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LEGO Star Wars Millennium Falcon 75105 Building Kit


There’s the group that have seen “Star Wars: The Force Awakens,” and then those that have been waiting to see it for the second time. Regardless of the group you fall into, if you’re a Star Wars fan and you have a knack for Legos, you probably enjoy the Lego Star Wars sets that are on the market. From the top of my mind, you have the Lego 10188, Lego 10240, Lego 10221, 75095 and the Lego 75103 sets. Out of all the different sets, today, we are here to give you our review on the Lego 75105 set, which is the Millennium Falcon.

LEGO Star Wars Millennium Falcon 75105


If you’re familiar with Legos and Star Wars, you probably already realize there was a Millennium Falcon already – the 7965 set, which was released back in 2011. However, this one right here is different from the old one – this is a reworking of the original and was created to celebrate the new movie.

Since this is a reworking, you’re going to find some small differences that have been made to the ship and some minor changes to the design.

The Box and Its Contents

Being that this is the biggest of the new Star Wars: The Force Awakens set, it also has the biggest box, but that isn’t all that big of a deal.

On the front of the box, you see a picture of the Millennium Falcon that’s flying over the plains of Jakku. Meanwhile, from the ground, you have Tasu and the Kanjiklub member trying to pursue it.

lego 75105 box


Flipping the box over and looking at the back, you’ll see some nice interior shots of the Millennium Falcon  along with some images that are supposed to resemble computer readouts. All in all, the box is a real eye catcher, but does the product live up to its expectations?

LEGO Star Wars Millennium Falcon 75105  box

Responsible for guiding you through this build, you have a 104 step manual. During the build, we couldn’t help to notice that every single piece is a variation of grey …it has a total of 1329 pieces, by the way. Don’t worry, because all of these pieces have been divided up in to a total of 9 bags.

lego 75105 bags


LEGO Star Wars Millennium Falcon 75105   bags


You have 9 numbered bag and one bag that contains the big instruction manual. With the instruction manual, you also have the sticker sheet. The sticker sheet holds over twenty stickers, which is decent and they are high quality. By this, we mean when we touch them, they feel glossier and thicker than the normal ones and we must add, they are also easy to apply to the build.

Everything except the holoboard and cockpit canopy is stickered.

In bag 3, you have Han and Chewie – about 50 pages into the build, these two guys will come out to play. In Bag 4, you have Finn along with more additions to the exterior and interior of the build. In bag 6, you will start closing up the interior of the Falcon and by Bag 7, you’ll have the upper and lower quad cannons (those show up on page 112 of the manual).
If you’ve built the previous Millennium Falcon set, you’ll find that the 2015 version is very similar to it with minor updates here and there. On the exterior, there are a lot more tile pieces used which shows some less studs throughout the top. Although it doesn’t seem like it when you’re building, I feel there’s a little more greebling in the newer Falcon.

Here’s a picture of the big instruction manual that you will be looking at for quite some time:

lego 75105 instructions

Here’s some additional pictures so that you can see what you’ll be working with:
how to build lego 75105


lego 75105 peice


lego 75105 minifigures

In this set, you have a total of seven neat looking minifigures. You have Tasu Leech, a Kanjaklub Gang Member, Finn, Chewbacca, Han Solo, BB-8 and Rey.

For those of you that are wondering why you have a Kanjaklub Gang Member in this set, here’s a little back story for you. This gang consists of a group of pirates and thugs that are based in Jakku – they’re led by Tasu Leech. The gang, for some reason, used the Millennium Falcon as their base and for that reason, they have been included in this set.

Han Solo

Of course Han Solo is going to be in this set! The Falcon is hardly ever seen in the movies without Han, who is the owner. Since Han first made his appearance back in the year 2000, his minifigure has been through numerous changes. In this set, his head printing and hair color has been updated so that it corresponds with how he looks in the film – on one side of his face, he has a grimace, while on the other side, he has a grin.

Han’s legs and torso also feature new printing in order to reflect his new attire. On the back, there’s a slight creasing in the fabric. Sure, this creasing isn’t really necessary, but we personally feel we would miss it if it weren’t included.


Oh yes, looking at Chewbacca’s minifigure really makes us smile – he aged better than the rest of the crew. He has the same dark brown head he’s always had. Mind you, this minifigure has caused quite a stir, because of the hair on his face – many claim that it should be a darker shade, but we personally feel that it looks good and conveys the idea of layered fur.

As far as the Bowcaster element goes, we were happy with this. It has been moulded with amazing detail.

lego 75105 figures


Chewbacca and Han Solo are quite popular amongst fans, but we cannot leave Rey out of the picture. While we do not know much about Rey, we personally feel the figure looks amazing. The hair piece has been arranged in three buns at the back and looks very similar to how the hair was in the movie.


When it comes to The Force Awakens, Finn is one of the more important characters, but unfortunately, he is only included in the expensive Lego sets. The printing on the torso is accurate and well detailed and the hair looks amazing.

When you take a close look at Finn’s head, you’ll find two different expressions – one of them shows him fairly calm, the other shows him with bared teeth.


BB-8 really captured some attention in the movie, but just in case you haven’t watched the movie yet, we’re not going to go into details. When it comes to this character, there are many products and toys that are based on it. The minifigure in this set has very detailed printing, with different designs inside the four different orange circles on his body.

Tasu Leech

As of right now, we don’t know a whole lot about this character other than the fact that he comes from a group of bad guys – the Kanjiklub gang. Regardless of his roll, we feel that this is a very neat minifigure. The hair looks cool! The leg and torso printing is simple, but suitable.

The Gang Member

The gang member has a more elaborate design than Leech. In this set, he is wearing a nice black hat as well as an interesting eyepatch that has been placed over his right eye. He’s wearing a dark grey jacket that’s complete with a dark tan pauldron.



LEGO Star Wars Millennium Falcon figures

The Build

Did you have a chance to put together the old Millennium Falcon set? If so, you’ll soon discover just how similar this new set is to that one – there are, however, some minor updates on that one. On the outside, you’ll have a lot more tile pieces to work with – this makes it so that less studs are showing.

LEGO Star Wars Millennium Falcon review

The biggest change has been made to the front portion of the ship. When you put it together, you’ll notice that the old fire missiles are missing. Instead, there’s some spring-loaded missile shooters, which you can actually shoot by pressing in the equipment access bay.

lego 75105 review

When it comes to the freight loading doors, Technic beams are responsible for controlling them. They slide forward, which we found pretty interesting.

LEGO Star Wars Millennium Falcon 75105 review


While putting this build together, we noticed another update that we feel is worth mentioning. This update involves the ship’s sensor dish.  The sensor dish was changed to a rectangular one. Do you remember when Lando smashed the old dish into a bulkhead? That’s why a new ship was needed, because the old one was destroyed.

Take a look at this picture – in the upper right, you can see the dish:

lego 75105 price

As far as the cockpit goes, not much has changed. It actually looks the same, even with the printed windshield pieces. On the top and bottom of the Falcon, you still have the neat rotating quad-laser cannons.  Once assembled, you can open up the top turret and find the seating for the lasers, which we feel was a pretty cool touch to the build.

LEGO Star Wars Millennium Falcon 75105 price

With the older Falcon, the builder was able to open up the twelve wedges in order to get inside the ship. When you first get the build together, your eyes are going to drift off in the direction of the new Dejarik board. Instead of being on a sticker, this is on a printed shield piece and is a 2x2 round tile. In the same area, there’s chairs that have some pretty neat sticker detailing that is worth taking a look at.
Taking a look at the engineering station panel, you’ll find that is has been transformed into a one seat console and has a large single sticker.


LEGO Star Wars Millennium Falcon 75105

Moving to the back of the build, you’ll find a hyperdrive that is very detailed – we couldn’t help but to notice this. There’s a couple of lavender colored tiles, complete with a sticker on top of the pieces. Between them, you’ll see a panel that is also stickered.

lego 75105 set


We cannot skip past the smuggling compartment. No need to worry, because your minifigure can still fit inside it. On the opposite side of the smuggling compartment, you’ll find the boarding ramp. Mind you, the ship has low clearance, so you won’t be able to walk your cool minifigure up the boarding ramp. That is kind of disappointing, but personally we feel that it’s no big deal. Now, if this was a problem on the real ship, the characters would have to duck down to get through it.

The Cockpit Area

Once you have the build put together, some of you may have a problem with the cockpit area. Before purchasing this Lego set to put together, we read some reviews where the user was annoyed by the cockpit area. This is something we really needed to see for ourselves to fully understand what the builder was talking about. Now that we have experience with the product, we can relate. The cockpit falls apart easy and when it does, it damages the surrounding parts of the ship. For example, when the cockpit fell apart (it’s held by a couple of studs, so this is expected), one of the walls fell off, which was annoying. After we got the wall put back together, while trying to fix the cockpit, the same wall fell down. Yes, it really was a battle and we got a little aggravated with it.
Also, while we are on the topic of the cockpit, we couldn’t figure out how to get the figures in and out of it, without having to remove the glass covering. This appears to be a problem with this set as many others have complained about this feature. However, having to take the glass covering off isn’t all that big of a deal and will only take a couple of seconds. Yes, this is a Lego set and it’s a toy (mainly a toy for adults), but we cannot figure out how they thought it was okay for the characters to get stuck inside that cockpit the entire flight. What if they had to walk to another part of the ship during this time – how would these characters get out? It could have been a little bigger and could have had a doorway to use.

Take a look at this picture:

buy lego 75105
Yes, that minifigure is stuck inside that cockpit until we decide to remove the glass covering and take him out. It’s like a cage!

The Inside of the Ship

buy LEGO Star Wars Millennium Falcon 75105

LEGO Star Wars Millennium Falcon set


lego 75105 amazon

Now, let’s move to the inside of the ship …it looks pretty cool, by the way. The rest of it contains the living area and from there, we are taken to something that looks like a bedroom. There’s also a large cargo area and a computer station. Looking at all of this, it really is a cool ship and is worth every bit of the time it took to put the ship together.

However, despite it all, we feel as if they could have added just a little bit more interior details in order to really make it stand out from the crowd. Yet, on the same note, this isn’t all that big of a complaint because it is still a cool ship.
We’d also like to mention the hidden compartment that is under the floor. If you watched the movies – are you familiar with the hidden compartment? That’s included on this ship. There’s also a ramp going down to the ground. Both the top and underside have cannons attached and as we mentioned before, the top one has a nice little compartment under it so that the character can sit there and fire them. The laser guns at the front of the prongs can fire, just push through the holes in the top of the prongs – that is something we mentioned earlier in the review, but we felt that it was so cool that we had to tell you about it again.

If you’re familiar with the other models of the Millennium Falcon, you probably already know that the interior portion of the sets weren’t exactly the strongest points. That is where you’re going to be surprised! The  interior aspect of this set right here is the strongest yet, and that definitely surprised us. It looks interesting and colorful and it isn’t too gaudy. There’s plenty of neat details and a nice amount of room to explore. With the crew bunks, hyperdrive, and the smuggling department, you really cannot go wrong.

The New Dejarik table is something that really impresses us. It is made of a shield element, which has an accurate design printed on it. Surrounding the table, you have stickers that replicate the cushioned seats that you see in movies.
The technical station has a neat rotating chair and a big console that looks really cool. However, instead of being a printed piece, it’s a sticker, but that’s okay. Between the cockpit, this seat and the gunnery stations, there are plenty of roles to keep the characters busy.

The Shape of the Ship

LEGO Star Wars Millennium Falcon shop

millennium falcon lego 75105

Looking at the general shape of this ship, we see that it is very similar to the Millennium Falcon. Well, at least when you just take a glance at it. However, if you really study it, you’ll see that while similar, it’s not the same. The angled plates that are responsible for forming the hull of the model have a profile that is shallower than those other sets.

In this set, you have two beds so that Han Solo and Chewbacca can take a nice nap between those exciting missions. However, they are nesting beside the hypderdrive, so the way we look at it, this means there isn’t that much time for these little guys to sleep … but they don’t need sleep, do they?

Throughout the area, you’ll find a variety of cans, crates, and tools.

The Underside

When you look under this model, you’ll see a total of four landing pads, the loading ramp and the lower quad-laser cannon. As far as the loading ramp goes, it’s pretty neat as it can be manually lowered and raised. Yes, you have to do it manually, it does not have an automatic button for this …an automatic button to lower the ramp would have been a cool feature, but really it’s no big deal.

Also, under the ship, there are some Technic elements that are visible, but this isn’t a problem at all. These Technic elements are there in order to add strength to the model. Speaking in the strength of the model, it’s so strong that we don’t mind picking it up with one hand …we really cannot say the same about the earlier Lego sets and if you have ever put them together, you would understand what we’re talking about.

millennium falcon lego amazon

lego 75105


This build took us a little over 5 hours to put together and that does not include the time we took in order to take a break …we usually don’t put the Lego sets together in one setting. We had the opportunity to put together the last Millennium Falcon when it first came out and without a doubt, we believe this one right here is much better. This is the best Millennium Falcon Lego set that has ever been produced and we don’t say those words lightly. The shape of the model looks so much like the model that we see in the movie and there is just so much fine detail throughout the ship.

With this ship, you also have your fair share of play features and we cannot forget about the sturdy construction that makes us feel as if we can hold it in one hand without it falling apart. You can even turn the build set upside down while playing with it, without worrying about the parts flying everywhere.

LEGO Star Wars Millennium Falcon 75105


lego 75105

Now, let us leave you with some interesting pictures of the build:

lego 75105


lego 75105


lego 75105


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