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LEGO Star Wars 75054 AT-AT Building Toy


Every child is likes the star war series and its amazing characters. Although this series dates back to age-old 1970s, it still instils excitement into the kids of the 21st century. If it can go viral in previous century and win the hearts of millions of children across the globe, it can even now entice the technologically advanced and fast-paced generation of today. In fact, they are so much surrounded by fancy gadgets and remote-controlled gaming equipment that this particular do-it-yourself kit will just be an icing on the cake.

Space exploration is a very engaging and intriguing thing and the Star Wars is a fictional means to explore the unexplored galaxy. So get your kids ready to explore the unseen and the unheard parts of the universe and zoom they fly and turn into a tiny spec when seen from the Earth! They can enter the planet Aquilae or to the galaxies beyond and fight the alien attackers that they may encounter using this AT-AT (All Terrain Armoured Transport) war machine.

The Front Cover: Here in this amazing front cover you can see the LEGO Star Wars 75054 AT-AT Building Toy all set for the driver, the snow troopers, General Veers and the Snow trooper  Commander to rage war using the 2 and 2 spring-loaded shooters. It also features possible legs and an opening body with a switch-operated trap door. The shooters can be used by the Snow troopers on the command from Snow trooper Commander to wage war with the attackers that they may encounter while they explore the galaxy. This can be used against the 75049 Snow speeder to recreate the Battle of Hoth!

lego 75054 front

The Back Cover: The back cover shows the detailed components of the AT-AT walker. You can see the cockpit where the AT-AT driver will be seated at the front of the walker. The spring-loaded shooters are right at the front of the walker, enabling the driver to have full control over them and shoot at the attackers once they are spotted. The body of this giant walker will seat the Snow troopers and the Commander. Clad in their protective space suit, t they are equipped with blaster rifle and three blaster rifles. At the bottom, there is an image showing the switch-operated trap door that can be used to capture the enemies and captivate them. The body of the walker can be opened in order to let the Snow troopers to battle in the war with their rifles.

lego 75054 back
The images below shows the two sets of instruction booklets for you to go through, before your start building up the structure. Each booklet explains about the assembling of each part, the front cockpit with the shooters and the driver, the complex middle part to house the Snow troopers and General Veers. Over all you will have an army of five minifigures are well equipped and are solid fighters. Just build them the walker and use them the way you wish to attack the enemies.

lego 75054 instruction
Yes! We can spot the excitement beaming in your eyes the moment you look at the packed components, waiting to lay your hands on them and let the engineer in you take charge of the operation! So brace yourselves to check out the components and start building the AT-AT walker. The enemy troop is all set, well-equipped and is waiting to wage war against us at the Cloud City. The quicker we build the space walker, the sooner we can be there and fight the duel to capture Han Solo!

lego 75054 box

Here in the image below, you can see all the components you require to bring this AT-AT walker to life. C’mon you can build it yourself. It is easier than you think to assemble this huge heap of jumbled components of the walker. That’s the speciality of LEGO! We are champions in making the undoable or most difficult task seem easy and interesting to complete.

So get ready to dive deep into the mountain of components and assemble it piece by piece and see your AT-AT walker come to life. You need to do it for the poor Snow troopers who are waiting for their vehicle of war in order to fight the enemies.

You can see that the walker’s legs are semi-assembled which will save some complex process and lets you take over the easy join the other parts and erect a completed structure. The component at the left most corner is the body of the walker that will seat the Snow troopers and the Commander while the that on the right most side of the box is the cockpit which will be fit at the front end of the walker to seat the driver. It also shows the spring-loaded shooters attached to it that can be an easy identifying mark.
lego 75054 inside box 

Once you finish assembling the central body, you will see it look like the image given below.

lego 75054 brickset
The Lego 75054 minifigure: There are five minifigures along with the kit: AT-AT Driver, General Veers, Snow trooper Commander and 2 Snow troopers. Their weapons include a blaster pistol and 3 blaster rifles, all safely packed in that plastic bag. It also includes an electro binoculars element for the warriors to keep track of their enemies’ hidden areas so that they can capture them by firing at them and captivate them through the trap door. one of this minifigures smillar with Lego 75095 and Lego 75101 can you see him?

lego 75054 minifigures
The mid section of the walker which will hold the Snow troopers and General Veers will look like this from the top angle when assembled on the legs that can be posed or made to stand at a particular position in order to take proper aim.

The images below show the various stages of building the mid structure of the space walker. The complex interiors are made that way to give full on protection to the troop that is heading for the fight.

LEGO Star Wars 75054
In the image below you have a close up look of the Snow trooper commander wearing the space suit and holding his blaster rifle, ready to enter the AT-AT walker and take position.

LEGO Star Wars 75054 bag
The midsection of the walker is quite complex with lots of protective layers in order to safeguard the body from bullet shots and other attacks. It is quite strong and resistive to bullets.
lego 75054 set

Here are the five members of your army. General Veers supposedly seems quite angry and serious and is waiting for the walker to be built quickly. He is worried for his troop to reach Cloud city. They have a mission to accomplish.

LEGO Star Wars 75054 minifigure 

Among the three Snow troopers, the Commander is the one holding the blaster pistol. He wants to take charge of the area of attack on the instructions of General Veers and has to command the other two accordingly. The other two Snow troopers are equipped with blaster rifles so that they can aim from the walker itself and shoot continuously on the enemies who might attack them in their mission.

Rest assured! Your army is very well prepared to take on the ones who can prove an obstacle to their mission and this time General Veers seems to leave no stone unturned to achieve his goal!

lego 75054 minifigure
The AT-AT driver too seems quite serious. Maybe the presence of the General himself has made his appearance seem rigid externally. He has the entire plan well set in his mind. He knows where exactly to position the walker so that the Snow troopers can take aim. He is also well-trained in triggering the front 2 and 2 spring-loaded shooters that he can use when there is an attack from the front side of the walker.
lego 75054 minifigurelego 75054 minifigure 

The image below shows the rough structure of the walker on how it will look once its major portions are fixed in place. The cockpit in the front is completely well-equipped with modern day technology and provides easy access to the driver and gives him complete control over the entire structure. With the push of the right buttons he can move the head portion of the walker in order to position the shooters in place and take aim on the attackers. He can trigger the spring loaded shooters whenever he gets the command to do it. He can open up the trap door by using just a single switch. Or he can manoeuvre the AT-AT walker and re-position it at the correct direction.

He definitely has a lot of responsibilities to handle. Ensure that you fix the driver properly at his seat in the cockpit.

The back portion of the walker consists of that switch-operated trap door which so secretly placed that only the driver is aware of its exact location.

lego 75054 complete set
The image below gives a closer sneak-peek into the structure. This massive structure is one of the most powerful and ensemble that is being used for war purpose. And you require quite a lot of patience to completely build it from scratch.

Do not hesitate to take help and guidance from the instruction sets as they have a very easily understandable steps provided in them with illustrations for each and every step to make it appealing for you.

LEGO Star Wars 75054 complete set
Have a closer look at the cockpit which has been clicked from the top angle to show how it looks like from the interior portion. The driver has to lift the roof of the cockpit to get inside.

LEGO Star Wars 75054 building
The next image (shown below) displays the look of the walker from the backside. The entire structure is a tightly sealed and highly protected both from the exterior and the interior. It almost looks like an animal from a different world!

The legs are movable and can be positioned the way you want. They are quite flexible in that sense.

lego 75054 building set
The below given image shows the picture clicked from the side angle. AT-AT walker indeed is a massive structure designed specifically for war.

lego 75054 building
The complete structure of the LEGO Star Wars 75054 AT-AT Building Toy is shown below with its ever ready army of fighters waiting to step inside the walker and capture the universe. You have done an amazing job building it so perfectly and flawlessly.

All you need to do now is to place the respective members at their designated placed in the walker and get them ready and set for the mission.

Make sure that they are wearing their protective helmets and are carrying their binocular element.

lego 75054

LEGO Star Wars 75054

Yes, the army has turned its back towards us as they are heading to their respective seats. They are on a mission and will not focus on anything else until they succeed in it. They are bidding adieu to everyone and looking forward to reach the distant galaxies and planets to fight their battle.
 LEGO Star Wars 75054 building
The AT-AT walker is going to open up and neatly place its occupants at their seats.

lego 75054 building

lego 75054 review

 lego 75054 price

LEGO Star Wars 75054 price

The war machine in the picture below stands tall flaunting its massive structure and secured built. The head and the legs are completely flexible to motion and can be made to face in any direction without much of an effort. Every movement of this walker is switch controlled or switch-triggered.

The children will surely enjoy the arduous like lego hulk, yet interesting task of building this war machine and see it working the way they want it to. They can even use this as their weapon system to play with other kids and surely win many battles.
LEGO Star Wars 75054 review

 LEGO Star Wars 75054 price
The image given below shows how the driver can control the motion of the head of this heavy war machine and also how he can use the spring-loaded shooters to shoot.  The real thrill can be experienced by posing the legs of this machine, triggering the trap door in the body and opening up the side hatches for enhanced playability.

This war machine measures over 12" (33cm) in height, 12" (32cm) in length and 4" (11cm) in width— a good size and structure to make feel it like a real war machine that you have so painstakingly built.
 lego 75054
Now that you have finished building up this structure, take a good look at it; this massive war machine that you have created is all ready to take its occupants to a distant galaxy and position itself for the war!
 lego 75054

Our Verdict

•    The LEGO Star Wars 75054 AT-AT Building Toy is one of the most innovative products from LEGO that has aimed to rekindle the Star Wars magic once again, after almost four decades of its inception. LEGO truly believes that it would be a dream come true for every child and his parents to relive an era of science fiction and its fictitious characters.

•    This kit is quite complex and that is why it is understood by our designers that it should be advisable for the age category of 9-14. The in-house build testers took close to two hours to build the entire structure from scratch to full. They estimate an additional hour to be taken into account in order for the kids to finish building it.

•    The instruction sets are very clear and concise with their steps and the illustrations will enhance the understanding capacity of the kids. If they follow the instructions word for word as given in the two booklets, they can easily build the structure. Although the components inside the plastic bag may seem like a mind boggling collection of jigsaw puzzle, it will become more and more interesting as they proceed.

A Word of Caution

LEGO Star Wars 75054 AT-AT Building Toy is quite a complex structure to build and the parents are advised not to let kids below the mentioned age category handle the kit without assistance as there are chances that they might harm themselves in the process.

Final Thoughts

It surely is a very useful and enjoyable product sold on Amazon. In fact, if you buy the 75049 Snowspeeder (which is sold separately), you can make your kids play out the classic Battle of Hoth scene from Star Wars: Episode V, The Empire Strikes Back! This is the best way to tell your children how you enjoyed watching those movies and actually relive every exciting moment from the movie.

The major advantage of buying such a product is that your kid will have an opportunity to try building something on his own (with just little guidance) and this will hugely impact his mental growth and cognizance. He will be able to think and analyse better, understand instructions better and apply them faster. He will actually get hands-on experience for future.

Researchers have proved that giving such complex mental training to the children at an early age makes them mentally sound and helps them to take better decisions in life. Therefore, it is always advisable that children are exposed to this do-it-yourself concept and get benefitted by it.

This product is in-stock now and every customer is allowed two sets at the maximum. It is eligible for free home delivery.
Make your child’s birthday a memorable one and gift him this amazing product. You are sure to find your kid smiling wide at you.


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