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LEGO Star Wars 75104 Kylo Rem Command Shuttle Set


The Lego 75104 will Delight Jedi Masters in Training

Legos come in all different shapes and sizes. The Lego block, which was invented by Ole Kirk Christiansen in Denmark, has been around since 1949 – Fueling children’s imagination for decades. Lego has since produced cars, minifigures, gears, and other parts that can serve as a keystone in making these figures fly, swim, and move.


This particular model, the Lego 75104, is designed after KyloRen’s command shuttle. In case you have been living under a rock for a while, KyloRen is the main antagonist of the new Star Wars films, in particular, Star Wars: The Force Awakens, and the upcoming Star Wars: The Last Jedi. In the film, KyloRen (played by Adam Driver), a member of the Knights of Ren, owns a Upsilon-style command shuttle which he uses to maneuver himself around the galaxy. In Star Wars lore, these heavily-armored vehicles are only reserved for the best of the best, such as top officials and dignitaries. The Upsilon-command shuttle comes with a pair of gigantic heavy laser cannons, and sensor suites. Simply put, it is a luxury shuttle through and through – And KyloRen’s own command shuttle is no exception.


The Lego 75104 is only one in a series of models released just in time for the new Star Wars films to come out. Plenty of Star Wars fans have actually been looking forward to the release of this model, no matter if they have been collecting Lego models their whole life or not. You can probably say the same thing about Lego fans who aren’t even into Star Wars. The anticipation is high for these models, and frankly, they did not disappoint at all. In particular, KyloRen’s command shuttle has gained plenty of interest thanks to the shuttle’s shape, as well as its powerful aerodynamics.




If you are into Star Wars or Legos, then you will surely love this particular model. The Lego 75104 is filled to the brim with detail, not to mention containing plenty of features. It includes both rear, bottom, and front storage bays, spring-loaded shooters, and detachable weapon racks. But if you want to make the most out of this model, you can open up the extending wing function, making the model appear twice as big! Kids will enjoy recreating their favorite scenes from the Force Awakens movie, especially since it comes with six minifigures and a whole cluster of toy accessories and weapons: Two First Order crew, General Hux, a First Order Stormtrooper officer, an officer from the First Order, and of course, KyloRen himself. You can interchange KyloRen’s weapons from his trademark lightsaber, to two blaster pistols. For accessories, you have four helmets and electrobinoculars.


The Lego 75104 has 1005 pieces, and normally takes at least two hours to fully assemble it. But once you do, it’s completely worth it.


It comes in a pretty huge matte cardboard box, which features a picture of the fully-assembled command shuttle, pictured against a backdrop of a forest with two explosions. It’s almost as if the model itself has come to life and is now fighting against its enemies. On the bottom left side, you will find a list of its included minifigure, including KyloRen wearing his mask. On the right is another fully-assembled photo of the command shuttle, but this time, it’s smaller and against a blue backdrop.

On the top of the box is your usual Lego logo, followed by the Star Wars logo, and KyloRen’s mask.


The back of the box includes a little more detail regarding the Lego 75014 – In the middle of a box is yet another picture of the assembled command shuttle, except it is now parked on the ground with the forest surrounding it. Five out of six minifigures are also in full display, with General Hux taking full command of the vehicle. From the looks of it, all of them are set to take part in a huge battle! On the left side of the box are three smaller pictures showcasing a couple of the features that you can enjoy with the Lego 75104. The first one has a monochromatic, x-ray like picture of the shuttle, and the second picture features the back of the shuttle, accompanied by the KyloRenminifigure and his famous lightsaber. The final picture also showcases the backside of the shuttle, with a green tube attached to it – This most likely represents the lasers that shoot out from the actual shuttle in the films.

Meanwhile, two more pictures can be found on the right side of the box – The two jets located once again on the backside of the shuttle, and a diagram showing the model’s expandable wings. On top of the box are the Lego and Star Wars logos, while a list of the minifigures’ weapons are displayed right next to it, replacing KyloRen’s helmet.


When you open up the box, you will find nine numbered mintpacks: Thesehold both the larger pieces needed to assemble the model, as well as the bags that contain the tinier Lego pieces, the accessories/weapons for your minifigures, and the minifigures themselves.Also included is a booklet of instructions on how to assemble the Lego 75104, also sealed in a mint pack with an accompanying cardboard protector.There are 1000+ pieces in total. No stickers are available for this particular model, as compared to Lego’s other releases.


If this is your first time assembling something of this magnitude, then don’t worry – The instructions are highly detailed, and you’ll be enjoying and playing the Lego 75104 in no time at all. While assembling the model, you will sometimes feel like you’re assembling the command shuttle itself – Except it’s made completely out of Lego blocks, instead of metal. The instruction booklet might be a little on the thin side (only 164 pages long), but it’s surely helpful. Also included at the end of the booklet are promos for other Star Wars-related Lego products, including Poe Dameron’s X-Wing Fighter spaceship.

Keep in mind that the fourth and fifth mint packs have the same content: This is used to construct symmetrical components for the shuttle.


If the contents for the first packet are assembled properly, it creates the base for the command shuttle. This particular packet also comes with a replica of the KyloRenminifigure. His minifigure comes with a tiny black hood headpiece, and a Stormtrooper Officer.

The second packet for the Lego 75104 assembles another portion of the shuttle. Its side panels and pilot controls are correctly locked into place for the cockpit. You might also have to lay down the 1x2 bricks, which, if assembled, create the face of the cockpit.


The body of the cockpit arrives with the contents of pack number three. The complete built is structurally integrated, not to mention very sturdy. For this packet, the accompanying minifigure is General Hux.



And now we arrive at packet four – This one showcases the completed build for one of the shuttle’s shorter wings. Two shorter wings are required for the shuttle to be completed, and this is the reason why the Lego 75104 comes with two packet fours. The accompanying minifigures for this one are two members of KyloRen’s First Order Crew. Both shorter wings are built going upwards. Packets five and six only contains more parts to assemble the wings.


When the shuttle is completed, you will notice that it is much bigger and more detailed as compared to the other command shuttles out there, much like in the film. It also carries a similar look to the Emperor Palpatine Shuttle and Darth Vader’s TIE Fighter. The Lego 75104 is fully integrated and highly strong for a Lego model. Pulling a trigger at the back of the shuttle expands the model’s wings, which can go up to forty centimeters in full length, making you feel like this particular shuttle is truly meant to be launched into hyperspace.


If the wings aren’t extended, the command shuttle gives the impression as if it’s casually cruising along the galaxy. We can see that it comes with its own set of high-tech weapons, including shooting missiles and blasters, which you can fire at opponents with just a touch of a button. The cockpit might look a bit cramped, but trust us, it’s enough to fit in all six minifigures with a little bit of space left in. The front side of the pit allows KyloRen to take complete control of the shuttle.


The hatch is also easy to lift up, letting you take a closer look at the command shuttle’s seating arrangements. Being able to fit in all six characters in the cockpit is a huge advantage, since you won’t have to exclude a character during gameplay.


Another storage compartment is located at the back of the command shuttle, which you can lift up and put the minifigures in as well. People are sure to find this certain rear compartment very cool since if you flip it to the bottom, there’s actually one more storage bay that lets the minifigures alight from below.


But as beautiful as the command shuttle looks when fully assembled, there’s still one slightly noticeable thing lacking: Its wings cannot form the V shape like it’s supposed to – This is one of the major aspects of the shuttle in the films, even appearing in the trailer. There’s actually a reason for this: Manufacturers have already come up with the design for the Lego 75104 in 2014, way before the first trailer for The Force Awakens came out. Lego, together with other toy companies designated to create Star Wars merchandise as a tie-in for the 2015 film, began working on the design for KyloRen’s shuttle as soon as the earliest sketches came out. And during that time, the V design for the wings wasn’t even thought of yet. In fact, when other toy companies released their own take on KyloRen’s shuttle, they pretty much bore the same look as the one that Lego made. So technically, no one is to blame for this slight error in the design. If you really want to change the design of the wings, then you have to do it by yourself.


Apart from that, there’s also a tiny inaccuracy found beneath the shuttle’s wings – These come in the form of two tiny flaps. This isn’t even present in the film, nor does it show up in the early sketches of the shuttle either. We can conclude that this was simply placed in by the person who designed the shuttle for Lego. The slopes located at the top of the wings also don’t look like they belong to the shuttle itself, and the color used for the 2x2 slider elements look slightly out of place at times.



The spring shooters hidden at the back of the shuttle also work nicely, without changing the model’s own appearance. Despite the lack of a V shape, the wings still look nice. It’s easy to lower and raise them, although they do fold down instead of telescoping as seen in the film. It would also be much better if they followed a sliding motion once the wings were folded, much like what happens in the film.

According to most reviews, a lot of people do like the central crew compartment, located right in the shuttle’s cockpit – Because, as mentioned, despite its tiny size, it can house all six main characters without leaving one out. There’s even a small space to store in their weapons and accessories. The cockpit itself also comes with its own set of (sticker) buttons. They also liked the plating itself, since it combines darker and lighter greys, and is as accurately designed as the actual shuttle in the film.



Much like the shuttle itself, the minifigures are also intricately detailed, which is highly expected for a company like Lego. Just by looking at the six figures alone, you can already tell so much about their unique personalities, but of course, it helps if you did watch the film. All of the characters in this particular model belong to the First Order, a military faction who is allied with the Knights of Ren. However, one of the downsides of this set of minifigures is that all of them contain the same expression.


The KyloRenminifigure in particular was highly anticipated by both Lego collectors and Star Wars fans alike, since, much like the film, there has been so much mystery surrounding it. This action figures are all sold out in toy shops and collector shops, so it won’t be surprising if this model will gain a high demand among the franchise’s most loyal followers. Despite being small like other minifigures, This design is minimal, yet very sleek. Interestingly enough, his head is also printed with the same pattern seen in the helmet, so you can show him off with either his hood placed up or down. However, there have also been some complaints that the helmet was slightly bulky and oversized. The KyloRenminifigure also comes with his own cape, made from a pliable piece of fabric – Another unique feature, since apparently, this is the only minifigure of its kind so far to be accompanied with this kind of fabric.

Pros: Plenty of attention is given to the model itself, but this is common in all of Lego’s builds. There’s also a decent amount of playability with the Lego 75104, so it’s not just for display. Cons: Not much cabin space has been given, despite being able to fit in all the minifigures and accessories in the shuttle. Also, you might want to save up a little bit if you want to get this particular model, which is slightly absurd since it’s not even 100% accurate as the shuttle in the film.



All in all, the Lego 75104 is a beautiful model that would make a very fine and exquisite addition to your Lego collection, or your Star Wars collection.

Product Overview: Lego 75104 – KyloRen’s Command Shuttle

Product Dimensions: 11” high, 8” long, and 7” wide with retracted wings. 15” high with extended wings.

Item Model Number: 75104

Manufacturer Recommended Age: 9-14 years or older

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