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LEGO Scooby-Doo 75904 Mystery Mansion Building Kit Review



So many people were lucky enough to be able to see a couple of Lego’s upcoming builds and releases in the recently-concluded London Toy Fair back in January. One of the builds that really stood out there was the Lego 75904 Mystery Mansion build. The set looks a tad bit too similar to the Lego 9468 Vampyre Castle build from the Lego Monster Fighters theme. There’s plenty of high praise coming from critics regarding the 75904, which just proves its excellence.


The Lego 75904 is a highly superb model in general, and even contains a good amount of play value. However, certain points of the interior do lack complete detail, and this could be a shame. The exterior looks wonderful in itself, and there’s even a good assortment of minifigures so it’s nice to see the warm reception that people have had when it comes to this set – Just a tad bit less than what Lego has hoped.


The 75904 is patterned after the Mystery Mansion from the classic Hanna Barbera cartoon, Scooby Doo. And as such, the minifigures that come with the build are taken from the characters from the 60s animated series. Scooby Doo shows up in each of the five sets coming from this wave, even though it’s still quite pleasing to see a bit of variety when it comes to the overall look of the figures themselves. This iteration of Scooby Doo has him standing up. He carries a fairly neutral expression on his face, much like the one that he sports in the Lego 76900 Mummy Museum Mystery.


The casting of both the head and the body look wonderful, and the printing is also highly accurate to what he looks like on the television series. The people who worked on the Scooby Doo figurines should be given a prize, since it really does capture his character. There are no complaints about his character whatsoever.


Another minifigure that has gained so many praises from Lego fans is Scooby Doo’s human sidekick, Shaggy Rogers. Much like his canine counterpart, Shaggy’s minifigure shows up in each one of the Scooby Doo-related builds. He also comes with a couple of new designs. The one with the 75904 has a cheerful grin on one side of his head, while the other bears a scared expression on his face. The printing on his torso looks the same as usual with his signature lime green shirt and shortened sleeves. His red pants are the perfect color – However, perhaps the best part of the entire build is probably his hair piece. This is a brand new component to the entire build, and has been wonderfully molded for the best accuracy. A task that has certainly been accomplished very well by the designers.


Daphne Blake, the most sophisticated member of Mystery Inc, only shows up in this particular set, as well as the Lego 75903 Haunted Lighthouse build. Much like the rest of the crew, her fiery red hair component is also new this season, and is only exclusively seen on this minifigure. Her look is too faithful to her animated counterpart, and the same goes for the rest of her outfit – Such as the signature purple jacket and skirt, as well as her green scarf. Unfortunately, her character is the one that often gets captured by villains (notably in ‘Scooby-Doo, Where are You?’) and this clearly shows in her minifigure’s two expressions: There’s a smile on one side, and a scared look on the other.


Another exclusive minifigure for this build is the team genius, Velma Dinkley. Plenty of fans will probably not be okay with the fact that the Velma minifigure only shows up in the 75904, which also just happens to be the biggest build in the set of Scooby Doo-related builds. This makes it difficult to complete the entire Mystery Inc. crew. But on the other hand, this just completely brings more appeal to the Lego 75904 Mystery Mansion build. This fact was completely not lost on Lego’s own marketing department.

It pretty much goes without saying that Velma wears a fantastic hair piece, and that the rest of her body is also just as close as to what she really wears on the show itself. As expected, she’s also got a reversible head with two expressions: A worried one, and a smiling one. This also increases the number of display options made possible by the entire team.


The Black Knight is a minifigure that has shown up in the pilot episode of ‘Scooby Doo, Where are You?’. it has since grown to become one of Mystery Inc.’s best-known enemies, to the point where the gang encounters them in pretty much every episode of the show. The armor and helmet worn by the knight looks fairly plain, and is only topped by a single red feather. However, there’s a more intricate design found underneath him.

The knight’s torso is printed with a suit jacket and a breastplate on both the back and front sides of the figure. Meanwhile, his head bears creepy yellow eyes on one side, while the other reveals the secret identity of the knight himself – The bespectacled face of Mr. Wickles. Once again Lego has kept the details accurate, since his glasses are also askew when the gang unmasks him at the end of the episode.


Of course, no dilapidated mansion is complete without a ghost. This ghost minifigure is particularly creepy, since he glows in the dark. The shroud that he wears is the same as the one that shows up in the Lego Monster Fighters line, and can be fitted on top of a studded surface even while the minifigure isn’t there. The ghost wears a plain white torso and leg combo, while his head has been printed with the face of another shady character, Bluestone the Great. According to the show, Bluestone is a magician who disguises himself as the ghost while he attempts to find the pirate treasure in the third episode. His minifigure version comes with a ball and chain attached to his leg – Which doesn’t actually appear in the show itself, even though it does contract nicely with his pure white costume.


And finally, the seventh and final minifigure in the build is the Vampire. He is probably the most important villain in the entire series, since he gets a prominent spot in the 75904’s box. Vampires in any shape or form have shown up in dozens of Lego sets throughout the decades. However, the one found in the 75904 has got to be one of the best ones released so far, since his cape bears two colors: Black on one side, and red on the other.

The Vampire’s head comes with a rather creepy and pale look on one side. The other side reveals his secret identity – That of Big Bob Oakley. Oakley is a famed thief who attempts to scare the Mystery Inc. gang from the Franken Castle, so he can get his hands on the treasure buried in there.


The set is filled with plenty of features. First off the mansion itself is comprised of three main portions: The greenhouse, the kitchen area, and the central tower. These are all connected together with the aid of Lego Technic pins. You can disconnect them anytime you want if you want to keep the segments separated, or if you want to arrange it in a different pattern. A lot of fans enjoy the combination of bright purples with dark, dreary grays, and a few hints of green. This looks really amazing.


The best portion of the entire mansion build is the greenhouse, which looks wonderfully detailed both inside and outside. The window panes look truly amazing thanks to the stickers on certain portions of the build, which show spiders and carnivorous plants. Meanwhile, the others seem to be missing or look smashed instead. This part of the building comes in brown, with a couple of purple highlights found on the doors and the roof.


There are two pumpkins located inside the build, both of them carrying carved faces. There’s also a tiny amount of plants as well as an accompanying plant monster, which you can pose around with the aid of tiny ball joints that Lego introduced the previous year, together with the Mixels. One of the pumpkins has been mounted on top of a turntable, allowing it to follow the gang around with its eyes while they explore the depths of the mansion.


This set is highly enjoyable as a whole, it’s just very frustrating that certain portions of the entire build don’t contain any amazing details. Plenty of fans did not expect the type of furnishings that were found in most Modular Buildings. However, this set can still be greatly improved if the details found in both the greenhouse and the kitchen were kept throughout the whole model. Another negative comment that fans seem to have with the 75904 was the absence of a Fred Jones minifigure. A lot of them would still prefer to purchase the Lego 75902 Mystery Machine build though, no matter if the entire gang has been included in or not.

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