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LEGO NexoKnights The Fortrex 70317 Review



The Lego 70317, also known as the Lego Fortrex Build, is probably one of Lego’s best set builds of 2016. Lego has been making castle builds since the 80s, but the Fortrex is a sight to behold. This is what Lego has truly become. It’s completely masterful, for a castle build. Are you the type of person who collects Lego castle builds? Then prepare to be amazed with the 70317.


The entire building experience for the 70317 is nothing short of enjoyable. After you spend time playing the latest Lego City Undercover game, you can take a short break to start building the very first portion of the castle. However, this entire process will end right away once you get to that one level in your game that seems close to unbeatable. It’s great that you’ll get the opportunity to concentrate on your build, but it’s still tough to beat that particular level in the game. Afterwards, you’ll eventually end up finishing that set and will feel mighty impressed afterwards. There are a couple of tedious parts included during the whole construction process, such as having to place those tiny and sensitive Lego Technic pins right inside the drawbridge, and throwing in the exact number of chains for every tread: Fourteen for two and eighteen for the remaining, to be exact. The next step is adding in a bunch of rubber bumps right inside their exact spots. A lot of fans have actually tried this technique and they definitely enjoyed doing that.


When it comes to recognizing brand new pieces, there’s the chef minifigures shoulders and body, both of which have been utilized on other robots, alongside the heads, the legs, as well as the flattened plates with various printings found inside other sets meant for different bots. These are new treads, which include holograms, traction bumps, Scurrier bodies, as well as parts for the book, crossbow shots, Aaron’s crossbow, Axl’s body, the axe blades, and so much more. Aside from that, the parts found inside this set were a nice addition overall.


Even though certain fans have downloaded the Lego app into their tablets or phones, and have seen a quarter of the TV series’ episodes, a lot of them have still considered themselves to be just casual fans and not hardcore ones – To the point where they end up getting certain facts incorrect about the 70317. The entire set comes with four minifigures, namely the main characters of the show: Axl, Clay, Ash Attacker, and Aaron. These four are the normal minifigures included in the build. Meanwhile, there are also two Scurriers included here: Merlok and Chef Eclaire. Merlok isn’t exactly considered as a minifigure in here: He’s just a print.


The printing on the knights’ torsos are just incredible, while the armor found on both Aaron and Clay are highly useable, not to mention carry a cool printing. Another cool thing about the design are the orange stripes found on the armor, which carry a Tron-like feel. Axl is known to be one of the most popular characters in the show, and he wears brand new molds for his arms and his body. Before the second iteration of his minifigure came along, the 70317 was perhaps the only way for you to acquire a minifigure of the character. Individually, his minifigure is expensive too, costing around $100 thanks to its exclusivity, so the pricing is probably justified.

Meanwhile, the other character in the show, Ash Attacker, looks a tad bit similar to the giant cyclops found in the TV series. Lego has designed some really cool molds for his blade and helmet. Meanwhile, the Scurriers, there are some really awesome molds for their bodies, while the horns are connected through holes found on them. All of them bear an assorted set of printings. One is meant to carry dynamite, while the other one holds a spear. Chef Éclair’s character is a funny one in the show, and he just so happens to be one of the very first Lego Nexo Knights bots ever built. And lastly, the Merlok 2.0 minifigure carries a really fine print.


Nearly every playable aspect that comes with the 70317 is just excellent, but the build itself is where the set just stands out from the rest of the Lego’s past castle builds. You can move the completed castle around smoothly thanks to the various treads included in the build, along with those rubberized traction things mentioned earlier. So adding those in really pays it off – Not to mention they’re necessary for building the castle. One of the build’s side vehicles, which looks similar to the Batpod, doesn’t contain any playable features, which is a disappointment. But hey – At least there’s a vehicle for Clay to drive around and chase Ash Attacker with.


And speaking of those two, Ash Attacker’s very own vehicle looks so much better than past versions an d contains a very own disc launcher feature that’s highly playable. You can also find two discs that are supposed to look similar to Globlins. Compared to the show, this is actually inaccurate – The Globlins in the TV series, as well as the ones found inside other sets, have a rather rounded, spherical shape to them. However, this is still a cool playable feature nonetheless.


One of the three Globlins here contains a rather different printing compared to the other two.


The SIX Shooters found inside the build were highly sought-after last Christmas, and Lego was generous enough to include not just one, but two of them in the 70317. This is one shooter less than the ones found in the Lego Bionicle and Lego Star Wars builds – But those only costed less than $13. The other guns found at the back can be spun around, and there are places around the castle where you could place in extra studs for ammo, just in case you end up losing a few (which is most likely a normal occurrence). You can open the Fortrex up once you’ve finished the build. You can get the knights to hang out with each other and obtain a drumstick from Chef Eclaire, which he made especially for Axl, the hungry giant. He’s always hungry after all.

Also found in the build is a missile crossbow located on top. This goes upwards whenever the drawbridge is bought downwards, and reverse. There are also two normal-sized stud shooters located at the drawbridge. The way that the drawbridge closes and opens up is at least a million times better as compared to the string-based ones found in past Lego castle builds.



The Lego 70317 is excellent and truly captures the essence of the show itself. The set is just incredible, perhaps one of the best builds coming from the Nexo Knights theme. Fans also love the fact that you can include in the Merlok’s Library 2.0 right inside the Fortrex to create a full castle build.


This box comes with the typical giant box that is especially made for sets costing more than $70. The instructions are all encased inside one book, which is purely enjoyable since it’s got a pretty thick spine and what not.


There are dozens of parts here that are completely enjoyable, apart from the brand new body pieces. There’s Ash Attacker’s head, for instance, as well as a new turret piece. Another enjoyable thing here is the fact that Lego has managed to bring in brand new Lego Technic pieces to go straight into the track itself.


The minifigures are just awesome, and so many fans have actually looked forward to see how the new Axl minifigure has been constructed, just because he carries a different shape than usual. They could’ve added a couple more minifigure characters from the show, though.


The Lego 70317 is a truly fulfilling build, even though it takes up most of your time (approximately two hours – Make sure you’re not busy with anything else or have other important commitments when you start constructing this build!). The tiny plane build that comes with it looks a tad bit unfinished, but other than that, it’s still a wonderful build. The finished model in itself looks wonderful. The setups are enjoyable, and when you place it together with the remainder of the sets, everything just looks perfect.


The set is just great overall, and even though it looks unfinished in certain portions, the great things about the build, as well as its playability, will make you completely overlook them. If you have any thoughts about purchasing it, then you must go right ahead and do so.


Lego’s range of Nexo Knights toys is perhaps their most comprehensive yet. Any Lego fan will tell you that they have yet to find someone who isn’t a fan of this theme. Lego first announced the series back in 2015 and the first build was released in March 2016. The Nexo Knights follows the adventure of a troop of warriors known as the mythical warriors of Ninjago.

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