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LEGO Star Wars Millennium Falcon 7965 Review



The Lego 7965 – Also known as the Lego Millennium Falcon build, is a part of Lego’s very extensive Star Wars-themed sets. It was first released last April 2011. The 7965 marks the third time that the Millennium Falcon has made its appearance in the series – The first one being the Lego 7190 Millennium Falcon build released in 2000, and the Lego 4504 Millennium Falcon in 2004.


The set includes 1,254 pieces – When fully assembled, it creates a gigantic version of the famous Millennium Falcon from Star Wars. Six minifigures are included. The set showcases a scene in which Obi-Wan Kenobi goes on a duel with iconic Star Wars villain Darth Vader, while the Millennium Falcon escapes the doomed Death Star in the very first Star Wars film, A New Hope.


The exterior portion of the Millennium Falcon includes a cone-shaped cockpit attached to a slanted wall. This wall is then connected to the build’s main body, which leads up towards a long cylindrical tube that reaches upwards to the central turret. The build contains huge wing pieces, which become the ship’s upper hull. These can be turned upwards to show off the 7965’s interior. There’s also a rounded antenna dish located on the ship’s right side. These round dish pieces are supposed to represent the vents located on the upper hull’s rear side.


Right in the middle of the interior, you can find a dorsal gun turret, which has the ability to rotate to 360 degrees. This also works as a ventrally-mounted gun turret Right over to the left side of the turret is a removable smuggling compartment, which allows you to fit in one minifigure. In the front side is an engineering station along with a dejarik table, which can seat plenty of minifigures. There’s also a more open area that houses the hyperdrive. The cockpit area fits two minifigures.


Are you all set to repeat or change Star Wars history and help Obi-Wan Kenobi defeat Darth Vader and his forces? If so, then prepare yourself for a battle of intergalactic proportions. The Lego 7965 takes after the Death Star escape scene from Star Wars: A New Hope. This build contains some really amazing details to be had, which includes the hull plates which you can open up to reveal a wonderfully-designed interior, a rotating quad laser cannon, and twin flick missiles. Also included is a detachable cockpit cover.


The minifigures for this build include Chewbacca, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Luke Skywalker, Han Solo, Darth Vader and Princess Leia, with their assigned weapons.


The build has its own opening hull with a finely-detailed interior that is sure to please both Lego fans and Star Wars fans alike. Other accessories include a game board, control panels, a cup, and some chairs for your figures to sit and relax on. The build’s main features include twin flick missiles, an opening hull, and rotating laser cannons.

You can flick-fire those twin missiles towards the enemy, or rotate those laser cannons to shoot. The build measures over four inches tall, and fifteen inches wide.


According to most owners, the Lego 7965 might be excellent – But it’s also got its own set of minor flaws. We like to take a closer look at these Star Wars builds, to see if they have a few pieces lying around which you can use in the far future while building our own creations.


The Millennium Falcon does come with its own set of nice pieces. But after we were through building it, we’re not exactly sure if we’re willing to dismantle the build again to search for brand new parts.


The falcon does take a bit of time to be constructed, so make sure you have enough spare time so you can fully immerse yourself into building it.


Pros: This is the iconic Millennium Falcon from the Star Wars franchise! What more needs to be said? There are also plenty of useful pieces which you can use in other creations, if you want. The build also includes some very popular Star Wars characters, like Darth Vader himself. There’s a clever open-up design that allows you to play those figures inside the fully-constructed ship. The inside of the Falcon is very spacious, so there’s lots of room for you to play. The central gun portion of the build can also be opened up with the help of a removable platform. This is the perfect spot for you to place in your Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker figures.


Cons: Despite the amount of characters included in this build, we feel like they should’ve included an R2-D2 and C3PO minifigure in here too. This might surprise some of you, but these two must be in this build instead of Darth Vader. Depending on how you want to play the build itself, there are actually a couple of structural weak areas located in the ship’s interior. This is the reason why you have to be very careful on how hard you press down on the build’s floor, especially when you’re about to place in the minifigures inside the ship. Another con here is that the build’s landing gears are completely static – Meaning they don’t even fold up. We feel like this actually disturbs the playability of the ship itself.


You can purchase custom mods if you want to enhance the way the 7965 looks – These include modified landing gears which let you fold up the build even more, as well as extra structural support pieces located below the ship. This is meant to address a couple of the weak areas located on the floor.

You can move the flattened 2 x 3 pieces on the individual hinged roof pieces, so they are held better together. This doesn’t affect the build’s roof getting closed down.

This build is a definite must-have for all Lego fans and Star Wars fans as well – It was about high time that we got a brand new Millennium Falcon build. Several fans have saved up for this new build and were more than ready to purchase a box after it came out in nearby toy stores. It may be a bit pricey like most Star Wars Lego builds, but it’s totally worth it.

It’s a very big build so it might take you at least a week or two to complete it. We did expect it to look much smaller after the pictures were released, but the Lego 7965 is indeed a gigantic build. The outside of the build is just as detailed as the ones found on the inside of the build – This makes it seem like it was patterned after the real Falcon itself. For starters, the outside looks amazing, and is one of the many reasons why people do like this particular build so much. The build’s interiors look wonderful too, even though it does come with its own set of downsides. But another thing we like about this build is that there’s a separated room found right in the middle of it – Letting you place in two types of minifigures, so they can operate both the bottom and top sides of the turrets. This room can be accessed from the top side of the Falcon. The control panel looks very promising as well. There are four types of 2 x 2 slope bricks that have computer designs printed on them. Next up are the three different sorts of 1 x 2 plates, which also have images of computers printed on them. If you join these plates together, you can form one huge control panel for your minifigures.

The Falcon’s own hyperdrive has got to be one of the build’s lower points here, believe it or not. When you compare it to the Lego 4504 Millennium Falcon from 2004, that one lacks a bit of detail. But it only beats the 7965 in that aspect. Another thing we would’ve enjoyed here are more options for guns and lightsabers. Even though this isn’t really considered a major problem per se, there’s still lots of room found in the build to do that.

The Falcon’s cockpit is a bit cramped, but you can still squeeze in at least two minifigures here. It’s only hard to close it this way, so the only figures allowed in there are Han Solo and Chewie. To move the ship around, the cockpit has its own computer brick, along with its own lever (a slope measuring 2 x 2)

And lastly, we have to mention this: The Lego 7965 is a very, very sturdy build especially when you compare it to the Lego 4504 Falcon. That feature alone is the reason why so many Lego and Star Wars fans choose the 7965 version instead of its previous incarnations. However, younger children will have difficulty maneuvering this thing around due to its sheer size.

This build is an excellent one in itself, and is fun to build too. The portions of the 7965 were easy to connect to each other, and we did like how detailed the Falcon looked in the end.

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