark suit. He’s got two facial expressions – A default face, and one that carries a fearful expression. He’s definitely a welcome addition to the costumed minifigure collection.


lego minifigures series 15 Wrestling Champion

For the wrestling fans out there, the Wrestling Champion minifigure provides a rather obvious resemblance to the late WWE wrestler, The Ultimate Warrior. It’s definitely a nice character.

The Wrestling Champion wears a belt that shows he’s currently the one to beat when it comes to wrestling competitions. Another proof is the trophy he’s holding. He’s definitely ripped, and that mullet hairpiece adds a nice touch.

lego minifigures series 15 Jewel Theif

The Jewel Thief is patterned after a cat burglar – Although she’s definitely far from being Catwoman. She does, however, like to steal rare gems for a living, prowling through museums in a shiny black jumpsuit.

Her accessories include a shiny diamond, which is probably her most recent catch. She’s also got a rope launcher, to help her get inside the museum’s nooks and crannies. We also like the devilish look on her face, although her hairpiece is pretty much same as Black Widow’s minifigure.


lego minifigures series 15 Queen

And to cap off this minifigure set, we have the Queen. Her majesty looks very regal – We did not expect her to have a huge torso. She can be paired up with the King minifigure from lego minifigures series 13.

When it comes to design, we give this minifigure a high rating – Her gown is superb, especially that cape made from cloth. The same cloth can be found on the King minifigure as well. If you want to find this minifigure, then just feel around for that giant torso as well as the tiny golden crown on her hairpiece.


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