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lego minifigures series 16 lego 71013


Occasionally, apart from producing gigantic models and builds that have wowed many a small child growing up, Lego has also released simple yellow packs or boxes that only contain their minifigures. For those who aren’t really into Lego lingo, a minifigure is a tiny plastic figurine that usually comes with nearly every Lego set. At least 3.7 billion Lego minifigures have been produced, since their inception in 1978.

Minifigures have shown up in plenty of other Lego-related merchandising, including books, video games, and feature films. For those who aren’t into constructing Lego sets and models, you can still purchase a minifigure keychain or magnet from a Lego store or a whole pack or box of minifigures, like in this review. Even though these minifigures have been patterned after a certain character, often from Lego’s own creations or a popular film franchise, a good chunk of them are unnamed and were only created to suit the assigned theme of the set. One of the best things about these Lego minifigures is that you can mix and match the hairpieces, bodies, heads, and feet, creating plenty of combinations. A minifigure comes in six parts – The head, the legs, torso, hips, arms, and hands.


lego minifigures series 16

As mentioned earlier, Lego’s minifigure sets come in both small packs or boxes. This particular set, the Lego minifigures series 16, was released last September 2016. It has definitely pleased the ones who like collecting traditional Lego minifigures. Prior to this set being released, Lego first had the Disney-themed minifigures, as well as the Lego minifigures series 15. A lot of fans have greatly anticipated this particular minifigure set, since the cast is supposedly diverse. As for us, it’s really impressive how Lego manages to churn out different kinds of designs for their minifigures, and not recycling the same kind of figure over and over again. And the fact that there’s no central theme to these minifigures keeps fans on their toes in anticipation.



lego 71013

This is the box for the Lego minifigures series 16. It’s a rather huge box, but not as big as the ones that contain building sets. On the front of the box, you can see the entire assortment of minifigures standing behind a yellow background with a whole bunch of question marks surrounding it. As we have mentioned earlier, the cast for this particular set of minifigures is very diverse. Below is the Lego logo right beside the word ‘minifigure’, and the phrase ’16 to collect’. Meanwhile, on the upper left side of the box is a small red circle with the number 16 on it, indicating the minifigure set’s number.

Judging from the look of the box, you can open and close it very easily. Found below the box are pictures of some of the characters that come with the Lego minifigures series 16. Once again the Lego logo and the red circle with the number 16 are present – The Lego logo is found on the upper left side of the box, while the number 16 is on the right.

Although it’s not pictured here, the minifigures for the Lego sets 2017 come in individual plastic packs. Each pack includes one figure.


lego minifigures series 16 Ice Queen

Let’s start with the Ice Queen minifigure – She’s a person who prefers to live in the freezing climates by herself, instead of exploring the big city or sunning herself ina warm, tropical paradise. But if you think she’s going to belt out a power ballad about not being bothered by the cold at any minute, then you’re wrong – That’s because the Ice Queen isn’t like your typical Disney princess. She is demanding, cold, with a ruthless personality. She is not hesitant to use her ice powers to literally freeze her enemies in their tracks. A lot of fans were actually delighted to find an Ice Queen minifigure in this series, especially one that isn’t associated with any popular franchise. This minifigure is perfect for those who wish to build their own frozen kingdom, or have already built one and is seeking the right person to rule it.

When it comes to her body parts, the Ice Queen is pretty decent. She comes equipped with this fancy piece of glittering fabric, which serves as her regal frosty robe. The skirt found in her torso, alongside her dress, has been given a streamlined look in order to add to that freezing cold personality of hers. There are two small components found on her hands, which allow you to attach those ice bolts. You can also wield them right towards the front by connecting the bolts together. These two ice bolts truly show the extent of the Ice Queen’s personality. There’s also the fact that these two ice bolts enhance the playability of the figure. Another excellent touch to the Ice Queen minifigure is the tiny crown that sits on top of her hairpiece.



lego minifigures series 16 Desert Warriors

The next figure on our list is the muscular Desert Warrior. The look of this particular minifigure was loosely based on the main characters from the book One Thousand and One Nights, which Aladdin was also based from. The last time Lego released a turban-wearing minifigure was in their Lego Orient Expedition – India set, released in 2003. The Desert Warrior and the character from that set actually do slightly resemble each other. We can imagine the Desert Warrior minifigure building a strong, powerful army of fellow minifigures, ready to take over a huge empire or guard the royal family.

However, not much thought has been placed when it comes to the minifigure’s accessory – The Desert Warrior’s sabre has already been seen in previous minifigures. We think Lego should’ve designed a brand new sword or weapon for this particular figure.

The Desert Warrior’s design is filled with lots of detail, albeit average. His turban comes in a deep emerald green color, and as mentioned earlier, the sabre is an incarnation of a previously-designed weapon. The color change of the sabre is alright, but they should’ve thrown in an additional accessory to accompany it, such as a shield. We did enjoy the printing on the Desert Warrior’s face, as well as the printing on his arms, legs, and the white sash across his chest.



lego minifigures series 16 Cyborg

The Cyborg minifigure is not one to take a side – He can either be good or evil, depending on your gameplay. But what he does want is a host of rewards after he has finished his master’s tasks. The Cyborg looks the same as the previously-released Bounty Hunter minifigure. It’s also interesting to note that this particular minifigure is female, and female Cyborgs are typically unheard of, especially in the world of Lego minifigures. You could probably associate this minifigure with the Space Defenders set, or have her team with the villains – Once again, it’s all up to your imagination.

The Cyborg minifigure contains a regular space blaster a black piece of space armour. At the front side of the armor, you will find a whole bunch of buttons embedded right in front. The backside of the space armor also lets the Cyborg place in her blaster right behind her, for store purposes. We are fans of the Cyborg’s bright aqua-colored hairpiece. Much like the Desert Warrior, the Cyborg’s body parts aren’t too special. The details on her face and arms have suggested that she’s actually part human, which could make for some highly interesting storylines.


lego minifigures series 16 Cute Little Devil

Next up is the Cute Little Devil minifigure – He’s always ready to get into mischief, especially during the Halloween season. This is a naughty young boy who has dressed himself in a silly devil costume, and is now waiting for his pals to arrive so they can play wayward tricks on their neighbors. This particular character from the Lego minifigures series 16 actually fits the theme, and is pretty much connected with another previously-released set: The Lego Minifigures Series 14 – Halloween theme. While playing, you can use this minifigure as a type of costumed character. In fact, there’s even an easy way for you to change his look, so he can play the part of a real devil. This character is a good one, and will surely be one of the more popular characters in the entire set.

Cute Little Devil’s first accessory is a trident, which has been used for other Lego characters – Although his comes in black. His second accessory is a pumpkin basket, to keep the candy acquired from his neighbors. There are some nicely added details to this minifigure, including the tail and his red horns. There’s a zipper printed on his torso, which serves as strong evidence that he’s only wearing a Halloween costume.


lego minifigures series 16 Spooky Boy

This is the Spooky Boy minifigure, the fifth one in the entire series. He’s the male counterpart of Spooky Girl, a character that came with the Lego minifigure Series 12. Spooky Boy is a shy, nicely-groomed character with pale skin and sad eyes. He’s really fond of spiders and other creepy-crawlies, and reading scary novels – You can say he’s a Tim Burton character in Lego form. A lot of fans do like Spooky Boy, especially since there’s now a suitable companion for the Spooky Girl minifigure.

Spooky Boy is equipped with his favorite book of scary stories. Meanwhile, his spider companion is pretty standard-looking, although we do wish they had included more creepy stuff to boost his personality. Spooky Boy’s shirt has a tiny picture of a skeleton head, and a chain strap attached to his baggy pants.


lego minifigures series 16 Hiker

This is one of the more popular characters in the Lego minifigures series 16. His name might seem very plain, but the Hiker actually has a very detailed look, with plenty of designs on his body. He’s got all of the necessary tools to travel across the world, and hike through huge jungles and forests. He’s also equipped with a huge backpack, which houses his map, compass, and food. A lot of people seem to like the Hiker all because of the fact that he comes with lots of details.

Out of all the minifigures in the series, the Hiker is the one with the most detailed parts. Of course a Hiker cannot be called as such if he has no backpack – And as we mentioned earlier, the Hiker’s got his own backpack that is big enough to fit in the compass accessory. His other accessory is a 2x2 printed map showing the ‘Greeble Trail’. You can change the Hiker’s facial expression from pensive to determined.


lego minifigures series 16 Wildlife Photographer

The next minifigure on our list readily takes on one of the world’s most exciting jobs – A wildlife photographer. She’s not just your typical photographer who goes on a safari to take pictures of lions, elephants, rhinos and such – Instead she travels to the arctic to look for penguins, seals, and polar bears. She’s got this huge winter coat on, allowing her to survive the freezing Arctic climate. This is yet another popular character from the series.

The Wildlife Photographer minifigure is accompanied by a penguin. Her accessories include a camera, which she uses to take photographs. The camera comes with a tiny 1x1 stud that is supposed to represent its lens cover. She comes with two heads – One wearing googles, while the other one isn’t. You can attach the latter one to her body when it’s time for her to do her job.


lego minifigures series 16 Kickboxer

Originating in Thailand and Cambodia, kickboxing is a sport that is slowly becoming more and more mainstream. The sport is represented here in the Lego minifigure set, in the form of a kickboxer character. As its name suggests, kickboxing focuses more on punching and kicking the opponent. It incorporates elements from other martial arts forms, such as Muay Thai, Karate, and even American boxing. People learn kickboxing for a whole variety of reasons – Be it for fitness, self-defense, or simply due to interest in the sport. The Kickboxer minifigure is tough, and can be quite the challenging opponent.

She comes with her own kickboxing headgear, with a cone that holds it upfront. She wears a nice brown headpiece, while her other accessory is a pair of boxing gloves. Finally, there are two combat facial appearances which you can interchange at any time.

lego minifigures series 16 Scallywag Pirate

A new troop of seafarers has joined the Lego Pirates Theme, led by the Scallywag Pirate minifigure! Fans of pirate-themed Lego sets will surely be delighted to find a brand-new character, who is all set to join them on their hunt for those mythical treasure chests. The Scallywag Pirate minifigure was purposely created to fit the tough attitude of your average pirate. And from the looks of it, it seems like he’s had plenty of experience when it comes to travelling by sea.

The Scallywag Pirate comes with a decent amount of parts, including a 2x2 printed map and a brand-new cutlass. The map includes the treasure location. As for the design, it seems pretty accurate – And we actually do like the pirate’s bald look since it compliments him nicely. Most Lego pirates come with a bandana headpiece, a cap, or a pirate’s hat. There’s also a tiny anchor tattoo found on the left side of his arm.


lego minifigures series 16 Penguin Boy

Up next is another costumed character – The adorable and loveable Penguin Boy. He is actually the very first short-legged costumed minifigure, and is definitely one of the more anticipated characters in the series. This is a rare character, so finding a pack with him in it can be tough. We can imagine Penguin Boy having fun in a gigantic skating rink, or spending plenty of time in the Arctic bonding with fellow penguins. He’s probably a worthy companion for the Wildlife Photographer minifigure that we reviewed earlier. We can see Penguin Boy becoming a hit with the children. Another thing we have noticed is that the amount of costumed minifigures is steadily increasing – So we won’t be surprised to find another costumed character in Lego’s upcoming minifigure sets.And it does seem like the more you spend time with Penguin Boy, the cuter he becomes.

Penguin Boy is equipped with a pair of ice skates, which you can attach under his feet. However, the appeal lies in his penguin costume – Much like the previously released Shark Suit Guy, Penguin Boy’s costume uses smaller arms. Still very adorable, nonetheless.


lego minifigures series 16 Rogue

The Rogue minifigure is perhaps one of our favorite characters in the entire series. He’s got quite an intimidating look to him – Throughout history, we have been introduced to plenty of medieval characters, both good and bad. However, we’ve never encountered neutral characters like the Rouge, or even the thieves from previously-released sets. His design is well-planned, since it combines both brown and olive green shades in his outfit, giving him a Green Arrow or Robin Hood-like vibe. One thing that we like the most about this minifigure is that he carries the Wolfpack emblem – This gives us a feeling of nostalgia, since the emblem pays tribute to the Lego Wolfpack set released in 1992. I’m sure this tiny element in the Rogue’s costume will please a lot of Classic Castle fans as well. It’s also nice that we get to see a classic character flawlessly blend in with the newer ones in the series.

We really like the parts that came with the Rogue minifigure. Apart from his usual bow and arrow, he has a brand new headgear which looks like a cross between a ranger mask, and a ninja’s. His torso is also nice. He wears brown gloves that provide him with a steady grip while holding the arrow, with the other one holding the bow. We commend the designer for providing lots of details when it comes to this figure.


lego minifigures series 16 Dog Show Winner

This is the Dog Show Winner minifigure. Him and his faithful companion are ready to compete and show the judges who deserves first place (although he’s holding the silver trophy here, so he probably bagged second place). However, he’s still filled with plenty of confidence, and this doesn’t necessarily mean he’s gonna stop competing – Instead, he’s going to train his dog even more so he can get the top spot in the next show.

The Dog Show Winner’s trophy has been seen in previous models, but this is the first time that it’s been showcased with a dog’s pawprint on it. His dog companion resembles a breed of terrier, and could pass as a doppelganger of Snowy from Herge’s The Adventures of Tintin comics. The minifigure himself comes with a brand new blonde hairpiece.


lego minifigures series 16 Mariachi

This is the Mariachi’s second appearance in the Lego minifigures series. He is equipped with a lovely acoustic guitar, which wasn’t present in his previous incarnation. Mariachi bands originated in Mexico, and are traditionally seen entertaining the crowds during fiestas and wedding celebrations. A Mariachi band can have up to eight members – But you can still form a three-piece, or five-piece group. The mustached minifigure wears the standard Mariachi suit, with frills, a big bowtie, and a giant sombrero to top it all off.

lego minifigures series 16 spy

Are you all set to go on an undercover mission with this minifigure? This marks the first time a spy has ever appeared in Lego’s minifigure collection – Although they have showed up in past models and sets. The first spy-themed Lego set was released in 2002. He bears a striking resemblance to Agent Dash from the Lego Agents and Ultra Agents series. There’s also a tiny logo found on his uniform, which suggests that he works for the same organization.

The Spy minifigure wears the standard spy uniform, and is equipped with black guide ropes. He’s also wearing night googles and you can remove them to see his real face. One more accessory is the small backpack which you can use to store his gadgets, including a very tiny pistol.


lego minifigures series 16 Banana Guy

The Banana Guy has got to be one of our personal favorite characters. This is the third time a costumed character makes an appearance in this series, and the second time Lego has produced a minifigure wearing a food-related costume in general, following series 13’s hotdog man. A lot of people seem to like the Banana Guy too. He doesn’t have any accessories with him, probably because it’s already quite expensive to make the banana costume. Despite feeling hot and stuffy inside his costume, the Banana Guy still has a smile on his face.

lego minifigures series 16 Babysitter

The last figure in this set is the Babysitter, and she’s got a cute baby minifigure joining her. It’s really refreshing seeing an actual kid in the Lego minifigure series. The Babysitter is attentive, and is always ready to take care of the baby’s needs. She’s a rare character, and can only be found in a handful of packs. You can switch up the story and have her be the baby’s older sister instead.

We really like the design of the baby minifigure, which is definitely a huge improvement from past versions. He is wearing a tiny blue elephant onesie – And those who are familiar with Lego’s line of products will know that the elephant is the symbol of Lego Quatro, a line made especially for babies. Meanwhile, the Babysitter minifigure wears a platinum blonde hairpiece in two pigtails, and has a purplish-pink shirt on. Accessories include a giant baby milk bottle.

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