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LEGO Star Wars Carbon-Freezing Chamber 75137 Star Wars Toy Review




It’s pretty much a well-known fact that Lego hasn’t made too many Cloud City builds for their Lego Star Wars line, thus it has been unfortunately underrepresented. So when the news came about that Lego was planning to release the 75137 Carbon-Freezing Chamber build, the fanbase rejoiced. However, the excitement disappeared as soon as it came when Lego revealed the first few teaser images of the model, since so many fans had hoped for a far more bigger set than this. It has to contain plenty of characters wearing their Bespin outfits, along with a bunch of other exclusive new minifigures.

Since the 75137 contains a piece count of over 231, we’re certain that $19.99 is a pretty reasonable pricing. This has got to be the most affordable Lego set to include a Boba Fett figure – The last time this happened was in 2000, during the release of the Lego 7144 Slave I build. It is expected that plenty of people will be tempted to purchase this build, solely because of that fact. But the main centerpiece of the entire build, according to some fans, is definitely the brand new Ugnaught, another exciting and exclusive minifigure. This character alone justifies the cost of the entire build.



Kylo Ren, the big baddie for the new trilogy of Star Wars films (The Force Awakens, The Last Jedi, and the yet-untitled third film) first showed up on the packaging for the Lego Star Wars sets, and he continues to do so during the past few years. You can see the carbon-freezing chamber against a dim, shadowy background, with several orange lights passing through the floor grates. The light passes through the smoky air. There are four main minifigures featured in the gallery by the bottom side, and a slight blue glow has been used to identify the Ugnaught as a brand new minifigure.


The backside of the box shows off the build’s endless amount of playable features, as always. The whole model is showcased from above, much like a computer readout. Maybe it’s just our opinion, but it would be nice to include a bunch of other posters released in a similar style to this one – Perhaps showcasing some of the bigger sets currently found like the Lego 75105 Millennium Falcon build.


Found inside the build is a singular instruction manual, joined by two numbered bags of bricks. It already feels like there’s a lot going on, thanks to the small size of the build itself. However, this shouldn’t impact the build too much.


The main star of this build is the Ugnaught minifigure. It further increases the amount of species in the Lego Star Wars universe, numbering up to 52. The character’s head piece contains a new mold, and contains loads and loads of detail. The hair, eyes, and nose look fantastic, along with the tiny wrinkles and marks found on the Ugnaught’s skin.

This newest iteration of Boba Fett’s minifigure places together the torso, jetpack, and helmet of the minifigure that comes from the Lego 9496 Desert Skiff along with the legs and cape that comes from his Lego 75060 Slave I minifigure. This is actually a great combination when you think about it, although we figured that this could still be further improved if Lego had included the printed arms from the 75060 build.

There’s also a Han Solo minifigure included – He has appeared in the same white outfit in plenty of other Lego Star Wars builds. In the 75137, he wears a tattered white t-shirt and maroon pants. His head comes printed with dual expressions, like most minifigures. The first expression on his face looks a bit worried, while the other one has his eyes closed, as though he is still encased in Carbonite.


The Han Solo in Carbonite piece was officially introduced in 2010, and it has withstood the test of time as compared to the other Han minifigures. The print and the mold of his body does give off a rather detailed piece, which look absolutely fantastic from all angles. Meanwhile, the clips at both ends let the other minifigures guide Han towards the Slave I and straight towards Jabba the Hutt’s Palace. What’s great about this specific Han Solo minifigure is that he can be fit inside the back of a Carbonite block, allowing you to hide him away.

The main quality of the minifigures are excellent, no doubt, but the Han Solo in Carbonite minifigure had mixed reactions among its fans. It would be great if Lego had released a bigger model of the build, which contains even bigger and better features, alongside a full room instead of just a short section of it. The possibility of including other minifigures from the series, such as Chewbacca, Lando Calrissian, C3P0 and even Princess Leia only increased the frustration of its fans, since the set wasn’t placed in at a higher point.


But the tiny structure of the build which comprises of the entire set is still excellent. There are tons and tons of orange pieces that look wonderful, while the octagon-shaped platform is represented wonderfully. This is excellent, especially when you consider the fact that only one half of the room has been included in the whole build.


There are a couple of playable features included in the 75137. One of the more elaborate segments here allows you to drop Han right into the carbon-freezing area, right before you can rotate the Carbonite element to hide the minifigure. This feature works perfectly and contains the desired effect, even though it would be great if there was a button included that could change the Han minifigure into a Carbonite-encased one with just a single push. Its current mechanism just seemed a tad bit over-engineered, even for those fans who prefer a simple build.


However, this tiny complaint simply pales into insignificance once you learn about the strange feature found at the backside of the freezer. The back of the box contains Han Solo lying down on top of a black hinge piece, which you can either lower or raise up. We’re not really sure what this is supposed to represent, exactly, since all of the possible scenarios from the film are very unlikely.

At first we were wondering whether this feature might actually be an attempt to recreate that chilling torture scene from The Empire Strikes Back. But if this is really the case here, then we have to mention that Lego hasn’t put in much effort into replicating that scene. Maybe it’s just a way for them to store in the Han minifigure when you’re not using him for plays, even though there wouldn’t be any need for movement here. So the figure itself would end up becoming hidden when you place the figure against the wall standing up. This is a feature that is mostly ignored by Lego fans since it doesn’t seem to have a main point, and you can’t even find it in the films.

The Ugnaught gets its own feature here as well, in the form of a simple elevator. There’s also a panel for him to take full control of the carbon-freezing found on the upper side of the build. There’s a staircase here that connects the upper area to the lower side of the build. It utilizes a small smattering of transparent orange bricks, putting it to good use. It’s also connected on a hinge, perhaps as a way to connect the main structure, instead of having to move the steps around. At first, a lot of fans were disappointed by the lack of his tusks, which is one of the Ugnaught’s most distinguishing features. Although when you look back at the film, there were only a handful of aliens who had visible teeth.

Even though the assortment of minifigures included here is mighty impressive, the real carbon-freezing chamber was a bit of a dud, if we were to be honest. It leaves plenty to be desired. A lot of the build’s playable functions are completely entertaining, and we’re pretty certain that the model looks wonderful. However, the entire build isn’t even large enough to completely capture this entire scene from the film. Meanwhile, the bizarre feature found at the back of the build was just a waste of brick pieces and elements, and it completely counts against the entire set as a whole build.

We feel like it would be very tricky if we ended up putting two completed 75137 builds back to back. Not all of us own a second copy of the build, but a couple of modifications would be needed right before you can form the full octagonal shape.

That aside, the minifigures are just superb. And if you haven’t owned a Boba Fett minifigure yet, then the Lego 75137 is the best build to get him. If you happen to do so, then it is suggested that you end up purchasing those builds from 2016 instead, the ones released prior to this one – Even though the prospect of owning an Ugnaught minifigure is just way too tempting.

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