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lego sets 2016

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LEGO Jurassic World T. Rex Tracker 75918 Building Kit Review

Lego has also cashed in on the Jurassic World franchise. As the film’s release drew closer and closer, the toy company has released several sets related to the movie, including the Lego 75918 – T-rex Tracker. Continue Reading View and buy it

LEGO Jurassic World Raptor Rampage 75917 Building Kit Review

While looking through the Lego 2017 sets, seeing all the different Lego City sets and the Lego Star Wars sets, our gaze immediately fell upon the Lego 75917 set. Continue Reading View and buy it

LEGO Super Heroes Super Hero Airport Battle 76051 Review

The Lego 76051 Super Hero Airport Battle is one of the three builds that belong in the Captain America: Civil War sets from Lego and Marvel. This build in particular contains plenty of the film’s most significant characters Continue Reading View and buy it

LEGO Speed Champions F14 T & Scuderia Ferrari Truck 75913 Review

Fans are also certain the 75913 is a completely reasonable approximation of the actual build. As expected, its Lego version is much more chunkier compared to its sleeker real-life counterpart. Continue Reading View and buy it

LEGO Marvel Super Heroes Black Panther Pursuit 76047 Toy Review

We were excited to grab our very own copy of the Lego 76047 Black Panther Pursuit build. Lego’s official Website is always willing to sell their builds for a price that falls below the average retail. It’s always great to support independent Lego stores whenever possible. Continue Reading View and buy it

LEGO Scooby-Doo 75904 Mystery Mansion Building Kit Review

So many people were lucky enough to be able to see a couple of Lego’s upcoming builds and releases in the recently-concluded London Toy Fair back in January. One of the builds that really stood out there was the Lego 75904 Mystery Mansion build. Continue Reading View and buy it

LEGO Star Wars Captain Rex's AT-TE 75157 Review

As most Lego fans probably discussed during the start of the month, there has been a very large wave of Star Wars-related Lego builds released during the summer season. 2016’s set of Lego Star Wars builds were very exciting and filled with details, so there are plenty of things that you can discuss. There are seven in total, but the most prominent one has got to be the Lego 75157, also known as the Captain Rex’s AT-TE build. Continue Reading View and buy it