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LEGO Star Wars Eclipse Fighter 75145 Star Wars Toy Review



Lego has formed a partnership with Lucasfilm and Disney to create some brand new builds for their Lego Star Wars series. This is in partnership with an animated TV series, as well as two other sets that were based after the adventures of the Freemaker family, exclusive characters in the Lego Star Wars universe. The Lego 75145 has got to be the smaller one of the two new builds, which were released in 2016. They both include solid-looking builds, and a host of new minifigures.


The box looks like the standard Lego Star Wars box, whose design was based after The Force Awakens. It showcases the model on the front side, allowing it to take part in an action-packed scene.


There’s a rather detailed scene at the backside of both builds, along with twice the amount of imagery.


The instruction booklets, meanwhile, look perfect – There aren’t any frustrating or difficult steps for you to follow through. The end part of the booklets all contain a bunch of cross-promotional pictures, as well as a checklist of the current minifigures in the whole Lego Star Wars universe. The instructions are all clear and concise.


The 75145 doesn’t even contain any pieces that are difficult to find, or ones that are seemingly unique to the build itself. There is little doubt that the build would contain a decent amount of parts, in case you’re on the hunt for specific bricks or parts. The only parts here that truly stand out amongst the others are the Lego Technic double-sided pin pieces, which come with the middle pin circle at the center.


The Lego 75145 marks the official minifigure debut of the Notorious Bounty Hunter Dengar, which is a surprise since this set is one of the more affordable ones. This version of Dengar’s minifigure includes a double-sided torso printing, together with a great amount of detail. He dons ordinary brown pants, a buildable backpack which you can connect to a neck bracket, along with a long blaster rifle.

His face contains a rather strong resemblance to the bounty hunter in front of the box, whose head is covered up in bandages. However, Dengar’s minifigure doesn’t contain any back printing to it, which is a tad bit odd. He does sport a brand new head piece which everybody first saw in the Lego CMF Series 15, which was especially meant for the guy with the bandaged head.

Narre is a brand new Sith Apprentice who works for the Emperor Palpatine. She hides her true nature as a Sith by disguising herself and pretending to have survived the Jedi Purge. Too bad Lego was unable to include the blue Jedi lightsaber accessory while performing this betrayal.

She wears a double-sided torso with drab gray robes. Meanwhile, her legs contain additional printing to them, incorporating the design of her long robe. Her head is dual-sided as well. One of her expressions is that of a regular Jedi Facial Marking with white tattoos, and a smiling face. The second expression that she carries bears the markings of a Sith as well as a rather grumpy look. Other accessories include a black hair piece and a blue hood for various looks. Narre also carries a red Sith lightsaber, which contains the Asaji Ventress’ hilt piece.

Narre’s blue cape is constructed out of brand new material, allowing her to keep on wearing it while she is placed inside the cockpit of her brand new Starfighter plane. This won’t cause it to loose its overall shape. Narre is a nice new character and we’re very glad that Lego has decided to include her in the Lego Star Wars series.


The first bag lets you construct Dengar’s Swoop Bike. Afterwards, you can begin building the Eclipse Fighter’s cockpit. The Swoop Bike’s build looks mighty impressive after it’s been constructed. We really enjoy the fact that it’s a unique build, as compared to the various Speeder Bike builds as compared to the othes. When it comes to building the 75145’s cockpit section, you won’t find any part that is seemingly difficult to construct. In short, this segment is a rather straightforward kind of build.


The second part of the entire build now contains the 75145’s skeletal structure, notably, its wings. Here is where a couple of the build’s placement parts must be placed in on the exact spot. If you’re an inexperienced Lego builder, then this part might seem a bit frustrating, not to mention, tricky. That’s because you cannot secure the Lego Technic parts until after you have constructed the wings, since they do tend to flop around a lot while you transport the build around, constructing each part while you move from one segment to another.


After you are done constructing this part, you must now secure the floppy bits with even more Lego Technic bricks and parts, solidifying the whole thing. However, the placement of the parts must also be exact so it can work properly.


The third bag utilizes the Narre minifigure. You’ll also get to finish up the build’s wings through throwing in the external detailing parts. This part of the entire build comes in rather quickly, and it doesn’t contain the same floppy bits while you attach and build all of the detailing pieces to finish off the wings. This part of the build shouldn’t take too long to assemble.


Dengal’s Swoop Bike, after it has been constructed, seems like a rather decent build all in all. Probably the only single flaw in its design that could be bothersome for certain fans is that Dengar has to stand up to ride his bike, instead of sitting down like with other Speeders of the same size. That aside, the Swoop Bike is a fun little model that’s also fully playable.


Meanwhile, the Eclipse Fighter build was specifically created for the Lego Star Wars-exclusive, Freemaker Adventures. The overall look of the build truly captures the design of the real craft quite nicely. The ship carries a Sith-inspired look with loads of red and black parts. There were a couple of design cues that did remind us a bit of the Starfighter that General Grevious uses – Notably in attack mode, in which the wings sweep in very closely towards the chassis in order to gain access to the friction-based launchers.


The Lego 75145 is a fantastic-looking ship overall, and isn’t really bogged down thanks to several awkwardly-placed playable features or whatever else. The build is fantastic, and really fun to play with. You can also find a storage clip for Narre’s lightsaber, while the cockpit is able to hold in just one minifigure without any problems at all. The Starfighter looks good, and is generally an incredible model. The Eclipse Fighter is the main star of the build.

The Lego 75145 is one of the best offerings from the Lego Star Wars series. We highly suggest purchasing this build, since you can only improve a handful of things about it. First of all, there’s the issue with Narre’s blue lightsaber. The other problem here is that there are only two minifigures in a Lego set that costs over $30. With this pricing, the average Lego build contains at least three minifigures, so this situation is a bit unfortunate. But we can still get past these kinds of issues, since the set is nicely executed and well-designed to boot.

The Eclipse Fighter build, meanwhile, is a bit odd, if we were to be honest. It’s got a rather solid build to it, so kids can take it everywhere and fly it around the house without the build falling apart. The entire front slides forward, allowing it to activate the entire swing wing mechanism, and shows two spring loaded missile launchers. There’s also a clip found beneath it for storing lightsabers. The cockpit can only seat in one minifigure at a time. Meanwhile, there are four types of stabilizer wings on the rear end of the build, which you can place into any position that you want.

But there were still several issues in regards to the 75145. For instance, its wings are rather heavy after they have been built, and have the tendency to pull down the support struts. This causes the build to lose its shape and stay out of line. The cockpit itself is also on the shallow side, does not contain any controls whatsoever. Narre just lies back in there, which is a disappointment.

Thanks to the build’s wing mechanism, the size of the build changes, so it goes from over 17.5 to 20.5 centimeters long, 18.5 to 23 centimeters wide, and seven centimeters tall.

The Swoop Bike is a lovely vehicle that includes control grips. Once again, you can place these grips into any desired position. This can only fit in just one minifigure, contains steering vanes as well as control grips. There’s a tiny clip located at the backside, meant for storing weapons in.

The build overall measures nine centimeters long, six centimeters wide, and four centimeters tall.

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