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LEGO Star Wars Resistance Troop Transporter 75140 Review



The Lego 75140 Resistance Troop Transporter is perhaps the biggest set out of all of the second-wave builds based after the new Star Wars movie: The Force Awakens. And it also just happens to be the most interesting build out of all of them.


The model’s shape and form looks a bit like the B-Wing Starfighter build, and that’s actually no surprise since the cockpit module found inside the film was completely repurposed from a Galactic Civil War era B-wing. This was actually made obvious from the Lego build, since plenty of elements and techniques have decided to show up in this set, along with 2014’s Lego 75050.


The 75140 is far from being the perfect Lego model. However, it’s still filled with loads of detailing, thanks to the pure intricacy of the build itself. And not only that, the design looks very similar to the craft as it appears in the film. In fact, the 75140 might just be the most accurately designed vehicle in the entire Lego Star Wars series. The assortment of minifigures included here is also downright impressive, but it isn’t really at par with the set of minifigures from the Lego 75139 Battle on Takodana build. it’s a good thing that the transporter’s quality, as well as the final price of the build (it costs over $69.99) definitely makes up for that.


General Leia Organa has got to be the most appealing character out of the four minifigures. Even though she doesn’t really play a huge role in The Force Awakens (as compared to the first three films), the fanbase still rightly recognizes her as one of the most important characters in the franchise. In the 75140, she is nicely represented here as a minifigure. Her head and her hairpiece both look amazing, and she wears a smiling and stern expression on both sides of her face. Meanwhile, her torso contains a purple jacket, similar to the one that she wears in the film.

Admiral Ackbar only shows up briefly during the entire film. However, he is also one of the franchise’s beloved characters, so his minifigure is pretty much a welcome addition to the collection. His head mold looks similar as the one that appeared in the Lego 75003 A-Wing Starfighter build. But this time, the prints look so much more complex – His eyes, in particular, are finely detailed and almost look lifelike.

There are also two resistance troopers found inside the build. One of them sports an exclusive uniform, which has the Resistance logo printed right onto his chest. Meanwhile, the other character wears a torso similar to the minifigures found on the Lego 75103 First Order Transporter, as well as the Lego 75131 Resistance Trooper Battle Pack. Both of them carry dark blue grey legs, which are a tad bit on the drab side – Even though there isn’t much pattern found in the costumes of the other characters either, not even in the film.


The construction techniques utilized here to build a craft are highly comprehensive for a Lego Star Wars build. But they still yield a completely accurate model. We love the exposed studs in the build, which give off the impression that the build uses textured armor plating, as well as the color combo of stripes of color against the dark gray hues.


This feature works surprisingly well. The entire build carries a beautiful shape, as mentioned earlier, and the amount of detail found in the build is just superb. So much bodywork can be seen from nearly every angle.


It’s just unfortunate that this little piece of detail comes at a slight cost, since so many stickers have been included. A couple of said stickers are hard to apply, which is just downright frustrating. So many fans were disappointed to learn that the designs found on the cockpit canopy were created with the aid of three separate stickers. Placing them on the build was a bit of a challenge since they’re so hard to line up properly. Not a lot of fans hate stickers, but this incident is definitely one of the times that Lego should’ve made this as a print instead.


After the stickers have been applied correctly, the cockpit module looks amazing. The canopy aligns just right with the remainder of the build. You can open this using a hinge. Thanks to the armor surrounding the cockpit, it’s slightly tricky to lift the canopy up. However, the people behind the 75140 were able to throw in a feature that thankfully solves this issue. When you rotate the disc around beside the cockpit, you can open up the canopy by just a couple of degrees, then open up the remainder of it manually.


You can find a couple of control panels that greatly utilize the stickers, as well as bearing enough space for one minifigure to sit in there nicely, even while he dons a large Resistance helmet. The build’s curved slopes create the craft’s gorgeous shape, while a fin is positioned on the top side of the build, much like the transporter in the films. There’s another fin found on the other end of the craft, and both of them do contain stickers on either side.


So many fans were pleased as well with the middle part of the build. A couple of huge stickers were utilized to rebuild armor playing, but plenty of details have been created with the aid of jumper plates and tiles, alongside many curved slopes. You can gain access to the troop bay through opening up the roof of the build into two sections, then lowering the ramp right at the front side. This works similarly to its movie counterpart. Also included is a landing light for quick and easy disembarkation in pitch-black skies.

The middle portion of the transporter is able to contain several minifigures at a time. There are four seats included here, but there’s actually loads of room for more and more minifigures. Also found are two clips which you can use to store those weapon accessories in. The two monitor stations are located at the back portion of the crew compartment, while you can seat the minifigures back to back, so they can handle these positions nicely. So many of the features found inside the build can also be found on the source material. A couple of details have been left out though, which is a tad bit unusual but still very impressive in regards to the interior of a Lego Star Wars build.

The bulkier side of the transporter will be able to support a huge laser cannon, as well as two types of targeting sensors. The whole assembly is even more complicated than that, since it surrounds the entirety of the cockpit itself, and still ends up using two elements from the car bonnet. These all create a gorgeous curve, and definitely matches the intricate bodywork that lines along the remainder of the build.

You can find the thrusters at either end of the build. These are probably the best parts of the whole build. Even though there’s a rather plain structure when it comes to these things, they still carry a rather unusual look, and is definitely faithful to the movie itself, so the rest of the details are excessive. The angled armor panels located at the side of each engine are also created nicely here.

Even though the model’s aesthetics are greatly important, it’s also very nice to discover the 75140’s hidden features. The set contains over two types of spring-loaded shooters, which are nicely hidden towards the end part of the hull. The whole craft is also quite swooshable, all thanks to the tactile size as well as the sturdy build. The gigantic cylinder element found on the back of the build is perhaps the best place to hold the completed build in, since it’s connected solidly, while the firing missiles are found within reach.


All in all, this build is just perfect. The amount of detail that goes into it is amazing, while the play value goes really high. The set of minifigures is truly impressive, even though one more Resistance general, or even just a couple of First Order Stormtroopers would have been fantastic.

This build, along with the 75103 First Order Transporter are definitely the best sets that come from the whole Lego Star Wars: The Force Awakens build. It’s still so difficult to choose between the two sets, since both of them are practically flawless. Apart from the presence of annoying stickers, it’s still hard to find actual stuff to criticize about the 75103 – Truly an impressive feat.

But you might be surprised to learn that the real craft based on the 75140 doesn’t show up for a long period of time in the real movies. None of the characters are important to the plot either, and this probably distracts it from the main appeal if you want to find at least two sets that could best represent what the film is all about.

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