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LEGO Police Station 7498 Review



This build helps you crack down the crime in Lego City. It’s officially known as the Lego Police Station, and contains 783 pieces in total. It is suited for children ages 6-12 and up, but if you’re an adult, feel free to purchase this build and enjoy it to your heart’s content.


Help your policeman minifigures prevent the bad guys from escaping the police station by digging through the pipe drain – They won’t get too far if you reach them on time. The 7498 has an accompanying police car build that helps you chase these crooks back to jail, and lock them up in the police van. Two jail cells are included in the build, allowing your minifigures to capture as many crooks as you possibly can. You can pull up those police vehicles straight into the build’s garage, as well as land up a helicopter on top of the roof. Keep the law and justice in balance around Lego City all thanks to the 7498 – This includes an evidence room, a secret compartment, and a mugshot area.


Found inside are three vehicles: Namely a police car, a bicycle, and a prisoner transport van. Accessories include a crowbar, handcuffs for the prisoners, and a ‘wanted’ sticker poster.


A dog kennel for pets, a mug shot area and an evidence room with a secret compartment is also included in the build, giving the 7498 plenty of details.


Don’t forget to bring back the stolen goods to be placed inside the evidence room – This can help you capture criminals! Or you can team up with the criminals themselves and help them break free from the confines of jail through a drainpipe.


Pull up those vehicles inside the garage. The Police Station build measures at least 10 inches tall, and fifteen inches wide.


We think this build is just ridiculously awesome. The prison and garage, for starters, carry a cool look that contains criminal sketches, sliding toilets, braking beds, and pipes that can help your figures slide down towards the headquarters. The garage looks really amazing, but at the same time, the van can barely fit inside.


When it came to the office, we thought that it was a very tall and impressive building – And much like the jail, it’s filled with lots of amazing details including a TV set, coffee makers, and lastly, a computer. Above the office build is a helicopter pad which could be useful if you want to capture those crooks while high above the air. Perhaps the only problem here is that there aren’t any stairs for the figures to get to the top floor, in order to reach the helicopter pad.


The build comes with two vehicles, both of which are small with the ability to transfer only one crook. But they both look mighty stylish – The van, in particular, has its own opening doors and a tiny ladder.


Unfortunately, there weren’t too many details included in the minifigures. But there’s a decent number of them that came with the build, along with a nice German Sheppard dog figure. All in all, this set is just spectacular and a must-buy for any Lego fanatic.


The 7498 goes really well with the other previously-released police sets coming from Lego. It’s also well worth the cash. Estimated time of construction here is at least one hour long, to half an hour long. Another good thing about this set is the fact that it comes with its own helicopter pad on top of the roof – You can even use this for that other Lego helicopter build (7741).


Pros: Accompanying dog minifigure, an area for the dog to live in, garage for the build’s police cars, two cars, a mugshot area, six police officer minifigures, a helicopter pad, and sliding doors on the jail cells.

Cons: Car doesn’t fit into the garage.


During the time of its release, the 7498 has always been available on the official Amazon Website. After its main announcement, it was met with mixed reviews from people who thought that Lego could use a break from releasing police-themed or burglar-themed builds and sets. We thought this build was too hard to pass up, especially after the amazingness of both Lego’s Lord of the Rings and Marvel-themed builds.


The 7498 is a rather enormous build – Basically the first thing you will notice even after you see its box. The build’s baseplates, gigantic white walls and glass panels all provide this set with a huge sense of magnitude – As if it’s as large as the other sets found in the same price range, if not as big. This is definitely a big build as compared to the ones found in other Lego city sets. If you thought the Lego 3182 was a giant, then wait until you see the 7498 after it’s been fully assembled – The former simply pales in comparison. When it comes to aesthetics, this basically means that the set will completely cover up your Lego City’s landscape, unless you have acquired a complete complement of modular builds. So be sure to keep this in mind: The 7498 is sure to introduce a true police state inside your town in case you decide to purchase this set either online, or through the Lego store.


There’s nothing too special when it comes to this set’s minifigures. To sum it all up, there are two “bad guy” characters, an angry-looking police chief, and two police grunts that take care of the operations and the administration of the police. Six minifigures do seem a bit too much for a build like this, but we do understand that the police sets, and with that, the minifigures, are highly easy to come by that we can’t really see this becoming a huge problem for several Lego owners. It only took us a handful of moments to remember the exact minifigures that came with this set, and the ones that came from past releases. If you want even more police-themed or criminal-themed minifigures, then perhaps the Lego 7279 is the best one for you.


Of course a large Lego City build will not be complete without the aid of a couple of vehicles, and the Lego 7498 isn’t lacking at all – There are two of them included here, in fact. The police vehicles found in this particular build are much different as compared to the ones found in previous builds, such as the Lego 3661 (Bank and Money Transfer build) and the Lego 3678 (Police Chase Build), so you won’t have to worry about feeling like creating the same builds over and over again. The vehicles found in the 7498 are nicely detailed, which isn’t surprising coming from a Lego City build. We also like the police dog transport, which we think is much better compared to the Police Dog Unit build from the Lego 7285 – That one felt rather unwieldy and big for the build itself.


Creating the police station is split into two parts. The amount of creation here is substantial, not to mention highly enjoyable. The recommended first part is the garage, and the multiple jail cells built on top of it. There’s also plenty of details included in this segment of the build. The police dog figure has its own pen, which we thought was cute. The jail cells also contain a nice little sliding mechanism that lets it open and close in one go.

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