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lego sets 2016

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LEGO Star Wars Sith InfiltratorTM Set 75096 review

It’s only right that the release of the Lego 75096 Sith Infiltrator has passed beneath the watchful eyes of dozens of Lego Star Wars build fans. It’s just really odd that the set was only released a couple of months ago, just when the very first wave of Lego Star Wars builds ended in June – But not during the release of the new Lego Star Wars builds based after The Force Awakens, which was released in September. Continue Reading View and buy it

LEGO Simpsons 71006 The Simpsons House Review

A Simpsons-themed Lego build might seem funny and absurd at first, but Lego has achieved the impossible. Yes, for the very first time ever, Lego and the Simpsons have teamed up to create the Lego 71006 Simpsons House build. Continue Reading View and buy it

LEGO NexoKnights The Fortrex 70317 Review

The Lego 70317, also known as the Lego Fortrex Build, is probably one of Lego’s best set builds of 2016. Lego has been making castle builds since the 80s, but the Fortrex is a sight to behold. This is what Lego has truly become. Continue Reading View and buy it

LEGO City Town 60132 Service Station Building Kit Review

Luckily, Lego has decided to give these fans another chance by releasing the Lego 60132 Service Station build, which is sure to fulfill their own childhood dreams. If some fans were being honest, they felt a tad bit underwhelmed by all of the recent Lego City builds this past month. Continue Reading View and buy it

LEGO CITY Garbage Truck 60118 Review

The end of winter seems to be the perfect time for Lego to release a whole new set of Lego City builds, which include plenty of brand new Lego City utility vehicles. One of the new vehicle releases for 2016 is the Lego 60118 City Garbage Truck build. Everybody knows that a city isn’t complete without a garbage truck doing their daily rounds. Continue Reading View and buy it

LEGO Jurassic World T. Rex Tracker 75918 Building Kit Review

Lego has also cashed in on the Jurassic World franchise. As the film’s release drew closer and closer, the toy company has released several sets related to the movie, including the Lego 75918 – T-rex Tracker. Continue Reading View and buy it

LEGO Jurassic World Raptor Rampage 75917 Building Kit Review

While looking through the Lego 2017 sets, seeing all the different Lego city sets and the Lego Star Wars sets, our gaze immediately fell upon the Lego 75917 set. Continue Reading View and buy it