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LEGO Star Destroyer 10030 Review


For those of you that enjoy putting Legos together and you’re a fan of Star Wars, we have something interesting to tell you about! It’s the Lego 10030 set and it’s nothing like Lego 10179 or Lego 75101, which are pretty good, but the Lego 10030 set is one that really stands out from the crowd. When we first saw this set in a Lego catalogue, we couldn’t stop staring at it until we purchased it – it was truly astonishing. We couldn’t believe how realistic the set looking. In fact, while looking at it in the magazine, we felt as if we were staring at a real ship. The enormity of the set was also impressive and we couldn’t believe how many pieces it came with.

Once the Imperial Star Destroyer arrived in the mail, we pushed the Lego 75103 set to the side and immediately opened this one.


The Box



When the box arrived in the mail, we couldn’t believe the size of it. It’s so big that your kid may have problems lifting it and needless to say, the box alone was an impressive sight to see.


Here’s a picture of the box when you open it up:




The pieces were packaged in different bags. Here’s a picture:



As you see with the picture above, the Lego company knows just how important it is in order to stay organized while you’re building something. If you received a Lego set with all of the pieces put together in one (like the one picture above), it would be almost impossible to put together as you’d have to sort through and find the correct pieces – it would be more like a puzzle.


Lego Instructions



Above is a picture of the Lego instruction booklet this set comes with. The instruction booklet is well-written and easy to follow.


Unique Parts

In this set, it’s not like Lego 75055 or Lego 75149 – this set doesn’t contain any minifigures. The fact that it doesn’t contain any minifigures is a major let down, however, we still like this set. Plus, if it did contain some minifigures, they would probably look strange standing next to the Imperial. Seriously, could you imagine minifigures next to the vehicle?

While it does not contain any minifigures, it does contain around 10 or more unique types of parts. We’re talking about the large engines at the back and the spherical shields that are at the top of the superstructure. For one set, if you think about it, 10 unique pieces is a lot and isn’t something that we normally see. In most sets, we’re lucking to have one or two unique pieces.


Playability and Build

With this set, we’re sorry to disappoint you, but there is no playability. Yes, we know, this is a major disappointment because who wouldn’t like to see this set with some interesting playability features? Perhaps in the future Lego will remake this set and include some playability features. This set is strictly for display, so it’s great for those of you who simply like to put Lego sets together to put on display. We must say, this build looks amazing when it’s on display and we really enjoy it.

As for the build, we know that some of you out there may not like the repetitiveness that comes with building it, but in order for it to be an accurate model, there needs to be repeating in the construction. Personally, we really love this set and had no problems with the build – we found it fun, despite the repetitiveness.


Take a look at this picture:



Here’s a picture of the top part of the build:


Here’s a picture of the side of the build:



Here’s an interesting picture of the back:



Here’s a picture of it sitting on the display shelf:



The Price – Value for the Money

When we first discovered this set, we felt that the price was very high at the time. However, after receiving the set years ago and building it twice since then, we feel that there’s a reason it costs so much – it’s well worth the money. If this set were to be released this year, it would be at least $400.

There are some that may already have this set from years ago and may feel as if parting it out would bring in some profit. There are three big wheels that make the main engines in the back – those are unique to this set. The cheapest we can find them is $60 a piece, so that would be $18 right there. There are many other unique pieces in this set – as we said we know there are at least 10 unique pieces and some of those pieces may be expensive as well, but you will need to do your research in order to find how much they would sell for.



This set right here was pretty popular back in the day – it was the fourth UCS set to be released. The Ultimate Collector’s Series is a popular theme of Star Wars and it was popular among Lego lovers. This set, even today, is still very popular.



When this set first came out, it was an exclusive set that was difficult to find. Now, as years have passed since its release, it is even harder to find. If you find this set, you are very lucky because this set has been retired for years. Now, today, it is selling for $1100 or more brand new.


The Display Quality



This set right here is one of our favorites in our collection. Today, we gladly give this a rating of 10 and if we could give it a higher rating, we would. This set was actually one of the first sets we ever put together and as a child, we needed help putting it together when it came to attaching the big plates. It is almost three feet long and is true to the movies.




This is definitely one of our favorite sets, no doubt about it. This is the set that is responsible for grabbing our attention and pulling us into loving Legos. Even for those of you that don’t like Legos, you may like this one because not only is it fun to put together, it will also look great when you place it on your display shelf.


Now, we’re going to leave you off with some pictures:



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