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LEGO Star Wars Imperial Assault Carrier 75106 Building Kit Review



When it comes to putting together Legos, there’s just something about the process that helps relieve stress …this is why many people have turned Legos into their hobby. Mind you, when Legos first started out, they had children in mind, now, there’s sets that are particularly aimed for adults, more and more adults are starting to take part in this ever so popular hobby. There’s many cool Lego sets available, like the Lego 75054 Star Wars, Lego 60095 Lego City and the lego 76023 Superhero to name a few. While many are busy putting together Lego City sets (we were there for a while), there’s others that are enjoy the Lego Star Wars sets. If you are a fan of Star Wars, then we highly recommend the Lego 75106 set.

Lego 75106 is the Star Wars Imperial Assault Carrier set and it is based on one of the Empire’s ships from the TV show “Star Wars Rebels.” If you watched the finale of season 1, you got the chance to see the spaceship up close there. In this review, we’re going to tell you about the build, minifigures, main attraction for us and much more, so pay close attention to what we have to say …


The Box

Looking at the front of the box, you’ll learn quite a bit. For starters, this set is recommended for the ages 9-14. However, this doesn’t mean adults cannot enjoy this set as well – we’re an adult and loved this set just as much as we would have if we were a kid. Next, you learn the amount of pieces this box contains. There’s a total of 1216 pieces in all in this box – that is a whole lot of pieces that you will be putting together. You know what that means? That means you’re going to have a lot of fun, just like we did!

On the front of the box, you’ll see a picture of the ship itself as it’s flying through the air. It looks really cool and we must admit, that is what caught our attention in the beginning …that and we’re a major fan of Star Wars. Also, on the front of the box, in the bottom left hand corner, you’ll see a picture of the minifigures this set comes with.


Here’s a picture of the front of the box for you, so you can see what it looks like with your own eyes:



Flipping the box over and looking at the back, you’ll see some action taking place as the features of the set unfold before your eyes.


Here, let us cut to the chase and just give you a picture of the back of the box so that you can see what’s going on yourself:



Opening up the box, it becomes obvious that there is quite a few pieces here. Here’s a picture of when we opened the box up:



As you see, there’s also Lego building instructions (of course there is, no set is complete without Lego Instructions. We wouldn’t expect you to figure it all out yourself …although, that would be a major challenge. We tried to put a Lego set together without an instruction booklet before and we must say, it was merely impossible. So yes, Lego Instructions are definitely the main aspect of a Lego build because without them, you would be lost).


The Minifigures

If we were to pick out the main attraction for Lego 75106, we’d have to choose Sabine Wren, who is a female Rebel fighter. She was previously released in another Lego Star Wars set, but this time, she comes with her distinctive Mandalorial armour helmet, which we think looks pretty cool.

Sabine is outnumbered by the Empire this time, as this set comes with a total of five other minifigures – all of them imperial. You have Agent Kallus, an Imperial officer, an Imperial Astromech Droid (also known as R2 unit), 2 x Tie fighter pilots.

With the minifigures, we must say, we were pretty impressed due to the fact that there is a range of different minifigs in this set. As expected, the minifigures here look amazing and we were glad Lego finally decided to produce Sabine with a helmet. However, many believe this is irritating because you can only get Sabine with her helmet in this set. If you want Sabine with her helmet alone, you’ll have to pay a pretty chunk of money for it. Apart from the amazing minifigures, there’s a great selection and incredible detail, as expected.

Here’s a picture of the minifigures, which we feel look amazing – we lined them up in front of the minifigures posted on the box so that you can see how they look in comparison to what they’re supposed to look like according to the box (we believe Lego did a great job at this):




The Build Process



Above is a picture of what the set looks like once it is all put together – pretty cool, right? When we first got the box, we realized that this is a large set. It really is, it comes with over 1,200 pieces. To finally get it assembled, it took us a couple of sessions as we followed through the Lego building instructions. The Lego Instructions, by the way, was a 170 page booklet.

This set was fun to put together – there’s a nice combination of standard and technic elements. If you have a little one, you should pull them in to help you put this set together (that’s what we like to do). Even if you have a 3 year old, it’d be a good idea to pull them in to share the build experience with you. No, the 3 year old won’t be able to put it together, but letting them assist you with building will help the child develop motor skills, patients and learn how to follow building instructions properly.

We forgot to mention, once you open up the box, you’re going to find a total of nine numbered bags. We really like how the Lego Company always puts their parts in a bag – this is a great way to stay organized. Really, we couldn’t imagine opening up a box and finding all of the parts combined in one – that would be a big mess. So yes, we are definitely thankful for those plastic bags Lego includes.


Here’s a picture of the back of the ship – we took it while we were putting it together:



The blue in the jets really make the ship stand out. We believe this was a good feature.

Here’s another picture we took as we were putting the set together:



Once you are finished building the Lego Imperial Assault Carrier, you are going to discover a variety of neat extra moving parts and elements. To give you an idea, we came up with a list of the extras that we really liked:

  • A missile launcher – there’s a locker for spares included as well
  • 4 releasable mini Tie Fighters – this is a fun feature
  • Removable top
  • Mini cannon turrets that rotate – there’s also storage for spare ammo included in this set
  • Hinged cockpit


Along with these features, there’s a hook as part of the structure, making it so that it can fly around.



We noticed this set has a dual scale element – the Tie fighters are smaller than the Tie Fighter pilots, which is a good thing …honestly, we really liked this type of approach and believe it was well thought out by the Lego team.





We’re just going to go ahead and say it – we really like this set. When we first learned about it, we weren’t sure what to think about it. In fact, we were a bit hesitant when it came to buying the product. However, once we opened it up and saw everything unfolding in front of us, we definitely did not regret the purchase. The Lego Star Wars minifigures that you find in this set are pretty cool, especially the female Rebel fighter, Sabine Wren, because she has that Mandalorial armour helmet on. If you want this minifigure with the helmet, instead of purchasing it separately, we recommend going ahead and purchasing this set. Then, you have both the unique minifigure and something fun to put together. Once it was put together, we must say, we really were impressed by the size of the product, because when we looked at imaged online and the images on the box, it made it look much smaller than it really is. Once the build process was done, we couldn’t think of any major flaw in this set, which is not common because we can usually come up with at least one flaw.

So yes, this is a very good set and it is well worth the price. The cool minifigures really make this one stand out from the crowd. Truly, we really are impressed over this set and look forward to building the next Legos set on our list, which will probably be one of the Lego Star Wars city sets as they’re really fun.

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