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Lego Star Wars Millennium Falcon 4504 Review



The Lego 4504 Millennium Falcon is a classic Lego Star Wars build. It was initially released in 2004. This is a set that contains a Hoth version of the iconic Star Wars vehicle, the Millennium Falcon. Minifigures include Han Solo, Chewbacca, a Stormtrooper, Princess Leia, and C3PO. There’s also an E-Web Heavy Repeating Blaster made especially for the Snowtroopers themselves. During its time of release, the 4504 was known to be one of the biggest Star Wars Classic sets out on the market.


The 4504 was one of the most highly-anticipated Lego Star Wars models to date. The Millennium Falcon contains plenty of new features, and a whole host of brand new minifigures. You can open up the triangular plates located on the top part of the ship to see how they’re doing, or take off the entire top to look at the entire vessel itself. Take out the starboard hatch lid and gently lower down the boarding ramp, so your minifigures can hop on in and go on new adventures. Place the Han minifigure in the pilot’s seat, so he can handle the moveable gun turrets – And once that’s done, you’re all set to take off. And once those pesky Imperial Ships reach you, you could open up the port hatch and use that special escape pod to make a quick getaway. If you collect Lego Star Wars builds, then the Lego 4504 just fits right in your alley. The set includes minifigures of Princess Leia, C3PO, a Stormtrooper, Chewbacca, and a new Hoth Han Solo.


The Lego 4504 also marks the first time that a Star Wars-themed build has included flesh-toned minifigures. It has long been discontinued since. The set contains 985 pieces, and forms Han Solo’s Millennium Falcon ship.


We think this build is awesome. There’s loads of interior detail included, like loads of hand tools, the minifigures, and a lovely ramp and escape pod. The hyper-drive area and its gun turret seat, alongside the game table areas look wonderful as well.


Although the Lego 4504 is amazing, we do have a couple of gripes here: For instance, the Falcon’s weight and architecture has the tendency to lend in loads of stress around the area – In particular, the one found below the main gun turret, which normally supports both the rear side and front side of the ship through two hidden beams located in the floor. Unfortunately, the escape pod bay, the roof, and the ramp area do not provide extra support to the completed build.


If you do have plans to display the Falcon at a spot in your home, then feel free to do so – But if you want to fly it around, then this could be a bit of a problem. If you happen to have extra Legos coming from other kits, then you might want to create a hidden chassis made from two long beams beneath the floor, right under the gun turret that goes forward. This can give the Falcon additional support. And there’s also a bit of room on the floor thanks to the sandwiched style of the floor, so nobody will be able to see your mods at a quick glance. However, you might want to remove a couple of the black bricks to be able to achieve this. While we did end up doing this to our own 4504, we created a fenced floor piece that comes with the set, which you can remove in case you want a hidden compartment in the Falcon like in the movies. We were able to squeeze in three minifigures beneath the floor panel. It is suggested that you complete these mods right after you’re done assembling the kit, according to the box and instructions manual – Then return to the mod.


Another gripe that we have with the build was the fact that the hallway that leads to the cockpit doesn’t even exist. What a shame! And finally, the design didn’t even bother to include the laser cannons and lower gun turrets beneath the ship, even though you can easily fix this issue with the help of extra bricks from your other sets.


However, despite the amount of shortcomings that this build might have, the set is still worth the money. In our opinion, the Lego 4504 is one of the best types of Star Wars Lego sets ever released. Your children will love playing with this set, while adults can make several modifications to personalize their Falcon – Much like what Han did in the films.


The pieces found in the Lego 4504 are quite sturdy, but they have the tendency to come apart. These landing struts have popped off several times while completing the build, but that’s not an issue since you can attach them just as quick. The topside panels, which you can hinge open and show off the Falcon’s interior, are quite easy to dislodge – But at the same time easy to reseat, and are large enough to find in case you end up losing them.


We haven’t faced any problems with the gangway linkage. Although it was quite disappointing that the cockpit was jammed, and gaining access to the linkage would need you to disassemble a portion of the build instead of just hinging it, but that’s only a minor point when it comes to this beautiful build. The average Lego Star Wars kit always contains the most unexpected details, and the 4504 is filled with them.


The minifigures all fit nicely with the ones that came from previous Lego Star Wars builds. Han has two headpieces – A parka hood or his own hair, while the rest of the minifigures only come with one. The stormtrooper’s portable cannon blaster is a work of art, since it only utilizes two base parts to coordinate the handgrips, a barrel, tripod legs, and T&E gear.


We have to talk about the sheer size of this build – It is by no means a small build. Plenty of photographers never do justice to a Lego build’s scale and detail, but the 4504 is just amazing. Normally it takes you at least three hours to build it without stopping. The finished model, which contains 985 pieces in total, measures one foot wide and is at least fifteen inches long.


Once completed, the 4504 contains loads of nice little details. And we’re not just talking about the boarding ramp, the cockpit, the engines, the triangular roof plating, the escape pods, the decals, and the hyperdrives. Lego has really outdone itself when it came to the 4504. Its circular shape was created through connecting together a bunch of hinge pieces, which you can fold around its set. These pieces fit each other perfectly, and after you assemble the Falcon, they’re quite nice to look at as well.


What we enjoy here is the model’s quality – But the minifigures themselves are awesome too. There’s plenty of scope when you want to play with these minifigures, since you can open up the Falcon’s roof and set them all in place.


The set itself is large, but it’s not that complicated either. Children as young as nine will be able to assemble it by themselves – Although it may take a while. However, the final build is bulky and complex enough that no child would even attempt to fly it around the house. If you want your Lego build that does exactly that, then be sure to go for the smaller builds. You will never be disappointed when you purchase the 4504 for your child.

We will now be taking a closer look at the kit – This is a brand new kit that contains a whole heap of brand new features. We really did like some of the final finishing touches here more than the ones found in the outer hull. Apart from giving budding ship builders some additional stickers to enhance the Falcon’s look, Lego has decided to dust the ship with vents, grills, an electric blue rear engine, and a radar dish. All of these make up for a wonderful building experience. We want to add here that the engine’s ‘hose’ piece is really tough to fit in, since it just reaches around the exterior up to the two fixing points, where you have to connect it to the hull. This takes plenty of patience.

When you compare it to past and future Millennium Falcon builds, the 4504 has undergone through plenty of changes. Even though you still don’t get the drop ramp feature, the removable gun turrets are still available, along with seating made for two minifigures. This can be used to fight those TIE Fighters from either above or below. It’s also a wonderful addition piece that nobody expected to be included in the set. This is just one small portion of the entire Falcon experience. The 4504 is also longer with a bunch of additional brick rows added to the two prongs going forward, and several detail changes found on the upper portion of the hull sections.

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