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LEGO Star Wars First Order Snowspeeder 75100 Building Kit Review


The Lego 75100, also known as the Lego First Order Snowspeeder, is a set that includes at least 444 pieces. This is one of the first few builds that was released when Star Wars: The Force Awakens came out. This vehicle was not spotted in the official Force Awakens trailers, nor has it shown up in official images. So because of this, there’s not a lot of things to compare it with, especially in regards to how accurate the build looks with its film counterpart. However, it does strike a decent balance in between sleekness and utility.

This set is priced at around $40. So in connection to the amount of pieces that the build contains, it’s pretty much an excellent deal. But the official images given out by Lego make the entire speeder look much tinier than it already is – So it’s more like a set of half of the price. Those who have completed the build have agreed that the 75100 looks so much more impressive in real life – But it does have its own set of faults, which this review will talk about.


First, the box: The artwork is very striking. It includes the Snowspeeder passing through the plains of the unnamed ice planet, which has actually appeared in both of the official film trailers. The brightness of the background looks wonderful when you place it on a shelf – Especially with the huge contrast between the colors used for the Snowspeeder, and Kylo Ren’s dark, brooding image located on the border across the top side of the box.


The main look of the backside of the box has been given an update, especially since there’s a new film coming out. It now contains a gallery of accessories that the minifigures own, along with the shots of the set in action. The technical images on the corner have captured the attention of many a fan.


There are four variants of numbered bags found in the box, together with a simple instruction booklet and the usual sticker sheet. The manual includes a couple of advertisements for past, present, and future builds, together with a shot of all 27 minifigures coming from the brand new range.


There are three minifigures that come with the 75100. The first one of the bunch is the First Order Snowtrooper Officer. He’s got a brilliantly detailed leg and torso area, and also dons a brand new helmet which looks similar to what he wears in the film. The helmet also brings a resemblance to the ones that come with the Phase I Cold Assault Troopers from the Star Wars: Clone Wars builds. Meanwhile, the insignia found on the officer’s armor was directly inspired by the concept artworks for Stormtroopers on Hoth. This design was created by Ralph McQuarrie, and was made for The Empire Strikes Back.


Apart from the red pauldron, which signifies the Snowtrooper’s high ranking, there’s also a backpack that’s tied around the minifigure’s neck. This is comprised of a black neck bracket, along with a 1 x 1 tile that includes a couple of detailed designs. A piece of fabric kama is wound around the officer’s leg. He also comes with a black and white weapon, which consists of a white lightsaber hilt and the typical pistol.

The set of standard Snowtrooper minifigures bear a similar look to their commanding officer. They all wear identical torsos, helmets, and legs. The three of them all have the same face which has been used previously for Clone Troopers. This was, admittedly, a tad bit disappointing since these soldiers all happen to be human recruits from the film series. It was probably easy for Lego to include this type of generic look.

Both lower-ranked Snowtroopers come with their own blaster rifles. They also have kama wrapped around their legs, and carry a backpack – Kind of like the Snowtroopers from the first three films. Also included are two spare printed tiles, since the minifigures have been dispersed in between the first three bags.


Since the piece count of the 75100 is already high enough in relation to the model’s size, constructing the model should be at least intricate and very dense. However, a quick look at the bag actually reveals the opposite – It’s as if the main hull of the vehicle has been built rather quickly with the help of bricks, layered plates, and hinges. The slight angling of the speeder’s armor looks rather fantastic, and a couple of studs have been exposed right on the outside. This gives the build a very realistic look, which is aided by the mixture of both light and dark greys.


Next, the sides are constructed going further upwards, as the panels are all connected to each bracket. The eight stickers included in the build will now be used in this section. Don’t worry – They’re all very easy to apply, and even include loads of attractive details to the build. There are absolutely no complaints here regarding the build.



The set has been flipped upside down, while the Lego Technic elements are built to create a mounting for the set of wheels underneath the build. This part of the build may make the 75100 look rather unsightly at first, but then it is later hidden thanks to a pair of curved wedges. These are added on either side, transforming the model into something sleeker.

The next part of the build involves two side pods, and each of them hold a multi-stud shooter. These are also plugged straight into the Lego Technic parts of the model, and utilize a couple of the SNOT constructions to build the flaps on the outer portion of the engine.

Radiator grilles are thrown in to the front and back sides of the model, and once more, the studs tend to face sideways. The gun turrets, which all point forwards, is perhaps the final part of the speeder to be constructed. And with that, the model is officially done!

If you take a closer look at the box artwork, you might feel that the set looks a tad bit small in comparison. The first thing that caught the attention of most fans was that the Lego 75100 was actually not a tiny model – Especially when you see the completed build in person. The thing measures 22 centimeters in length, which is pretty much the same as the Lego 75082 TIE Advanced Prototype. It might even be too big for your minifigures to live in. As mentioned during the start of the review, this particular craft has yet to be seen in the actual film, but a lot of fans feel like it’s going to be one of the more lighter vehicles, than what this set has suggested.

The size of the model has allowed the designer to throw in a huge deal in regards to detail, as well as the host of play features. Its trans-clear wheels let the 75100 hover all over the battlefield, and are pretty much invisible from most of its angles – Even though it is suggested that you display it on a lower shelf instead to completely hide this part.

The vent coming from the front side of the Snowspeeder splits up the colors of the model in a rather nice way. However, it has not been incorporated into the bodywork too well, since it should be positioned back further right behind the slopes. The side portion of the radiator belongs to the sensor suite. Meanwhile, located above it is the mounted deck cannon. The 75100’s medium blaster comes in both black and white – Much like the weapons from the First Order. You can place this in a vertical direction. However, it does not even rotate too much which is a disappointment, since it completely restricts the arc of fire made by the stud shooter on top of the build.

There’s some extra ammunition made for the stud shooter, and the ones found on either side of the model has been stored into the three crates located on the speeder’s deck. The stud shooters found on both sides of the build aren’t even going to be around that much in the actual film, but they’re still an excellent play feature, and look good on builds like this one. The air brakes are also located on the engine pods, which you can angle around for tighter turns.

In all honesty, this looks like one of the lesser interesting sets based after the Star Wars: The Force Awakens theme. It does say a lot more regarding the quality of the range instead of the set’s weakness, and this makes the Lego 75100 quite impressive.

The design of the craft looks wonderful, even though the absence of a windscreen is a major flaw, especially when the build flies through harsh blizzards. The Lego version contains a couple of playable features, and is a nice model to display on top of a shelf – Even though the lack of an opposition for the Snowspeeder has limited the build’s general value.

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