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lego star wars minifigures


Through the years, Lego has teamed up with some of the biggest franchises in movies and television in order to create models that children and adults alike can build, play, and enjoy. One of the biggest team-ups that the Danish toy franchise has done is with Star Wars – The very first model related to the sci-fi film was released in 1999 (model 7140). For over fifteen years, Lego has released more than 500 Star Wars sets in total. The partnership between Lego and the films has been extended a couple of times. In 2012, both Lego and Lucasfilm (the creators of Star Wars) announced that the license has been extended until 2022.

Lego Star Wars minifigures have always been a delight to collect – And it’s pretty much impossible to think of a Lego model that doesn’t come with at least three minifigures, or even a single minifigure. And as one would expect, the Star Wars figures contain a whole host of characters that are known and loved by not just fans of the franchise and Lego collectors, but from people around the globe. Here are a couple of minifigures released by the Lego and Star Wars franchise, all carrying different designs and evolving patterns throughout the years.

lego star wars minifigures lego 75054The Lego Star Wars minifigures for the Lego 75054 are just as new as the model itself. First up you have the three Snowtrooper Commanders. This minifigure also carries plenty of detail, with a more accurate helmet. There are actually three Snowtrooper Commanders with the Lego 75054. A backpack is attached to all three minifigures, with the help of a neck bracket found underneath the helmet.

Next up is the General Veers figure, who makes his third official appearance in all four AT-AT themed models as of now. In contrast to his previous incarnations, his helmet now comes in blue – Although the mold remains the same. Another thing that’s changed is his expression, now giving off a sour look and sporting some wrinkles as well. The badges on the minifigure’s body also indicate that Veers has indeed moved up the ranks.

Of course, you can’t have an AT-AT model without an AT-AT Driver minifigure. This time, the driver minifigure is much more detailed compared to his predecessors. The printing on his body looks the same as the ones in previous minifigures. His torso sports a sand blue and grey flight suit, with breathing tubes attached to both his backside and front. The minifigure also carries a pistol.
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lego star wars minifigures 75101There are four Lego Star Wars minifigures that come with the Lego 75101 – And all of them come with plenty of superb detail. The first one is a member of the First Order Crew.This minifigure is a character that’s not seen in most trailers or promotional materials – But he carries a rather interestingly-shaped helmet, a combination of the Imperial Navy Troopers and Death Star Gunner helmet. If he does happen to be based on a character in the film, then it’s probably a minor one. This is the same figure that shows up in Kylo Ren’s Command Shuttle set.

One more great minifigure from this set is the First Order Officer. He is wearing a new cap, which comes with a black peak as well as the First Order logo.



lego star wars minifigures lego 75101



The ones that have improved the most are the two TIE Fighter Pilot minifigures, since they come with a brand new helmet update and a newly-painted torso design. Compared to its predecessors, the TIE Fighter Pilots’ helmets sport a much more brilliant look to them. And not only that, the hose strapped to their chest is now lined up together with the figure’s breathing apparatus. Much attention to detail is given on the figure’s legs and hips. However, the only downside here is that the heads normally used for Clone Troopers can still be seen beneath the helmet.




lego star wars minifigures lego 75055The Lego 75055 contains six minifigures, more so than the average Lego set – But still not enough for this particular model. All of them contain new designs. The set includes a pair of Stormtrooper figures, and both of them sport a brand new torso and helmet. This is actually an exact replica of the materials that the Stormtroopers wear in actual Star Wars films. But these Stormtrooper figures do come with a couple of defects – Such as the design getting cut off from its knees.

A newer minifigure is the Imperial Officer. He comes in a brand new shape, which is loyal to the design found in the film as compared to his predecessor figure. His torso is printed with a tunic, a rank indicator, and a belt.

The Imperial Navy Trooper minifigure’s helmet is fit with plenty of detail. He carries the same amount of details as the Imperial Crew minifigure. This figure still looks superb, despite not carrying any new parts.

The Imperial Crew minifigure wears the same hat as the Imperial Officer one, and we applaud this since it stays loyal to the film. The figure wears his uniform of a grey-blue t-shirt with a simple, yet lovely black belt. We enjoyed the little details on his shirt, like the wrinkled fabric.



The most popular minifigure from this set is, of course, Darth Vader himself. He hasn’t gone through much change since his first minifigure came out in 1999 – In fact, more details have been added instead of removed as time went on.





lego star wars minifigures lego 75059lego star wars minifigures lego 75059lego star wars minifigures lego 75059The Luke Skywalker is pretty much the very first Lego Star Wars minifigure that comes with the Lego 75059. He is dressed in his signature Tatooine garb, complete with bandages on his legs, and a brown belt. All of the minifigures here come in a regular skintone, as compared to the signature yellow Lego uses for their other models.

The R1-G4 minifigure, also known as the R1 Series Droid, initially showed up in a previous Lego Star Wars set released in 2005. Of course, much of its look has improved significantly, and its body has now been given a darker shade of green. What impressed us the most were the details found on its head.

Next up is Owen Lars – And just like the film, he’s got a finely detailed face, gray hair, and a hint of stubble. He’s also got a very long robe printed on, that goes right down to his legs.

The Lego 75059 comes with four Jawasminifigures. Much like the R1-G4, there’s been a huge upgrade in their appearance since the first incarnation in 2005. All four of them carry brown capes/hoods, with glowing eyes peeking out from the hood. The differences between the four figures can be found on their torsos. Two of them have the regular bandoliers, while the remaining two have gold spots printed on the left side of the shoulder.

On the upper left is an unnamed R2 droid minifigure – This one is possibly based on the R2-A5 droid seen in A New Hope.
Next is the Treadwell Droid – A general character found in the Star Wars universe. Like plenty of the other minifigures in this set, it has been given a revamp, with better looks. You can move its arms downwards and upwards.

The R2D2 minifigure carries the same look as the one found in the Lego 30244 Jedi Interceptor set – Except this time, its dome is shinier and has a more polished, silver look.
A new version of the Gonk Droid includes a printed tile on its body – And despite not having much character in the films, it’s still an important minifigure to have in the Lego 75059.

Another smaller version of the Gonk Droid is thrown in to this set as well – Details about this particular figure are vague since it’s not even included in the list of main minifigures in the set.

C3PO also gets his own minifigure. This one obviously comes in gold, and even has his own custom-molded C3PO head. There’s also excellent printing on both of his legs and his torso, allowing you to see some of his inner wires.




lego star wars minifigures lego 10179There are seven Lego Star Wars minifigures that come with the Lego 10179 – Luke Skywalker, Princess Leia, Chewbacca, Obi-Wan Kenobi, C3PO, R2D2, and Han Solo.

R2D2’sminifigurecarries pretty much the same look as its past and future incarnations – Moveable arms, a shiny silver dome, and a body with tiny buttons on them.

The Luke Skywalker minifigure looks slightly different to its more modern incarnations – In this particular model, he sports an almost helmet-like hairpiece, which slightly gives the figure an amusing look, in our opinion. He is wearing his Tatooine outfit, and has strapped on a lovely brown utility belt. However, this belt doesn’t even have enough details on it. In the model, Luke is equipped with a blue lightsaber.

Princess Leia’s minifigure actually looks very similar to the other minifigures of her – Much like Han, she carries a gun as an accessory.
There’s also the Chewbacca minfigure. Chewie’s top half is covered with hair, while his legs are exposed – He’s wearing a utility belt like in the films.

The Han Solo minifigure is wearing his signature outfit – A black vest with a collared shirt underneath. He has a brown hairpiece, and is carrying a rather smug expression, which befits his character in the films. He carries with him a gun.
The Obi-Wan Kenobi minifigure is also wlego star wars minifigures lego 10179earing the standard Jedi outfit. He’s got a full-on grey beard, and a grey hairpiece. Much like Luke, he carries a blue lightsaber.

Finally, there’s the C3PO minifigure. It’s probably just us, but the C3PO figure shown in this particular set is slightly slender as compared to previous versions. There are also more details found on his tiny gold body.

The top side of the Lego 10179’s box showcases the entire constructed set – Along with the seven aforementioned minifigures that come with it. Interestingly enough, you can only see five of the seven figures here – We had to bring out the C3PO and R2D2 figures so they can be included in the minifigures’ ‘group picture’.



lego star wars minifigures lego 10240



The Lego 10240 only carries one tiny minifigure – R2D2. People who have owned and built this specific model aren’t really too surprised that it only carries one minifigure, and a non-human one, to boot. However, a lot of people have noticed that this R2D2 minifigure is way too small in size – Meanwhile, we think that this size is just perfect for such a tiny robot like him. People have suggested that the next R2D2 minifigures be given a dome measuring 3x3 with printed details, but that part has yet to exist. A lot of Lego Star Wars fans are actually quite willing to trade in this version of R2D2’s body for a more realistic size.

lego star wars minifigures lego 10240


But as tiny as he may seem, the R2D2 minifigure, much like his successor, is filled with plenty of details – Beginning from the tiny buttons on his front, right down to the robot’s arms. And you won’t even have to stick them on the robot itself. People might be delighted to know that the R2D2 seen in this model is the most common version of the Lego Star Wars R2D2 minifigure. There have been suggestions to place in one more minifigure, such as a fighter pilot.




lego star wars minifigures lego 10188There are many Lego Star Wars minifigures that come with the 10188 Death Star model – Including three Luke Skywalker figures, two Han Solo minifigures, two Stormtroopers, two Royal Guards, two Death Star Troopers, Princess Leia, Darth Vader, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Chewbacca, Emperor Palpatine, R2D2, C3PO, Grand MoffTarkin, the Assassin Droid, the R2Q5 droid, the Death Star droid, and a whole host of accessories and tools.

Both Royal Guard minifiguresare completely covered in red – You can barely even see their eyes, Not much detail is even included, but they do come with their own weapons, in the form of two black spears.

The Death Star Troopers look similar as well, wearing the same kind of helmet and black suits. A part of the helmet is even printed onto their faces.
The Stormtrooper minifigures in this set look pretty much the same as they did in previous incarnations. Both troopers are equipped with their own guns, which they can use as weapons.

Darth Vader, the main villain of the series, comes with two heads – But both of them can be covered up with his famous helmet. He owns a red lightsaber in this model.

One more highly-detailed minifigure in this set is Emperor Palpatine’s. You can see the wrinkles and angry expression on his grey face, which gives the figure a nice touch. The figure does not come with his own weapon, however he does have the ability to shoot blue “lasers” from his hands.

The Jedi Luke Skywalker minifigure for 10188 looks different since he comes with a black outfit. He has a shorter hairpiece, and carries a green lightsaber. He also wears a hood.

Han Solo still looks the same as he did in most of the other incarnations – Wearing that vest and collared shirt combo, with a sly look on his face.
The same treatment is given to Princess Leia – Also seen here wearing her outfit, and carrying a gun.

Obi Wan Kenobi is seen here brandishing his blue lightsaber. Joining his standard Jedi outfit is a brown helmet and cape.

Unlike his other incarnations, you won’t get to see too many details on C3P0 – He doesn’t even have stickers on his eyes. We are delighted that this has since changed. The same can be said for the R2D2minifigure regarding the lack of detail.

R2Q5, which is seen as the darker counterpart of R2D2, has a sleek, black body and gold buttons on its chest.

Although Chewbacca’s minifigure also looks similar, he carries a different weapon this time – The bowcaster.

Grand MoffTarkin wears a snazzy gray suit, and a gray hairpiece. His face is also wrinkled, and gives off a stern expression. There are buttons found on the right side of his suit.
The Assassin Droid also has its own gun as a weapon. We really liked the color combination of this droid – White with hints of red and black.
You can’t have a dark counter of R2D2 without gettlego star wars minifigures lego 10188ing a dark counterpart for C3PO – And this is where the Death Star Droid comes in. He’s got the same build as C3PO, but of course, he’s got a black steel color instead of gold.
The top side of the 10188’s box showcases all of the minifigures that come with this set.

lego star wars minifigures lego 10221

The Lego 10221 is patterned after Darth Vader’s Super Star Destroyer. This model measures a whopping fifty inches in length, and weighs eight pounds. But for something of this magnitude, it only carries five minifigures: Admiral Piett, Dengar, IG-88, Bossk, and Darth Vader himself.
IG-88 looks the same as it did in the films – The tallest minifigure of the bunch. He’s also got two guns with him.

The Dengarminifigure is also finely detailed. Like most of the minifigures in this set, he also has his own gun. His face is practically covered with a white cloth, and he’s equipped with a tiny backpack.




lego star wars minifigures lego 10221For this model, Darth Vader carries a darker lightsaber – But like his other versions, he has two heads, which you can interchange and place it beneath the helmet.

The Admiral Piettminifigure doesn’t have too much detail on him – He wears a gray jacket with a black belt, several badges on the right side of his jacket, and a gray hat. There are also many wrinkles on his face, giving the figure a nice touch.

Bossk looks different from all the other minifigures in the series. He’s got a green reptilian head on a yellow body, and wears a tight vest.



lego star wars minifigures lego 75159This particular set comes with many Lego Star Wars minifigures – Including multiple versions of two of its lead characters. The first one is Luke Skywalker – In the Lego 75159, he wears three different outfits. Perhaps the most detailed one is the figure based on his appearance on the very first Star Wars film, ‘A New Hope’. His hair looks much nicer as well. Other outfits include his black Jedi Knight suit (with shorter hair, and a Stormtrooper outfit.

Han Solo also has two versions in this set, although his hairpiece remains the same as it always did. He wears a much more detailed version of his standard outfit, with a holster and belt on his pants. Like Luke, he also has a Stormtrooper version.

Princess Leia’s new outfit includes a silver belt with a folded hood behind her.

There are now more accents found on the new Chewbacca minifigure, and his face is given plenty of detail as compared to previous versions. He has his own bowcaster as a weapon.

Obi Wan Kenobi also gets his own minifigure here, and he’s got his own blue lightsaber. His hair is smooth compared to Luke and Han’s hairpieces.
Not much detail is added to the R2D2 figure – Plenty have suggested to add a little bit more detail to his body.

C3PO has plenty of detail on his legs and torso, and his left leg is even given a hint of silver, much like in the movie.

Darth Vader’s minifigure sports a new helmet, which looks much similar to the one found in the film.


lego star wars minifigures lego 75098

The Lego 75098 (Assault on Hoth) not only contains a new model based on The Force Awakens, it also has new previously-unknown characters as well. Toryn Farr is one of the five minifigures included – Her legs and torso come with plenty of detail, the only problem here is that the shading isn’t the same as the one on her legs. People have also noticed that her hairpiece wasn’t that accurate either.

Major Bren Derlin’sminifigure comes with a blaster pistol. His helmet is equipped with goggles which you can lower over his eyes, if needed. His face sports a rather huge, bristly moustache. Meanwhile, the design on his torso includes a ranking indicator.

Luke Skywalker’s minifigure is wearing yet another different type of outfit – One similar to Bren Derlin’s. He has a blue lightsaber with him, and also has a white helmet on his head much like the Rebel Troopers.
The Han Solo minifigure has impressive detailing on his body. And instead of giving him his own hood to wear, it is found printed on the back of his jacket. He has his own blaster pistol.

There are five Rebel Troopers that come with this model, and three of them have the uniforms featured in model lego 75146. Two of them have blaster pistols.


lego star wars minifigures lego 75105The Lego Star Wars minifigures for the 75105 (Millennium Falcon) are all characters based on the latest Star Wars movie, The Force Awakens. There are seven figures in total: Han Solo, Rey, Chewbacca, Finn, BB8, Tasu Leech, and the gang member.

The Chewbacca minifigure looks the same as he did in his previous incarnations, but with much more detail. Thanks to his Wookie lifespan, he never seems to age.

Of course, you can’t have a Chewbacca minifigure without a Han Solo figure. Aside from a newer, gray hairpiece, Han Solo includes brand new prints on his outfit, such as black trousers, a dark brown jacket, and his signature holster. This is a slightly different change to what he wore in the first three movies.

Rey, one of the film’s newer characters, has a nicely-drawn minifigure and follows her look in the film. Her outfit is equipped with a silver blaster, which represents her pistol.
Finn is another important new character in the film. His legs don’t have much detail on them, as compared to his jacket. He’s also got two facial expressions – A calmer one, and one with bared teelego star wars minifigures lego 75105th.

Another new figure in the set is BB8. His body contains plenty of printing, and all four circles of his body contain various designs.

If you know your Lego sets outside of Star Wars, or if you’re an avid collector – Then you might recognize Tasu Leech’s guns. These were also used in one of the Lego sets for another popular franchise, Pirates of the Caribbean. They also recycled Qui-Gon Jinn’s previous hairpieces.

Lastly is the Gang Member minifigure. From the looks of it, it seems like he’s also carrying a gun snitched from the POTC Lego franchise. We think it suits him, since he does give off a bit of a pirate-y vibe, what with his hair covering one of his eyes, his black cap, and his finely-stitched outfit.


lego star wars minifigures lego 75104

Lego 75104 is Kylo Ren’s Command Shuttle. The release of this model marks the official debut of the Kylo Ren minifigure. Kylo Ren’s minifigure is simple, yet very impressive when it comes to details. The figure’s head comes with the same design as his helmet – This lets you display him with either his hood facing downwards or upwards. There are two exclusive items that come with this particular Kylo Ren figure – The cape and his aforementioned helmet. He carries his signature lightsaber.

There are two First Order Crew minifigures that come with the pack. They might look similar, but one look under their black helmets will reveal otherwise – One has a lighter skin tone, and the other, darker. Not much printing has been included in their legs.
There’s also the First Order Stormtrooper officer minifigure – This one looks practically the same as the previously released Stormtrooper figures in other models.

lego star wars minifigures lego 75104
The second minifigure in this set is the female First Order Officer. She owns the same kind of headgear worn by General Hux, but in a lighter gray color.

And finally, there’s General Hux – Yet another new villain. The hat he’s wearing carries the First Order logo, and he’s also sporting a brand new suit.



The Lego Star Wars franchise isn’t just limited to building brick models. If you want a bigger piece of adventure, you can purchase one of the five available video games based on the toy line, namely: Lego Star Wars: The Video Game (available for the Nintendo GameCube, PC, Game Boy Advance, Microsoft Xbox, Mac OS X, and Sony PlayStation 2), Lego Star Wars II: The Original Trilogy (GameCube, Nintendo DS, Microsoft PC, Nintendo DS, Mac OS X, PlayStation 2, Microsoft Xbox, and Xbox 360), Lego Star Wars II Mobile (for Android and iOS phones), Lego Star Wars III: Clone Wars (this one was based after the animated series Star Wars: The Clone Wars), Lego Star Wars: The Force Awakens (available for iOS, Microsoft PC, Mac OS X, Sony PlayStation 3, Sony PlayStation 4, Sony PlayStation Vita, Nintendo 3DS, Microsoft Xbox One, Xbox 360 and the Nintendo Wii U).

Admittedly, it’s going to take a long while before you can collect every single piece of Lego Star Warsminifigure available – Not to mention most of them are already expensive to begin with. We would not recommend this – And we will not recommend you purchasing them from eBay either, because of all the scammers lurking around. The reason why this list has been created is because it will serve as some sort of a guide to help you collect the current Star Warsminifigures. And since this particular tie-up is going to continue until 2022, there’s still plenty more to come – So be sure to save up. And not to mention there’s still two more Star Wars films coming out in a few years’ time.

But if you’re actually willing to collect these minifigures, here are a couple of tips:

-    You can choose to get a certain character online. An ordinary minifigure can cost at least up to $20 dollars – However, Lego Star Wars minifigures are special, so be prepared to shell out more cash than usual.

-    Sometimes when you’re scouring through online e-commerce sites like eBay, you might come across a person selling the entire collection of Lego Star Warsminifigures that come with a particular model. If this happens, go and buy it right away – So you can be sure that you obtain all of the minifigures in the model without the increased effort of hunting high and low for that one special rare minifigure. Just be sure that you’re paying a reasonable price, and that the seller is reliable.

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