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LEGO Star Wars Imperial Shuttle Tydirium 75094 Building Kit Review



If you’re a Star Wars fan, you’ll understand just how important the Imperial Shuttle is in the Star Wars series – it’s certainly not something that’s going to disappear. It was in Episode VI a couple of times and it has been released by Lego numerous times. You have the classic 2001 one, the 2005 one, the UCS one and so much more. Today though, we are going to do a review on the Lego 75094 set.


The Box

As usual, the box is square in shape and looks good. Running along the top, you have the Star Wars Rebels branding and we personally like the grey and orange coloring, but if you think about it, it’s not exactly suitable to the set because this is based on the Original Trilogy.

Here’s a picture of the front of the box (you can also see the Lego Star Wars minifigures that come with this set):


When you flip the box over, you will be looking at numerous play features. You will also be able to see what the shuttle looks like when it’s all put together. There’s even some nice shots of the set in action, which makes this Lego set look really interesting – it reminds us of the Lego 75095, but that was a whole other ballgame that we will save for some other day.


The Contents

Inside the box, you’ll find six numbers bags and an instruction booklet that is packed with a nice sticker sheet. Two of the bags have an adjusted design with a new font for the number, which is pretty interesting. We still cannot figure out why bags two and four needed to stand out from the others, but this isn’t a big deal …maybe they decided to change the font, then change it back or something along those lines.

Here’s a look at the contents of the box:



It all looks pretty organized, doesn’t it? Yes, that’s what I like about Lego – they really do know how to organize their stuff.

Here’s a picture of the manual:





The Build


Now, moving forward to the good stuff, we have the actual build. We actually enjoyed putting this set together and don’t really have any complaints about it. The Technic pieces, as useful as they are, formed a nice strong frame for the model. There’s no need to worry, because these pieces are covered by bricks and plates, so they don’t ruin the appearance.


In bags two and three, you’ll be focusing on the fuselage, which consists of providing detail on both the outside and the inside.




You will be building the big dorsal wing using the parts that are in bag four. During this time, you’ll be using a combination of bricks and Technic liftarms, along with white slopes.

After you have the dorsal wing put together, you’ll be working on the folding wings. You’ll be building these using plates.

Last, you’ll be finishing the model up by adding the cockpit section. We personally found this step interesting, because building it was fun. It features a wonderful mixture of Technic pieces, angled plates and slopes that are all put together to form an unusual looking shape. Mind you, being the Star Wars fan that we are, we couldn’t help but to notice the shape isn’t entirely accurate to the film, but that is fine, because it does use some interesting building techniques.






When it came to putting this model together, we were able to do it all in one setting, unlike the Lego 10118, which we had to take numerous breaks to put together. With this one, it took us about 2 hours to assemble the whole model and there were numerous types of construction methods we had to use along the way, so it wasn’t boring. In fact, it was fun from start to finish – nothing with this build was boring, which isn’t something you can say about some of the other Lego sets, like the lego 75102 and the Lego 75095, which had one or two boring moments in there.






In this set, you have a total of five minifigures and at first, they reminded us of the Lego minifigures series 14. All of the minifigures are great, and four of them are actually exclusive to this set.

You have Chewbacca, which has appeared before in another set. The detail of this minifigure has improved as far as the printing goes on the torso and head, as well as the legs. However, the dark tan designs on this minifigure aren’t exactly accurate to the films, but they still look good. As always, the beloved Chewbacca is armed with his bowcaster.

Princess Leia is another minifigure you have in this set and it is a favorite amongst many people. We have to admit, Princess Leia looks pretty cool with a detailed ponch that fits nicely around her neck. The figure is similar to the one that showed up in the Battle of Endor set, except for the extra detail on her torso. A blaster pistol and cookie are included – she will need those for fighting Stormtroopers.

Han Solo is the third minifigure and for the longest time, he has been absent from the Star Wars minifigure section, so we were surprised to find him here. His head and hair piece look the same as always, but the legs and torso have a new camouflaged printing that looks amazing. On the legs, we couldn’t help but to notice the legs have been washed out a bit as it has been printed on a dark surface.

The Endor Rebel Troopers are included in this set – they first appeared in a set that was released back in 2009. These minifigures are wearing the same helped as they were back in 2009, but the torso design is different – there’s a large amount of detail on the front and back of this minifigure.

To represent Nik Sant, there’s a bearded head print. He is wearing a nice jacket over a blue shirt, while the other trooper is wearing camouflage gear. Each one is armed with a blaster and has the same leg printing.




The Completed Model

When you have the model put together, you’ll notice that it isn’t all that large, but regardless, it is still quite impressive. The outside of the Imperial Shuttle has a wide array of details that make it look fairly accurate to how it looked in the film. The inside is also nice, considering the fact that there isn’t a whole lot of room in there.

As for the model itself, it’s very sturdy and doesn’t feel like it’s going to break apart when you move it around. It has just the right combination of smooth surfaces and visible studs. Looking at the guns, they especially look good and you can hinge them so that they adjust the trajectory. There’s two firing missiles that are hidden beside the gun barrels and stored inside, you have two additional missiles.

If you want to raise and lower the wings, you will need to do this manually, which isn’t that big of a deal. Personally, we feel the wings were just the right length. Also, this Lego set doesn’t come with a stand to display the build once it is put together, so you will need to display the model with the wings folded, which isn’t that big of a downfall.

The underside of the folding wings received some complaints – many people said they just didn’t look right because of the various plates that were used in order to strengthen them.

The cockpit is able to fit two of the minifigures inside it and they look fairly comfortable. There’s even some space to put Chewbacca’s bowcaster behind the pilot. The older cockpit design in the past models weren’t as good – they had a printed windscreen panel and not a lot of room. With this one, in the main storage bay, you have a total of three seats, an equipment rack with clips for two guns, a backpack and a box of thermal detonators.




Overall, I really enjoyed the Lego 75094 set and if you’re a Star Wars fan with a knack for Legos, this is something you shouldn’t skip over. There are so many different Lego sets currently on the market, but this one right here is one of the best and as a bonus, it’ll only take 2 hours to put together, so it’s great if you’re looking for something that is quick.


Now, we’re going to leave you with some extra pictures:







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