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LEGO Star Wars Death Star Final Duel 75093 Building Kit Review


Lego 75093 Brings a Little Piece of the Star Wars Action into your own Home


Since plenty of us are fans of the original Star Wars trilogy from the 70s, there are a couple of scenes that we regard as being highly iconic. One of these has got to be the final duel between Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader in The Empire Strikes Back. This deals with lead character Luke having to fight two villains at the same time: The franchise’s iconic main villain Darth Vader (who is actually Luke’s father… In case you guys didn’t know yet), and the Emperor Palpatine, also known as Darth Sidious. Another famous scene happens after this fight, albeit a more emotional one: That of Anakin Skywalker finally waking up beneath Darth Vader’s black armor. These two scenes have evoked all sorts of emotions when it comes to Star Wars fans, despite the number of times that they have seen it.

Lego has decided to commemorate this scene by releasing the Lego 75093 – One of the toy company’s many Lego Star Wars sets. This build, known as the Death Star Final Duel, has 724 pieces in total and was released in 2015. Another Star Wars-themed build, the Lego 75015 was also launched in the same year.


One look at the box tells you that this is a huge build, and does in fact share the same Star Wars Rebels layout that comes with all of the Star Wars-themed releases back in 2015. The front side reveals the entire set in ‘play mode’, with the build completely assembled. You can also see minifigures of Luke, Vader, and the Emperor engaged in an intense lightsaber fight. The picture on the lower left corner indicates that the Vader figure currently sports a brand new helmet.


The backside of the box reveals all of the set’s playable features – And the artwork looks nice too. We also took a look at the sides of the box, which showcases the Lego Star Wars minifigures that come with the series. As we mentioned before, there’s a Luke Skywalker, Emperor Palpatine and Darth Vader minifigure, along with two imperial guard figures. Perhaps we think that Vader’s minifigure is the main star of the build, so he is separated from the other figures.


It seems like we’ve got a pretty full box here – Thanks to the massive instruction booklet, the six types of numbered bags, and an accompanying sticker sheet. These stickers were only made for two 1 x 2 x 2/3 slopes found in black, together on the inside of the four 4 x 4 x 5 cylinder quarters. We like placing stickers on their corresponding parts while doing a build, but we decided to apply these to the build’s cylinder parts instead, since they looked very nice.


When it comes to the instruction booklet, we learned that it showcased the same picture as the one in front of the box. It’s pretty huge too – Nearly an A4 size (estimated 21 cm x 29.7 cm) with a harder piece of paper serving as its cover. The cover is so nice, in fact, that it makes a wonderful poster. Pretty much anyone can follow these instructions, although it’s more complex when you compare it to, say, a Minecraft build or another Lego set like the Lego 75055. We like the blue background found in both the instructions and the box, since they’re clear, concise, and very easy to read.

The final double page reveals sets coming from the wave, along with the collectable minifigures.

Much like most Lego builds, the minifigures are the main attractions of the Lego 75093 – Pretty much the crown jewels of this whole build. This particular build contains two imperial guards, a brand new Luke Skywalker minifigure, a new Darth Vader minifigure with two parts of his brand new headgear. We also get a new Emperor Palpatine minifigure. With the exception of Luke, everyone in this set wears a long, flowing cape – So to sum it all up, there are two black capes, and two red capes.

Even though both the Emperor Palpatine and Luke figures have alternating faces, one of the greater details here is that the back of Vader’s head is littered with scars. Not only is Luke the remaining minifigure here to not receive some sort of backprinting, he’s also the one who lacks a cape.

A closer look at Darth Vader reveals that the minifigure is nicely done, thanks to his spiffy new helmet and the prints on his face – If he weren’t so well-known, we would think he was on Luke’s side, thanks to those kind eyes. His head also looks slightly miscolored – In the film, Vader had a bluish gray shade to his head, instead of white, as seen in the figure.


The Lego 75093 comes with a whole assortment of nice bricks that provide plenty of texture to both the bases and walls. This includes the Lego 2877 1 x 2 modified brick, which comes with its set of grills. Apart from that, you can also find two raised arches measuring 1 x 8 x 2. This belongs to a brand new portion of the build, and you can even use it as a spare part from the Lego 42053 Star Wars-themed build from 2014. It’s not common to find this particular part in light blue gray shades. But the thing that draws us in to this set is the inverted dish with handle, measuring 6 x 6. This comes with a Death Star window pattern print – We can be certain that Lego pays particular attention to detail. And what’s better is that there are three of them! And of course, we must not forget the assortment of minifigures that come with the set as well.


A closer look at the bag reveals all of the capes that your minifigures (except Luke) will wear. At the end of the very first bag, there’s the set of bricks that can serve as the middle part of the set, also known as Emperor Palpatine’s throne. Keep in mind that you can extend the front portion of the build – As seen in the second bag of bricks. Also found here is a small lever mechanism whose purpose we will reveal in a moment.


The next contents of the bag reveal a key play feature. In here, we get to look at the lever found on the side of the steps. The left side of the set is created using the third bag, together with the collapsing bridge.


The fourth bag leads us to the right side of the entire build. Another set of bricks made especially for the right side is utilized to create the reactor shaft. Finally, the fifth bag results in the throne room.


Bag number six is for the entrance room for the Emperor’s palace, including its main door and frames. The second imperial guard stands over the door, watching.



Here is the build in its entirety – There are a couple of spare parts left here, but don’t put them in a drawer somewhere! These are actually very useful, especially when you consider the lower half of Darth Vader’s own helmet. You can use it to create a Dagobath Dark Side cave for Luke, as other owners have been doing. We thought this was a creative idea.

We do acknowledge the fact that the build itself looks incredible. An owner told us that he had this build on display in his living room for several months, along with his Lego 76502. Another owner, a father, was delighted at the fact that his children enjoyed his build, and kept playing with it whenever they can.

The wooden doors on the build could use a little more enhancement, but at least it works well – And working doors are always nice. Another amusing quirk with this build is that you can use the reactor shaft as a makeshift garbage disposal.

Overall, the Lego 75093 is an excellent set. Not only is it very playable, it’s also wonderful to look at. The various portions of the set definitely captures the mood and feel of that very scene in the film. And not just that, the detailed figures add more to the set’s accuracy. There are lots of playable features that your children will surely enjoy. This build is a must have, not just for Star Wars fans, but also for Lego collectors and fans as well. Along with the Lego 75150 (Jabba’s Place build), we think this is one of the better Lego sets in the entire collection.


We usually don’t consider static sets, since they don’t seem to provide much value as compared to Lego vehicles. They’re just sitting there – Some owners might also find the spare parts of the build slightly underwhelming, since they assume that these don’t contain too much substance.

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