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LEGO Star Wars Battle on Takodana 75139 Review



It’s pretty much a known fact that Lego is fond of distributing some lovely minifigures in each range across a whole amount of sets. This further encourages their fans to go out and buy multiple models of the same build, so they can collect all of the cast members. So it was very pleasing – Not to mention, surprising – To learn that the Lego 75139 included three of the most important characters in the entire Force Awakens film: Kylo Ren, Maz Kanata, and Finn.


And not only that – The build contains an amazing variety of play features and architectural details, all packed into one amazing build. The Lego 75139 lets you faithfully build up as many scenes from the film as possible, all of which take place on the Takonada. But this build is not without fault, and the main emphasis when it comes to destructive play might not be too appealing for certain people.


Let’s discuss the minifigures: We’re going to start with one of the best supporting characters from the film, Maz Kanata. This is a good minifigure in plenty of respects, since the figure comes with a good number of detail printed on both sides of the figure’s torso. There’s also a wonderful head element which contains all of the wrinkles, alongside the headset, as well as a pair of goggles that the character sports in the film. Probably the only issue that people have when it comes to this figure is that the facial expression does not look similar to what Maz Kanata actually looks like in the films. The minifigure just looks plain emotionless. That aside, it’s still a wonderful minifigure and it’s pretty much expected to rake in plenty of cash when someone puts it on eBay.


Kylo Ren, the main antagonist of the films, is a completely intriguing new character. It’s wonderful to see him show up in a less pricier, not to mention an even better set as compared to the Lego 75104 Kylo Ren Command Shuttle. This is pretty much the better variant of the Kylo Ren minifigure, since both his face and his famous helmet are included here, as compared to the iteration of his minifigure from the September 2015 build.


The helmet that he wears looks wonderful – However, the double-sided head looks much better since the two expressions that the figure carries represent his character in a much better way. The long black hairpiece that he wears isn’t really ideal. However, it’s still a good and reasonable approximation of his actual hair in the films, and can’t be bettered without having to create a brand new element.


Apart from the pure simplicity of his leg and torso printing, the Kylo Ren minifigure is still faithful to his movie counterpart. Fans have particularly enjoyed the ragged cape which is wrapped around his neck. This has been constructed from a softer piece of fabric that Lego has used since 2015. It adds in a bit of additional detail to a lovely figure such as this one. And of course, a Kylo Ren mniifigure would not be complete without the help of his cross guard lightsaber, so Lego has thrown that in as his main accessory. This lightsaber of his has a new blade element, which only makes its appearance in the 75139 and the Lego 75104 as of now.

Finn is another important character to the film, so his minifigure has to be included here. He is one of the main protagonists. Much like Kylo Ren, Finn has only shown up in a couple of the more expensive set from the first wave of Force Awakens-related builds. But in contrary to Kylo’s minifigure, Finn’s own looks similar to the one found in the Lego 75105 Millennium Falcon build, with the extra addition of a blue lightsaber.

This jacket looks much better on the front side, as well as the back of his torso. Meanwhile, the printing on his legs is pure black, and does not include any extra details. Finn’s head carries two expressions: The first one is a worried expression, while the second one is of him frowning. His hairpiece looks the same as the one in the film, and also highly versatile, should you wish to use it on another character. It’s not really surprising to find the same hairpiece on a future Lando Calrissian minifigure in an upcoming build. Finn is equipped with a blaster rifle, as well as a blue lightsaber. He can freely battle the First Order from afar, or while in close quarters.

Joining Maz Kanata, Kylo and Finn are two First Order Stormtrooper minifigures. These look the same as the ones that show up in the Lego 75103 First Order Transporter, and are definitely a welcome addition to Kylo Ren’s army. A third or fourth Stormtrooper would have been good, but these two are probably enough. The printed detail looks fabulous, but the helmets are particularly known for being close to the original as possible. These helmets accurately recreate the look of the real Stormtrooper costumes from the film, while still being able to keep a more traditional Lego look after them.

You can find the Clone Trooper heads beneath the helmets. A lot of fans are actually getting slightly tired with how these Stormtroopers look under their headgear, and have often commented that they should be replaced with something generic, but new at the same time. Nevertheless, it’s still so simple and easy enough to dodge this somewhat tiny issue, given that the helmets themselves are more likely to stay on when you play with the set, or put it on display after you’re done building it. Both of these Stormtroopers have their own set of laser blasters. However, one of them has his own Z6 riot control baton which you can assemble quickly with the aid of four small pieces. Although it would have been great to see the shield show up too – But we can only see the baton while it’s being used, so the shield isn’t exactly a necessity.

Maz’s completed castle does look a tad bit similar to the Massassi Temples found on Yavin IV. This model is a perfect representation of the structure, as you can see from the film. The trapezoidal form and diagonal lines of the building are completely replicated with the help of several 1 x 2 x 3 slopes. There are also lots of tinier details included here, and these are details that remain faithful to the film. The complete assembly is taken after the courtyard area of the fortress, and can even be folded into the proper angle to be able to recreate the setting in the film.


A lot of fans were equally impressed by the arched recesses located on the bottom walls, since the film contains a similar feature. The mixture of dark tan bricks, dark bluish grey bricks, and medium dark flesh bricks look wonderfully superb, as well as the textured masonry bricks which are nicely distributed all over the walls. This gives off the impression that the building has been through so many changes. Another thing that the fans like was the usage of uneven colors utilized on the steps, and all throughout the doorway.


The complete architectural look of the build is fantastic, but it’s still filled with loads of play functions too. For instance, you can knock the tree over with the aid of a lever found at the backside of the model. The walls can be made to explode with the aid of a geared mechanism, which is hidden behind the structure itself. There’s still more destruction to be made with this build when you press on a tab that’s found underneath the doorway. This causes a couple of black 1 x 1 rounded plates to burst out from the floor, which gives the impression of shrapnel scattering in the air after a huge explosion.


All of these features have been hidden so they don’t take away your attention from the model’s appearance. However, this is a fully playable build, apart from the fact that it looks pretty. The minifigures can interact completely with the scenery, and you can even rebuild plenty of the action that happens at Takodana just by using this set alone – Even though the TIE Fighter planes, X-Wings, and First Order Transporters must also be involved here too.

The two pillars in front of the build can be removed easily, to give you further access to the doorway. This is one of the best parts of the build itself. The console on one side, as well as the decoration located on top of the doors, are both stickers so they’re easy to apply and include a bit more detail to the build.


This build was just outstanding, and it captures a brilliant scene in the films themselves. The set matches the standard. The collection of minifigures does not include nearly every major character to show up during the battle on Takodana. However, a good majority of them can still be found here, and the scenery is completely represented accurately, especially if you consider the limitations given by the price of the build, and the piece count.

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