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LEGO Ninjago 70736 Attack of the Morro Dragon Building Kit Review



The Lego 70736 – Attack of the Morro Dragon build was first released in 2015. It is a part of the Lego Ninjago ghost wave series. It’s a rather tiny build, with 658 pieces in total, and six minifigures included.


The build’s box is unique since it’s got some pretty odd dimensions to it, making it rather impractical. Not only is it thinner than the average Lego box, it’s also highly broad. People who have performed experiments on the box have discovered that the build in itself is especially impractical when you’re attempting to move the box in narrow places, such as train aisles, a regular bicycle bag, or even during a bus ride.


You can find five numbered bags inside the box, along with a singular instruction manual, fabric wings and a sticker sheet. Both parts are nicely backed with a sheet of cardboard – Not much of a surprise if you’ve been opening up Lego boxes for a really long while now. The stickers themselves look wonderful – They’re very pretty, although it could cause a bit of a headache when you’re trying to apply them to the finished build.


Plenty of the pieces found in the build come in a spring yellowish green tone. Before this set was even conceptualized, along with the other builds found in the Lego ghost wave series, portions of this certain hue were actually hard to come by. This has definitely changed a lot – There are also tiny pieces in colors that don’t belong in the regular Lego color scheme, which is a refreshing change.

Once again, there are loads of existing parts that come in a spring yellowish green hue. Apart from that, there’s also the exclusive pieces of wing fabric, a trans neon yellow chain piece, a trans black aeroblade piece, as well as a recolored elemental blade. Other portions include a stud and cone that measures 1 x 1 (and glows in the dark), and probably the most peculiar part of the entire build – A black Formula 1 nose.


These are the minifigures: The two good guys are Kai and Jay. They are dressed in some sort of Deepstone armor variant, which looks nice on them, especially on Jay’s. These wonderful designs can also be very useful right outside the Ninjago sets. Meanwhile, the brand new blackened shoulder pads, along with the accompanying hoods, look as slick as ever. However, there’s one little complaint – Both characters sport the same angry and serious expressions that have been utilized since 2011. A little change in expression wouldn’t hurt a bit.


But still, the ghost figures remain amazing – After the 70736 was initially released, the build was able to introduce so many things to the public. This includes a dual-colored ghost leg piece, and see-through legs in Tr. Neon Yell. There are also two different hoods included here. One of these hoods is actually transparent, and its purpose is to back-light the ghost head, giving it a very cool effect. The minifigure’s leg and torso prints aren’t too interesting. But in general, the look of these minifigures are so much better than the ones from past sets. But there’s a downside. The bizarre color scheme is difficult to use, while the portions are found inside a different context.

The villains are called Yokai (the one with the straw hat), then Cowler (the one with the leg piece) and finally, Chain Master Wryath. There are also two Skreemer minifigures included to complete the set. These were all great, but we now move on to the main attraction of the build: The evil green ninja.

The evil green ninja minifigure – Yes, that’s what he’s actually called – Is the hero of the Lego 70736 build. He is actually the master and rider of the titular Morro Dragon. This is actually a Lloyd minifigure, and he has been possessed by the Morro’s spirit. He is definitely one of the coolest minifigures in the entire build. The dual head and torso pieces showcase no less than up to four sorts of various layers of clothing, apart from its detailed printing. A lot of people like this particular printing on both his legs and torso, and these will prove to be useful in a different context. It’s surely a top-notch minifigure.


The first bag of bricks is made for the hover board and the shrine. The second bag belongs to another portion of the hover board, while the rest of the brick bags is for the large Morro Dragon.


The Morro Dragon itself is a rather majestic beast. After constructing, nobody really expected it to look as good as the Master Wu Dragon – In fact, a lot of Lego fans think it looks even better. The box art doesn’t do the completed dragon justice, since it doesn’t showcase the creature in its best angles. So how does it compare with the Master Wu Dragon?


The Morro Dragon is a giant. And not only that, it bears a highly superb color scheme, making him look more menacing and regal. His body swooshes around quite nicely, all thanks to an integrated hole that you can slip your finger in. The simulated waving movement that he does, beginning from his head right down to his tail, has got to be one of the best design elements regarding this build. This gives the Morro Dragon an authentic look and feel to a Japanese ghost dragon, except he’s got a pair of wings on, which is completely fine. This is a wonderful display piece. But what about the idea of articulation?


The Morro Dragon’s build isn’t bulky at all. This is great because you can get him to crouch down or stand up on its hind legs, without having to place him on top of a platform. It’s still very tough to pull off, given that the middle portion of the gravity lies nowhere near the dragon’s own hips, and its tail doesn’t provide too much of a counterweight. This pose is nice. It’s a dragon that poses well.


Despite the dragon looking amazing, it still bears a couple of articulation flaws. For instance, its wings can’t be folded into a 100% horizontal pose – Let alone getting it to pose at an angle pointing downwards. This is due to the dragon’s front legs beneath them, which annoyingly gets in the way. And furthermore, you can’t move the head sideways, upwards, and downwards. But the dragon’s motion is still mighty decent.


The two hover boards included with the build are great. They look very cool, and are nice to play around with, along with the dragon and the minifigures. There are several complaints regarding the shrine. Even though the structures found in Lego’s Ninjago builds admittedly don’t make too much sense as compared to their appearance in the show, this one looks very, very odd. The color scheme works in accordance with neither the Ninjago show, and not even with the rest of the structures found in the Ninjago ghost wave. Not at all. Certain owners of the build weren’t exactly huge fans of the bright red hues, along with its accompanying black and white shades. But after building it, they all decided that everything looked so much better than expected. Initially, everyone basically thought that the build would look nasty from certain angles. But thanks to the dual walls installed in front of the shrine (much like a gate), everything made complete sense – And the build looks very decent. The shrine itself has some wonderful parts, like the number of masonry bricks it’s made out of. It’s also a good thing to acquire a spare set of blades for your build.


The Lego 70736 Attack of the Morro Dragon build is just superb. It’s definitely one of Lego’s largest – Not to mention the best brick-built dragon as of late. The Morro Dragon is not just menacing, it’s large, and can be placed in various excellent poses. The minifigures also give the build an excellent touch, despite being only supporting characters of the whole set: Especially the Evil Green Ninja, who is just lovely and was a major factor in getting people to purchase this whole set. If you have to buy the 70736 in its original pricing, then it’s a bit on the high end, so it’s highly suggested that you save up. If you have plans on only putting this build up for display, then you could get it at a cheaper price.


The Morro Dragon is the best dragon build from the Lego Ninjago collection so far. There are plenty of ghost minifigures here, which is great if you want to build up a ghost army. This set is excellent for all ages: And it all depends on how great you are at building. But if you happen to be a rookie when it comes to builds, or just young, then this isn’t the right build for you. The pricing is a bit on the expensive side (even the individual pieces) but don’t let that stop you from acquiring a good build.

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