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LEGO Star Wars R2D2 lego 10225 review


Ask any Star Wars fan who the most famous robot is and they’ll tell you R2-D2 without batting an eyelid. The famous robot is now available in brick form thanks to LEGO. The Lego 10225 R2D2 is a perfect replica of the original character with all the iconic features we saw in Star Wars. The Lego robot can move its legs and even retract the third leg inside its body. It has the ability to swivel its dome and even deploy a few of its R2 tools. However, it’s a bit bulky and not so lightweight to play around with.

Similar to the famous Star Wars robot that was everyone’s favorite droid, The Lego R2D2 has most of the fantastic details we saw in the original robot such as front panels that enclose a computer interface; two front spacecraft control arms, and a rotating head. The diminutive model is a must-have item for anyone who collects Star Wars Lego models. Here are some of the key features of the Lego Star Wars 10225 R2D2 model:

Key Features

•    A perfect display item to place alongside other Lego Star Wars sets such as Lego 9493 and Lego 75055
•    It has front panels that easily open to show a universal computer interface arm as well as a circular saw.
•    It has a retractable third leg
•    It comes with a rotating head just like the original robot did.
•    It is large enough to make an amazing display. It measures 12 inch high and 7 inch wide.


One thing that makes the Lego R2D2 quite entertaining is its rather complex and challenging construction. It is a fulfilling experience made easier by the numbered bags used in its construction. There are ten sets of bags. Most of the parts used to construct the Lego R2D2 are short plates and bricks. Some might see this as a bit excessive but the numerous small parts of the set help to save time. You don’t need to sort through a large number of parts to get a specific item. Remember everything about this Lego robot except the head is made of small parts.
This set is highly recommended for all Lego Star Wars fans. It is a perfect model from the UCS line with diverse colors and reasonably sized. It makes a perfect display piece especially in its blue and grey on white shades. However, being a Star Wars Lego, it is a bit overpriced.

•    It is a perfect replica of the R2D2
•    It makes a great display piece
•    Comes in an excellent Lego design
•    It is challenging to build which is a great experience

•    It is a bit overpriced but the elegance and creativity of the final item makes up for the extra spent
•    The final product is sturdy enough but cannot withstand serious abuse from children.

The Lego R2D2 is a great addition to the UCS sculpture line. If you have an ample display space for this little guy, then go for it. It makes a perfect change from the usual Lego starship models. We highly recommend it.

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