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LEGO Star War Imperial Star Destroyer Kids Building Playset 75055 Review



If you’re a fan of Star Wars, then you’re probably familiar with the Imperial Star Destroyer – many fans love the Imperial Star Destroyer, so it didn’t surprise us when Lego released the Lego 75055 set. Sure, 75055 may not be a flawless set as there’s room for improvement (there’s always room for improvement). However, if you compare this one right here to the original version, you’ll find that there have been plenty of improvements already made. In terms of price, this may be a cheap star wars set – but is it cheap in quality? Let’s do a review and find out …

The Box

Seriously, this is a pretty large box, but when it comes to a set of this size, a large box is expected. On the box, you’ll see a picture of the Imperial Star Destroyer in action. If you flip the box over and look at the back side, you’ll find the set with all panels open in order to show you the inside – also, on the back, there are numerous features being displayed. You’ll find the ever-so popular blueprint style shots of the set here as well. The blueprint shots are a feature that has recently been added to the Lego boxes and it is something that we personally enjoy.

Here’s some pictures of the box:




Contents in the Box


Once you open the box, you’ll find a total of three instruction manuals, a sticker sheet and a large poster – the sticker sheet is cardboard backed in order to make sure they are kept in good condition. You have a total of ten bags – they’re numbered one through ten. A couple of these bags contain what looks like identical parts, but that is understandable as there will be some reverse building here with this set.

Now, let’s jump back to the poster for a second – it shows the Imperial Star Destroyer battling B-Wings on one side, then on the other side, there’s a gallery of the Star Wars minifigures from the year 2014 – they are nothing like the Lego Disney minifigures.

Here’s a picture of the manuals:




When it comes to the minifigures in this set, you have a total of seven. Sure, more minifigures would have been a major bonus, but we’re happy with what we have in front of us. The quality of the figures are top notch, so we are definitely satisfied with the selection.

Yes, this set does come with the popular Darth Vader – if they left him out of the set, we wouldn’t know what to say. This is a character that has went through a variety of changes since 1999 and over the years, he has became more detailed. Looking at the helmet, it is as brilliant as ever, but the head is tan on this minifigure, which isn’t exactly a good idea. In Episode V, we had a quick look at his scarred head and it had a tan and grey color to it, so this may be why the head is tan on the minifigure. Looking at the back of Darth Vader, there’s no back printing and that is a shame, but the cape makes this easy to look past. Darth Vader has hi red lightsaber, as usual.

The Imperial Officer is out personal favorite. In this set, his house is a brand new look, and we find that it is more accurate to the design we saw in the movie. On it, it has a spot of silver, which represents the code discs that are commonly placed on the belt and hat of officers. The head has a disdainful expression painted on and a brown chop mutton chop hairstyle, which looks really cool. We cannot figure out which officer this is, but it is a great representative of the imperial personnel from the movies.

The Imperial Crew has the same hat as the Imperial Officer, which is okay because this is accurate to the film. The head that you see on the Imperial Crew showed up in another Lego set. The torso is printed on both sides and has a simple light bluish grey shirt with a black belt. The legs and hips are printed similarly and there’s even a crinkle in the fabric. The Imperial Crew is armed with a blaster pistol.

Nesting alongside the Imperial Crew, you have an Imperial Navy Trooper. The helmet on this trooper is moulded with some pretty good details. The head is printed with dark eyebrows, a headset and an expression that just screams “serious.” The torso and the legs have identical prints.

Next, you have a pair of Stormtroopers joining this set. This is probably one of the most accurate depictions of Stormtroopers ever released by Lego. The new helmet and torso designs are really good. Each one comes equipped with their own blaster.

For the last minifigure in this set, we have the Mouse Droid. This is a nice addition and we are glad it has been included as it really goes with the entire set.

Here’s another look at the minifigures:



The Build



Now, let’s move to the good part of this set – the actual build …

As we were putting this set together, like the Lego 75105 set, we didn’t really keep up with the amount of time it took us (we managed to put it together all in one setting). If we would have to guess, we would say it took us between two to three hours.

There are some pretty interesting techniques used in this build. For example, you have your fair share of SNOT building and we cannot look past the combination of Technic and System parts. Due to the symmetry of the design, our enjoyment suffered quite a bit, but all in all, the build was fun.



This build would be great for an inexperienced builder to have a go at. Despite the use of some complicated techniques, there’s no point where we wanted to just walk away from it, unlike the Lego 75104 build. There are more than enough of pure brick-built sections, making first-timers comfortable.

Don’t worry though, because the build is also fun for more advanced builders.


The Completed Model

Once you have this model put together, if you compare it to the 2014 edition side by side, you’ll see that this one is a bit smaller, but that is perfectly fine. While the model is smaller in size, it is just as heavy and feels bulky in the hands – it also feels sturdier than the older one, which felt fragile.


Yes, the size of this set right here is smaller, but that doesn’t mean anything because the quality is far greater than you’d expect. This model is packed full of exciting features and nice details both inside and out. Looking at the model from the outside, you’ll notice that the color scheme is amazing – it has dark bluish grey highlights that highlights the light bluish grey hull.

Around the edge, there’s angled panels which cannot be overlooked because it gives a nice appearance. Yes, the hinges are visible, but that is fine as it doesn’t really have a negative impact on the overall look.

There’s four turboblaer turrets on the command tower and we found them a lot of fun as they are able to swivel back and forth. At the back of the vehicle, there’s two levers – with one, you can control the four turrets on the port side and on the other, you can control those on the starboard. You can raise and lower the barrels on each gun manually. At the step area of the control tower, you have two spring-loaded missiles. These can fire up to four meters if you hold the model at a reasonable height.

Speaking in holding the model, that’s the easy thing to do – there’s a carrying handle on the front bridge section that extends far enough so that you can get a comfortable grip on it, even if you have big hands.

There’s seven engines located on the back of the hip – those are fitted using neat Technic pins. Each one of the engines features a trans-light blue dish or an interesting Technic weapon barrel – this gives the impression that they are active.

In this picture, you can see the seven engines:


Looking at the inside of this model, it is very detailed. It features a bridge area between the front and a large room that contains a holographic display screen, hologram table and a weapons rack. The bridge section is accurate and there is even a walkway that runs down the middle.




Like the Lego 10030 and the Lego 75094 set, this is an excellent build. We don’t have any complaints about the minifigure selection and both the outside and inside of the model are perfect with some nice touches. If you are a big fan of the Imperial Star Destroyer, then this one right here is a must have.

Now we’re going to leave you with three additional pictures of this set:





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