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LEGO Star Wars First Order Transporter 75103 Building Kit Review



Star Wars … just when you thought the trend was fading, it emerges again. If you’re a Star Wars fan, that is good news. As new Star Wars movies are hitting the web, more obscure Lego models hit the market. Today, we are going to be reviewing the Lego 75103 set!

This set certainly doesn’t lack any action – it is packed with action, such as the transparent wheels, working ramp, a pilot cabin, a removable top screen and dual-stud shooters. With its large rear engines and sleep aircraft carrier design, this one is a tough one to beat.

The Parts

Like most Lego Star Wars sets, this set right here has a nice selection of parts, including an array of pieces useful for building, unique Lego Star Wars minifigures and a lot of weapons.



The front of the box is pretty detailed, with a banner that features Kylo Ren. At the bottom right of the box (you can see it in the picture we included above), you’ll see the minifigures displayed – those are the minifigures that are included with this set. The box is set on a nice, blue background.

Turning the box over, you have a grid-like overview that shows the set’s features. You have an overview of the included weapons and again, all of the minifigures included.

The Box Contents

Many people want to know about the box contents before they start the build and that is perfectly understandable. As for this set, you have a total of 6 numbered baggies – we cannot stress just how happy these numbered baggies make us. In the past, when we first started out Lego hobby, we tried putting unorganized Lego sets together and it was so complicated …so you should appreciate these numbered baggies. There’s also a bag that contains a sticker sheet and an instruction book. There are four medium to small stickers, so that’s not too bad.

Here’s a look at the instruction manual:



The Minifigures

Speaking in the minifigures, we felt the need to cover those in this review, because we liked them so much. This set comes with a total of 7 minifigures and there are no complaints with that. You have the two First Order Storm troopers, two unnamed Resistance soldiers, Captain Phasma, and the two First Order Flametroopers.

Taking a close look at the Resistance Soldiers, you’ll see some pretty cool looking earth tone outfits. There’s a female minifigure that has an alternate face print with it – the alternate face print could be used after the battle has been won. The alternate print is on the back of the head and it consists of as mile.

Then, you have the First Order Flametroopers – they’re wearing helmets with decent detailed prints on them. The helmets are a great representation of the helmets they wore in the movies.

As for the First Order Stormtroopers, those are currently an exclusive to this set and they are also wearing new helmets.

In some of the other reviews posted online, we noticed people were complaining about the heads on the minifigures – they don’t like how they have the same Jango Fett head, but we personally don’t see this as a problem.

Captain Phasma is an interesting minifigure that is included in this set – the head is completely black and while we would have preferred a chrome version of this one, we really like this minifigure (it’s our favorite).

If you’re familiar with Lego minifigures series 15, then you’ll be familiar with this set.

Here’s a picture of the minifigures that are included in this set:


Transport Design


In this set, you will have a couple of unique prints and pieces that are worth pointing out. In this set, the First Order Flametrooper torso and helmet is exclusive, making it a valuable minifigure. Captain Phasma is another unique one as it sports a pearl silver Stormtrooper outfit and a nice new cape. The cape is black with a red border, which make it stand out as it’s draped over her left shoulder. She is also holding a pearl silver blaster, which is a new color for this piece.

The Resistance Soldiers also have new torso prints and titanium metal blasters that have never been displayed in this color before. Playing with the minifigures and all of the features is really fun – it reminds us of the Lego 75104 simply because it is so fun to put together and play with.


The set moves easily on solid surfaces and once it is put together, there’s a large array of adventures you can act out. Using the cargo ramp feature, for example, you can board the vessel. You can surprise those Resistance Soldiers with the nice pop-up turret and launch some missiles into the air …honestly, this is never going to get old.

Lego used a cool technique to separate the wing pieces – they used black teeth pieces, making it easier to line them up properly when putting them together.

However, despite it all, there are a couple of downsides you may experience when putting this kit together – you’re not going to notice these downfalls until you are actually sitting there, building the kit. For starters, the pilot cabin’s windscreen isn’t see-through. Instead, it is black in color. However, to make up for this, there’s a sticker included, which makes it look like tinted glass, so it’s not really that big of a deal. The Technic contraption that is used in order to close the cargo door can also be seen from the front of the model once it is put together, which kind of bothers us. The back also has visible Tecnic bars, which is also annoying.




When it comes to customizability, you’re not really going to get a lot of that in this set. However, there is a whole lot of play features that you can take part in. There’s a cool ramp that can move down, a couple of compartments that you can open up and a top panel that can be removed for easy access.

A Look at the Unique Capabilities


Mind you, like the Lego 75105 set, this one has some pretty interesting tricks to show you. When you turn the knob on the side of the vessel, a minifigure will pop out at the top. If you have children, they’re going to love this “jack-in-a-box” feature.

The transparent wheels are another great conversation starter. Lego did a great job with adding these as it’s a nice touch. These wheels make for smooth movement while on flat surfaces. As it’s moving, it gives off the illusion that it’s hovering, because from an angle, the wheels aren’t even visible. This is much better than the past approach, which involved using boat studs.

You can adjust the engine flaps on the back of the ship. Looking at the storage room, it’s surprising how much it has. When you remove the top panel, you’ll find a spacious cargo hold, which is useful for holding all of the troopers as well as Capain Phasma herself.

If you count the gunner compartment and the pilot’s cockpit at the top, this means that there’s a place to store all seven of the minifigure. Speaking of the cargo hold, if you pull a lever on the back of the ship, the ramp up front will come down. Pushing this lever will close it.



Would we recommend this set to our friends? Of course we would! The price is unbeatable and very reasonable. We believe the minifigures are the greatest feature of this set. You have a variety of troops and Captain Phasma – you cannot go wrong here. Captain Phasma is an important character in the movie, so she is a must-have figure. The First Order Stormtroopers and Flametroopers are also a must have. Yes, this is a troop transport set, but we feel that many times, those are the most enjoyable to play around with. There’s not many sets out there that have play features like this one right here – look at Lego 75054 and Lego 75105 as an example of some good features. Between the firing missiles, moving ramp, rolling wheels, pop-up-turret and adjustable flaps, you have a whole lot of fun packed all in one right here.

Also, we cannot forget about the level of detail – it’s excellent on both the interior and exterior. Despite it all, if you’re looking for a Lego set that is super fun to put together and has some good “re-play” value, then this set right here might just be a viable option for you.

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