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LEGO Simpsons 71006 The Simpsons House Review



A Simpsons-themed Lego build might seem funny and absurd at first, but Lego has achieved the impossible. Yes, for the very first time ever, Lego and the Simpsons have teamed up to create the Lego 71006 Simpsons House build. This review will be taking a closer look at (so far) the only Lego Simpsons house build – Or 742 Evergreen Terrace, in Springfield, Ohio, as loyal fans of the animated series may know.


The Simpsons is an animated sitcom created by Matt Groening. It officially made its premiere as a short animated skit on FOX’s The Tracey Ullman Show on April 19, 1987, then went on to become a full-fledged TV show in 1989. The show takes place in the fictional town of Springfield, Ohio. It follows the lives of the Simpson family: Homer Simpson, his wife Marge Simpson, and their three children, Bart, Lisa, and Maggie. The show tackles themes such as society, television, the human condition, and American culture. As of this year, The Simpsons is currently on its 28th season, making it the longest-running American sitcom, as well as the longest-running animated program. The show, along with the Simpson family themselves, have since become a part of pop culture – In 2000, they received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, while 2007 saw the release of their very first full-length film, The Simpsons Movie.


The Lego 71006 contains over 2523 pieces in total, and has six minifigures. The segments of the entire build include Homer and Marge’s bedroom, Homer’s car, Bart’s bedroom, Lisa’s bedroom, Homer’s barbecue and wheelbarrow, sun lounges, and a skateboard ramp.


The build was officially confirmed by Lego and 20th Century Fox in 2014, after they had formed a partnership to create minifigures and sets based on the hit TV show. Prior to that, pictures of the Simpsons minifigures themselves were leaked online – But the star of the entire build – Namely, the Simpsons House itself, was safely kept under wraps until even before the partnership was mentioned.


A whole series of Simpsons-themed minifigures were also released later during the same year, while the TV show itself produced a special episode that revolved around Lego.


As of now, there haven’t been any other builds coming from the same series. But thanks to the wide array of settings, vehicles, as well as the other residents of Springfield, it looks like it’ll only be a matter of time before Lego announces a brand new Simpsons-themed set sometime in the future.


The 71006 is a pretty huge build. The front side of the box shows off the 742 Evergreen Terrace. You can see Bart doing a couple of moves on his skateboard, while their neighbor Ned Flanders is busy preparing a barbecue for the Simpsons. You can also see Homer arriving home from work, Marge tending to her garden, and Maggie holding a power drill as if it were a shotgun.


Meanwhile, the back of the box showcases the house after it has been opened up. Its build looks the same as the one from the Lego 10228 Monster Fighters Haunted House. The hinges can be opened up to showcase the house’s interior. You can see Lisa playing the piano while Homer listens. There’s also a Lego version of that iconic pose of the entire Simpson family watching TV on their couch. Other photos include a shot of Homer destroying something inside the garage, while Flanders looks at him in sheer horror. Marge is seen vacuuming the bedroom with baby Maggie nearby, a shot of the family sitting in their car, Lisa taking pictures with her camera, Maggie hilariously flushing her older sister’s camera down the toilet, and finally, Bart lying on his bed while he reads the latest issue of ‘Radioactive Man’.


The 71006 contains three instructional booklets, a sticker sheets without any stickers in them, as well as bags labelled one to seven.

The set is also equipped with over six minifigures, namely: The five members of the Simpson family, and their okily-dokily overtly-religious next-door neighbor, Ned Flanders. All six minifigures’ heads come with brand new molds, which have been specifically made for this series alone. The details and the quality of each minifigure is just brilliant.

Homer dons his trademark white shirt, blue pants, and pink-striped tie, which is basically his working uniform. He comes with a briefcase accessory. One of the more interesting things about this figure is that Homer’s arms come in two different colors: White for his shirt and his upper arms, while the rest of it is yellow (obviously). Bart’s arms also have the same color. This also marks the first time that a minifigure’s arms came in two colors.

Marge wears her standard green dress, and she also dons a white apron. Bart wears his ‘official’ outfit, which consists of a red shirt, blue pants, and blue shoes. There’s another interesting thing that fans have noticed when it comes to Bart’s leg piece – The yellow section hasn’t been painted on. The leg piece itself has actually been molded into two separate colors, and this is also a minifigure first. Just like his dad’s arms, Bart’s arms also come in two colors: Red for the upper portion for the shirt, and the lower arms are in yellow.

Lisa’s minifigure wears her red dress, and she also has a skirt piece for the lower half of her outfit. Little Maggie is in her powder-blue bodysuit. Her body’s got a brand new mold to it, and her body is in one piece.


Ned Flanders’ minifigure carries his signature green sweater with the tie and shirt beneath it. He also dons gray pants, as well as an apron for barbecuing. The apron has the words ‘Hail to the Chief’ printed on it.


The first bag contains Homer’s car, the barbecue, sun lounges, and dashboard ramp. A closer look at the barbecue reveals that there’s a sticker there that says ‘Property of Ned Flanders’, although Homer likes to use the same grill once in a while.


Homer’s car lacks a roof, which is a bit weird. Probably the only logical reason why this happens is because Marge’s hair sticks out on the top of the car so they had to get rid of the roofing. The front and passenger side of the vehicle contains slopped tiles to it, all measuring 1 x 1. This is meant to represent the amount of damage that the car has taken over the years.

Accessories include sun loungers, and a few cocktail glasses. There’s also Flanders’ wheelbarrow, which, once again, holds the ‘Property of Ned Flanders’ sticker. The final accessory is Bart’s skateboard ramp.


The second bag of bricks is meant for the tool box and the garage, along with the working bench. The third baggie is for the front downstairs of the house, together with the letter box.


Also included here are the bricks for the vacuum cleaner, the piano, and a half portion of the kitchen.


Bag number four is for the rear downstairs of the house. There are also parts for the other half of the kitchen, a kitchen table with four chairs in it, a rug, a staircase, a TV, and the famous couch.


The fifth and sixth bags are used to construct Homer and Marge’s bedroom, the bathroom, and Lisa’s bedroom. Accessories here include Maggie’s crib, Homer and Marge’s bed, the shower, a toilet, Lisa’s bed, and a book case.


Bag number seven is solely for Bart’s bedroom, with Bart’s bed, Lisa’s dressing table, and a desk.


The Lego 71006 is, by far, one of the best Lego builds ever released. They had paid really close attention to detail in regards to catching all of the big and small elements found inside the Simpsons’ house. They also used plenty of vivid colors, which is also evident in the TV series. Fans of the show and Lego themselves will truly enjoy what this set has to offer, since it’s got loads of bricks and parts that come in hard-to-find shades, along with several pieces of exclusive parts.

The minifigures that come with the build have all been molded carefully, and it’s really exciting what Lego has in store with the upcoming collaborative minifigure series, as well as future Simpsons builds, in case they end up releasing some. Let’s hope Lego actually gets around to it, especially since the show contains even more prominent characters than the six featured in the build. Lego and Simpsons fans can expect even more than just one set of Simpsons-themed minifigures, and create even more characters in the future.

Even though the pricing of the build might be a little bit on the steep side, thanks to the amount of bricks and minifigures included here (along with the size of the finished build), the 71006 is definitely worth every cent. This build costs around $260 to $270 bucks. So many fans were still delighted with how the build turned out, despite its expensive pricing. They were happy that justice has been done in regards to this build, as well as the overall look of the iconic location.

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