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LEGO Star Wars 75101 First Order Special Forces TIE Fighter


Lego 75101 First Order Special Forces TIE Fighter Building Kit is a wonderful looking fighter ship set from Star Wars. The latest version of the archetypal and majestic spacecraft sports a cool new color scheme and a redesigned cockpit. The cockpit can house two pilots and the addition of new characters– two TIE Fighter Pilots, a Spaceship Officer and a Crewman distinguishes it from the rest of the similar technic toys. If you are looking to buy this for your kid, go ahead and gift him this wonderful collection

The construct itself is an excellent one for sure. Lego did a fantastic job in its design to enhance the connections between the arms as well as wings. The wings are hardy than ever. Many people may complain that wings always fall off, which isn't accurate. You just need to make sure when you place the wings on the joints are snapped. It's possible for you to remove the outer portions of the wings to see whether they link right.

In our opinion this is definitely the most effective Tie Fighter place to be published by LEGO. The build is quite tough. We've had no issues with the wings remaining attached, although we are unsure what the other reviewers are doing. This set would be an excellent present for virtually any Star Wars/LEGO enthusiast and is exceptionally swooshable.

Let start with the box right here:

lego 75101 box.

Whole with a crew of 4 minifigure as well as its own pair of movie blasters, this new Tie Fighter Offering is a fantastic section of the Force Awakens start!

lego 75101 box

The content inside the box

Many people may end up picking up a set that's open carton or, wish before starting a build to check contents inside the box. For this particular set, there are a bag including a decal sheet, along with 4 numbered baggies, and an instruction book. We read 4 times to the directions.

lego 75101 bag

lego 75101 bag

Lego 75101 Instructions: The book instruction in the box it very easy to follow, it is just one book and it had total 80 pages following to build the set. The boat is structurally good, and as always, we were left with a couple additional touches for our arbitrary parts set. We're constantly astonished at how much these sets are shot with by the laser blasters.

lego 75101 instructions

Lego 75101 minifigures

Both Tie Fighter pilots have outstanding detail we Have never seen on a lego minifig. This makes these two minifigs really particular, likely to become sought after minifigs in the future by collector's. Next we have an officer with hat design and a distinctive coloured head, ideal for a General Hux address reenactment. The final fig is a typical First Order crew member which can quickly be get through The Force Awakens Conflict Packs.

lego 75101 minifigures

The minifigures are great, military contractors to a man. Not a single named character to cause you to feel strange about purchasing multiples for a scene. They have new headgear, clearly the aviators possess the same one. We believe the design for the Crew as well as the Officer's hat are stupid appearing, but this is not the fault of LEGO.

lego 75101 figures

lego 75101 figures

Product Overview: LEGO Star Wars 75101 First Order Special Forces TIE Fighter Building Kit

    Product Dimensions: 13.9 x 14.9 x 2.8 inches
    Item weight: 2.1 pounds
    Shipping Weight: 2.1 pounds
    Item Model Number: 6100572
    Recommended Age Group: 8-14 years

Product Features: LEGO Star Wars 75101 First Order Special Forces TIE Fighter Building Kit

You can feel the battle spirit, go at war, intercept and terminate your enemies with the ever-ready battleship from Lego, the all new First Order Special Forces TIE fighter building kit! The TIE fighter features 2 cockpit openings of the size of insert able mini-figures, an assortment of weaponries including 3 blaster pistols and accessories comprise of 2 helmets. It also sports 2 spring-loaded shooters and a rotating antenna to locate enemy battleships. The distinctive profile of this iconic star fighter indicates the armed strength of the Lego First Order TIE Fighter. The perfect replica recreates the classic scenes and enthusiasm related to Star Wars: The Force Awakens. The Building kit contains 4 mini-figures: 2 of them are First Order TIE Fighter Pilots, one is a First Order Spacecraft Officer and the final one, a First Order Spacecraft Crew. The spacecraft measures around 7” (20cm) in length and stands 9” (23cm) high. The width is around 7” (18cm) and the building kit comes with 517 small pieces or attachments. The best and unique part of the LEGO Star Wars 75101 First Order Special Forces TIE Fighter are its wings. They are huge, robust and long-lasting. The wing attachments have a creative touch and the black color around the edges looks fantastic. The whole kit and caboodle, from its build quality, to the individual parts, to the mini-figures is right on the bull’s eye.

Building set

Since it is attached to a technic pin that will enable it to swing ahead, it is likely a cannon. Pieces and the reddish bricks create the stripe that I'm really going to presume is for the Special forces. It is quite striking on this black vehicle. I do like the looks of this, quite correctly LINK Fightery. The Very First Order Crew that pops up in this tote is sort of clear, except his helmet that is silly looking.

lego 75101


LEGO Star Wars 75101


In the lego 75101 instrucstions, it show both totes in the demands, and in the ending only have the "X2" notation. You most likely figured it. In bag 3 and bag 4 is the same,  each bag includes a wing. We haven't assembled many TIE Fighters. Most of them have quite flimsy wings. About the TIE fighter that says everything to us, but doesn't endear them to us. These wings look quite secure. It is got some essential layering, which gives me assurance that while it is on display, it is not going to crumble. We have read the wing layout is much the same to the UCS TIE Fighter

lego 75101 review


LEGO Star Wars 75101 review

Thus, once you have assembled the wings, obviously, you put them together with the body.

lego 75101 wing

lego 75101 wing


The ring of electricity cells round the outside end of every pylon gives them a more chunky look.

lego 75101 price


LEGO Star Wars 75101 price


The angling of the plates round the edge of every wing is excellent, as are. We really like the inversion of the black and grey colour scheme on the Initial Order TIE Fighter show which seems equally as great as the first in our opinion

LEGO Star Wars First Order Special Forces TIE Fighter


This set has proven me wrong, although back in 2012 I was particular that 9492 TIE Fighter could scarcely be improved upon. The cockpit sphere is a tough matter to recreate as an outcome of its own contour but this one seems brilliant, with 6x6 hinged dishes forming the roof access hatch in addition to the back and forward viewports.

lego 75101

lego 75101


Now, it's time to talk about Pros and Cons

About Pros

- Light Grey, Black, and Red color scheme seems trendy
- 3 hatchways to put in both aviators.
- Solid build with exceptional colours that enhances a number of the greatest problems with the old TIE
- New aviator incorporates print and helmet, the tech is a nifty little add-on to the combination, along with even whenever hose will probably break
- New connection mechanism makes for a fascinating array of parts, as well as a swooshable boat

About Cons

- Laser cannon near right wing only swivels from vertical posture to front of craft ( in case you change the bits around you can get the cannon cover the back, but nevertheless, it'd have been fine to possess a broader variety of movement)
- The thing that is noticeable is that may be said about the whole Force Awakens line although the cost and amount of components…Good luck getting the aviators in there
- Trans-reddish cockpit glass limitations reuse possibility of these parts, but it’s comparatively simple to get them in colours that are better

Before end of this review, we will show some more pictures of the lego 75101 view bellow

lego 75101

lego 75101


LEGO Star Wars 75101 First Order Special Forces TIE Fighter

LEGO Star Wars First Order Special Forces TIE Fighter 75101

Final Thoughts

If your kid loves space crafts and fighter crafts, it we recommend you buy him the LEGO Star Wars 75101 First Order Special Forces TIE Fighter Building Kit. This awesome TIE fighter spaceship is worth buying from Amazon, added benefits being free shipping to your address. You can also try out similar products like the Lego 75055 Star Wars Imperial Star Destroyer Building Toy. If Superheroes are your type, try our best selling unit, the Lego Hulk from Marvel Super Heroes, Iron Man, Superman or the Spider man. Other best sellers at Amazon include LEGO 10236 Star Wars Ewok Village and the LEGO 9516 Star Wars Jabba's Palace.

Thank you for reading! Will you buy LEGO 75101 shortly or still need more review about it before buying it or you've already bought it? I would like to know what you thought of the building set in the comment bellow!

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