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LEGO Star Wars Captain Rex's AT-TE 75157 Review



As most Lego fans probably discussed during the start of the month, there has been a very large wave of Star Wars-related Lego builds released during the summer season. 2016’s set of Lego Star Wars builds were very exciting and filled with details, so there are plenty of things that you can discuss. There are seven in total, but the most prominent one has got to be the Lego 75157, also known as the Captain Rex’s AT-TE build.


The Lego 75157 is based after one of the vehicles from the Star Wars Rebels show, and not from one of the blockbuster films. If you’re a fan of the show, then you will know that most of the vehicles are meant to look menacing, big, and carry a messy steampunk-ish look and feel to them. Lego was able to achieve this wonderful feat, and that’s a great thing. One of the best features about the 75157 is the fact that you can easily squeeze in the previously-released Lego 75048 Star Wars: The Phantom build at the back of the vehicle, once you finish it up. Even though the outside portion looks wonderful, the inside of the set lacks a bit of detail, since there’s not enough room to place stuff in, or throw in a couple of playable features. Another downside here is the amount of large stickers. Even though Star Wars: Rebels is extremely popular with a very young audience, these children could have a very difficult time learning how and where to attach the right parts of the build, as well as being extremely careful with them as they play around.


Apart from that though, the Lego 75157 carries a simple yet highly bold design, and is generally an interesting-looking vehicle. According to the official description taken from Lego’s Website, you can do the following: Save the Empire while riding in Captain Rex’s AT-TE build. The Imperial Inquisitor Fifth Brother, along with his army of Stormtroopers, are attempting to get on board Captain Rex’s modified AT-TE and take over its reins. The 75157 isn’t really a spectacular build when you first lay your eyes on it – However, it’s got cranes, a top-mounted gun, and ladders. You can help Rex, along with his comrades Commander Wolffe and Commander Gregor, prevent the Imperial forces from taking over the galaxy for as long as you like.


Lego has managed to expand the entire Star Wars: Rebels series thanks to a collection of builds that are based after the show, the Lego 75157 being the most prominent one of them all. This particular build was taken from the Series 2 episodes, namely ‘Relics of the Old Republic’ and ‘The Lost Commanders’.


The box is a pretty decent size – It’s not exactly a big one, but wonderful nonetheless. The Fifth Brother is the main minifigure here, and he is displayed right on top of the box. Sitting next to him is a panel that showcases TK and his small army of three clones.


The front side shows the AT-TE engaged in a battle scene. The backside contains several panels, which are filled with loads of technical blueprint-style images – Aft the starboard part of the vehicle, along with six tinier pictures that showcase the build’s play features.


Included in the build is a solid A-4-sized instruction manual.


The expected and average pricing per piece ratio is good enough for a build of this size. There are eight brick bags included inside the box. The first one includes the Fifth Brother minifigure, the Captain Rex minifigure, as well as the base hull of the AT-TE build. The second bag includes the important body parts for the AT-TE. The third one has parts made for the build’s aft body, as well as the ones that comprise of the control room. Bag number four has parts for the forward hull, along with the cockpit.


The fifth bag only contains the six legs made for the vehicle, while the sixth bag has all of the upper side hull panels. Bag number seven includes minifigures of the Stormtrooper, the Commander Wolffe, as well as the portions for the aft landing platform. And finally, the eighth bag includes the Commander Gregor minifigure and the portions meant for constructing the missile rack, the primary cannon, and the forward upper hull.

As mentioned, there are five minifigures included inside the build – And four of them are exclusives to the 75157. First is just your regular old Stormtrooper minifigure, which is highly common in most Star Wars Lego builds. Nothing special to see here. He’s equipped with a blaster. The second minifigure is the Fifth Brother, which is just excellent. The prints found on his body design, along with his legs, are just wonderful, while the detailing on his shoulder armor gives his figure a nice touch. He’s got a double-sided head with both shouting and frowning expressions on his face. He also comes with the traditional Inquisitor circular double-bladed red lightsaber. What’s cool about this certain accessory is the fact that you can clip it onto his back. He also wears a nicely sculpted hat.

We now move onto the clones: Commander Gregor is perhaps the most casual one out of all three of them. He wears a grey tee and sand trousers, and the only element of his Clone Armor is the belt that he wears. He is also equipped with a blaster. Gregor wears a rather stern look on his face, which is slightly weird since he’s supposed to be a happy-go-lucky character in the show. A smiling one would’ve suited him more.

Commander Wolffe is still wearing his Wolfpack Clone Armor. This armor wear detailing is incredible, and his face also comes with plenty of detail. He’s got himself armed with a blaster rifle.

And finally, there’s the Captain Rex minifigure. Much like his friend, Commander Wolffe, Rex’s armored torso also has loads of detailing here, while the expression on his face is wonderfully done. He’s also got his own blaster rifle.

It takes a total of 75 minutes to finish the entire build, without breaks. This just goes to show that the 75157 is a pretty large build in general. Even though Lego has released previous Star Wars sets that contain an AT-TE building kit, since these vehicles got a rather customized nature to it, there are actually loads of differences when it comes to building it, as compared to its past iterations. For instance, building the legs of the 75157 is pretty much the same as its previous versions, but a lot of fans have discovered that the central legs in the 75157 tend to move more freely, which means that the build was much more poseable if you were ever to simply put in on display once you’ve finished building it.

The kit includes a carry handle which you can raise right from the middle, for some quick transportation. It’s a wonderful solid base model for children to play around with. The 75157 does come with loads of tiny detailed pieces which will eventually come off with play, but if you end up facing a 3 or an AT-AT, then the damage brought here is easy enough to simulate.

The build’s interiors include some highly great detail constructed into it as well. Its kit contains a good combination of Lego Technic and simple Lego bricks, along with excellent usage of hinges and angled plates to be able to achieve that look. There are several points from within the build in which multiple pieces are utilizes instead of just a singular one. This could’ve done a similar job to it, which is pretty much curious, to say the least.

There are fifteen stickers included in the build. A lot of fans aren’t really too fond of these stickers, since attaching them to the build is a bit of a chore, but they’re still mainly used here for including lots of detail to the build. Unlike past kits, the tiny control consoles are now connected on printed sloped tiles.

The Lego 75157 is an excellent build in itself, and is surely a good purchase if you’re a fan of the Star Wars Rebels TV series, or the Captain Rex character. This overall design has managed to capture the ironic ‘walking junkpile’ steampunk look of the Clone’s home very nicely. And not just that, the combination of colors just adds to the entire quirky look of the build.

Ever since the Lego 75157 was announced as a build, it had surged to the top of every fan’s wish list. This is an excellent effort on behalf of the entire Lego Star Wars design team, that delivers a screen vehicle to life, but in pure Lego form. There’s a whole array of exclusive minifigures, along with playable features and loads of detailing. The build in itself makes this whole thing a completely great purchase in itself. One can only hope that the early-style AT-AT build will be released soon enough, as a companion build.

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