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LEGO Monster Fighters Haunted House 10228 Review



Once we were done putting the LEGO 10236 set together, we had to find another one and that is when we found Lego 10228 set. Lego Set 10228 is the theme that was introduced back in May of 2012 and even today, it is still going strong. To date, a total of ten sets have been released. Seven of those sets contain a Moon Stone – in the background story, monsters attempt to collect a Moon Stone in order to destroy the Earth by eclipsing the Sun forever. Monster Fighters, being led by Dr. Rodney Rathbone searches for the stones before they fall in the wrong hands. In 2012, the theme was discontinued, making this a limited theme. The Haunted House in this theme, however, does not contain a moon stone, the Vampyre Castle or the MF Vehicle, even though most of the other themes have them. However, this one just so happens to be the largest set of the entire theme, with a total of 2,064 pieces.

As soon as we heard the Lego news and pictures of the Haunted House emerged, we knew we just had to have this. As soon as we got it, we had to build it all in one night – we just couldn’t help ourselves.

The Box



The box is what’s responsible for making this set stand out from the crowd. The front of the box matched the Monster Fighters line. On the box, you’ll find the usual Lego info, along with a picture of the big house. Oddly enough, there are a couple of normal details that are missing. There’s no names for the minifigures, and there’s no set name.


Flipping the box over, to the back, you’ll see what the inside of the house looks like – it looks really cool. Unlike the other modular line of buildings that are currently on the market, this one right here doesn’t separate into floors. Instead, it opens up, like a dollhouse. When you open it up, you’ll find a large amount of detail that you can explore.


Here’s a picture of the back of the box:



When you finally open up the box, you’ll see some colorful activity unfolding before your eyes. Personally, we like the colors gray and green and the entrance gate has a neat look to it. This is a standalone building and the attic is a major deal breaker.


The Minifigures

If it contains all of these minifigures, it’d be cool, but it only contains six out of this picture:



This set is nothing like Lego minifigures series 15, we actually think it’s better. In this set, there are a total of 6 minifigures that you will get to play with. These minifigures include the following:

Lord Vampyre – In this set, you have Lord Vampyre, which is the main one you cannot over look. He appears in two other sets of the MF series – the Vampyre Hearse and the Vampyre Castle Lord Vampyre has a neat glow in the dark face and you cannot look past the double printing. The pants are printed and the torso has some nice details. As far as the hairpiece goes, it suits this minifigure well. Of course, as you’d expect, he is wearing a cape. Mind you, putting his cape on can be a bit tricky, but once you get it on, it looks pretty cool. Overall, it is a good minifigure.

Zombie Chef – This is also a special minifigure that comes with this set. The Zombie Chef can only be found in this set. His head looks zombie-like – he doesn’t gow in the dark nor does he have a dual face, but he still looks cool. The pants aren’t printed. The torso is what makes this piece special. It looks like an ordinary cook, but his chest has blood stains and other gore.

Vampyre’s Bride – This one, like Lord Vampyre, has a glow in the dark, double printed head and a torso that has a beautiful design. The legs are printed and the dark colors of red and purple obviously had some thought put into them.

Ghosts – There are a total of two ghosts in this collection. These ghosts can be found in a variety of other sets on the market. These are a nice addition, but in all honesty, there’s nothing special here.

The Butler – This is one of the best minifigures in the set and he can only be found in the haunted house. He doesn’t glow in the dark and has a single printed head. What makes this one special is the back of his head. He is wearing a nice black suit, and does not have printed legs. His torso looks cool, but really nothing special about that.

Here’s a look at the minifigures in their natural setting:



Unique Parts

Like the LEGO 9516, there are some unique parts here that we feel are worth mentioning. Many other reviews have claimed that there are a total of 225 unique parts/colors included in this set. Here’s a list of the ones that stand out for me:


  • There’s a little cone that has a cute heart printed on it.
  • Stickers – there’s not many, but the ones that are included are unique.
  • There’s a little boat in a bottle – this one is really cool.
  • The green parts …we just can’t get over those.
  • The parts that are responsible for making the gramophone – those are nice.


As you see, there are some unique parts in this set. As we mentioned, there are many more unique pieces, but those are 5 of our favorites.


Build Experience



As far as the build goes, it was interesting to say the least. As with most Lego sets, this set has its parts separated in different bags. Bag 1 contains the minifigures. During the build process, you’ll be required to put together all of the small trinkets you find in the haunted house. You’ll also need to apply all of the stickers, except for the windows. The rest of the build is pretty straightforward as you’ll mostly be focusing on the structure

As we mentioned before, you may has an issue when it comes to putting on Dracula’s cape. We’re not sure if it was just us or something, but if you have a problem with it, you’re not alone.

Once you have all of the stickers applied, when you’re building the structure of the house, you’re not going to be bothered by the small details. Our favorite during the build was the gramophone player. However, applying stickers to the gramophone was difficult because putting them right in the middle wasn’t exactly easy. The skeleton is our least favorite – once you get to the skeleton, you’ll see what we’re talking about.

Building the actual house, however, was simple. It all went together easily. We didn’t have any moments where we just wanted to toss the Lego set to the side. There were some moments where the walls would collapse, but that is because we applied too much pressure to them when we were putting them together.

Once you get the house put together, you’ll notice just how beautiful the roof is – the front of the house is really stunning. The nice fence in the front of the house, we believe, is a nice touch and really completed the entire set.



On the left side of the house, you’ll find the stove – it can fold outwards. Upstairs, you’ll find a neat writing desk with a letter on it and the attic …that is my favorite part. You’ll see a little ladder – pull the lever and it’ll unfold. Here, you will find some cool gadgets – a knight helmet and hat in a tub, some nice jars, and much more.


In this picture, you can see the ladder:


The right side of the house is more interesting. On the bottom, you have the kitchen, with a neat stove. Some jars and the cook. The first floor contains the master bedroom and the closet has been nicely executed. You’ll also find a strange looking white thing that are the horns of a beast. The top floor has the gramophone, some newspapers, record, a dog bone and a skull.


In these pictures, you can see the cook in his setting:





When you fold up the entire house, it’s not that special – it’s basically just a green walls with some windows. There’s a side entrance to the kitchen.







There’s some pretty good playability here – so many different things to do and explore. The minifigures are gorgeous and fits right in with the theme. How cool is it to be able to play with vampires and zombies?

Here’s some more pictures:



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