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LEGO Star Wars Resistance X-Wing Fighter 75149 Review


Does the LEGO Star Wars Resistance X-Wing Fighter 75149 break any new records?

The LEGO Star Wars Resistance X-Wing Fighter 75149 was without question one of the most anticipated releases of the year and boy was I excited for it. Being a 90's child, there is no question regarding the fact that I am one of the most dedicated Stars Wars fan out there. (The first trilogy is my favourite by the way) And when I heard that Stars Wars was being made into LEGO, I nearly lost it.

I was pretty concerned about the fact that the past few LEGO releases had been a bit shaky with a few fixes needed to get the whole product up to speed. (The Wall-E LEGO toy comes to mind) But despite all that, there was no denying the fact that I was definitely going to be buying this on release date itself. And here I am yammering about this product like a nerd.

Product Name: Star Wars Resistance X-Wing Fighter
Set Number: 75149
Price: $79.99
Exclusive To:
Release Date: 2016

The combination of Star Wars with LEGO was a dream come true for every Star Wars nerd back in the day and with new releases like this every year, things were bound to get heated up. The pictures that were given out before the actual release were also very promising to see and boy does this product deliver on all fronts.


Like the Lego 9493 and all the ones which have come before, the 75149 also had a back-story to go along with it. In this one, Fly Poe is taking the Resistance X-Wing Fighter in order to perform a rescue mission. The mission? It is to protect San Tekka and his home from the Flame-troopers who are attacking him. Those who have watched 'Rogue One' will instantly recognise this little story.



The above two pictures are an overview of how the box set looks like.

The entire set contains a lot of little things. Here is a brief list of everything you will find inside the box:

•    Comes with three minifigures of Poe Dameron, San Tekka, BB-8 Astromech Droid as well as the First Order Flame-trooper. 
•    The Wing Fighter comes with wings which can be opened, a cockpit, 4 mini gun shooters (spring loaded), landing gear which is retractable, a hyper drive etc.
•    Comes with a building section that contains a container, a push-able tower and knobs which are used for attaching flame elements so that a make believe blaze of fire can be achieved.
•    Weapons which come in the box include Poe's pistol, the flamethrowers used by the Flame-troopers which also happen to have an attachable flame accessory.
•    Accessory elements in the box include a fire extinguisher,  some flames, a wrench, the helmet worn by Poe and also the helmet worn by the Flame-troopers.
•    Dimensionally, the toy ranges from 14 inches in length to 12 inches in width to 4 inches depth with both the wings in open condition. In a closed state, it is 3 inches in width.


This is the how the top of the box looks like. As you can clearly see, it pretty much shows all the main toys and figurines that are included inside of it. 


This is how the back of the box looks like. It contains more pictures of everything you will find inside along with a few instructions regarding the X-Wing Fighter


Right off the bat, once I delved into the box and brought everything out of it, this is what it looked like. The huge X-Wing along with all the mini figurines and their accessories.


These are the 3 main figurines that you will receive from the box. If you are not familiar with the characters, they are (from left to right): A First Order Flame-Trooper, Lor San Tekka and Poe Dameron. Also notice that there is a flame attachment on the Flame-trooper's gun. This is an accessory which comes along with everything else.


This is pretty much the same picture as the one above this, only taken from a frontal angle. You will also notice a ton of accessories on the lower right corner of the picture. I will discuss them down below.


These are all the accessories which you will be getting inside the box. It includes a building with a flame element and the attachments for the 3 mini figurines like guns, flame element for the trooper's gun, and helmets for the characters. 


This is how the model of the X-Wing Fighter looks like. Of course, you will have to assemble it yourself. I found myself geeking out doing that. It is tons of fun and can even be challenging at times. It shouldn't be too hard for anyone.


This is of course the cockpit of the X-Wing where you can put Poe inside of. It is a perfect fit for the Poe figurine and looks great with a pilot inside of it.



As you can see, the two pictures above are of Poe Dameron. The first one is the base form without any of the accessories attached to him. The second one is with all of them attached and I must say, this looks a lot better than the first.


This one is the Lor San Tekka figurine. Unfortunately, there are no accessories available for this one.



The pictures above are of the Flame-trooper. The first one is without any accessory attached. (Never thought you would get to see the face of a Storm Trooper huh?) The second one does and you can see that there are two attachments: the flame thrower and the helmet. Overall, it looks pretty neat.


This is the building section that comes along with the entire set. It includes two containers and also has a tower which can be pushed over. There are also knobs where you can put the flame elements into. Once done, it looks pretty cool.



Here is another overview of all the models included inside the box in their fully assembled form. For $79.99, there are quite a number of things not to mention, the quality is top notch as well.
The Lego 75149 ranks up as one of the best amongst all other lego star wars sets. However, like all the ones made before, it too has its own unique set of pros and cons. So let's discuss all the ones that I have managed to dig out so far. Let's begin with the fun part first.

The Pros
•    Capable of providing you with hours of fun. Assembling the whole thing alone takes quite a lot of time. However, there is a lot of fun in doing it, especially if you are a dedicated LEGO or Star Wars fan.
•    The realism of the X-Wing model is also very well carried out. It looks exactly like the one in the movie, despite the goofiness that comes with LEGO blocks. The work that went behind making it look so is there for everyone to see. It is truly a work of art.
•    If you are gifting it to your kid and he or she is not above 12 to 14 years of age, it can prove to be a great exercise of patience and following instructions. As mentioned before, assembling the whole thing can take a long time and as such, it can help children develop different skills.
•    The props that come along with the main X-Wing Fighter are also excellent. For instance, the 3 figurines that come with it add more substance to the whole package. The entire set can help you re-create the different scenes from the Rogue One movie.
•    Another great thing about the lego x wing model is the fact that it can has spring propelled shooters on its wings. There are 6 of them and all of them can be shot with. This allows this model to be more than just a model. It makes it a playable toy and there is no doubt that kids will have tons of fun with it.
•    There are four wings in total - two on each side. Actually, the two primary wings on each of the sides have two bottom wings underneath them. These flap when flown through the air and overall, it gives an authentic feel to the whole thing. 
•    The quality of the material used for making these models is also very high. Right off the bat, you can feel it as I did when I first took the models out of the box and felt it on my palms. It is needless to say that these will last, as mine have had for the past couple of months.

The Cons
•    The construction phase can get a bit challenging for those who are unfamiliar with LEGO's or for those who are dealing with such block building for the first time. However, most kids can easily deal with it.
•    The back burners can be a loose fit, especially if you are trying to fly it vertically as I have tried for quite a number of times. But that also seems to be a problem with only some models.
•    I found that the rear of the X-Wing can also get a bit loose, especially when trying to fly it around. But that might also be a problem exclusive to my model itself. Other than these, there aren't many other problems with this toy.

Previous Models
The lego 75102 which was also Poe's X-Wing Fighter had similar characteristics to this one. After all, it was the previous model and thus, a lot of improvements have been made over time. For instance, you will find a new hyper drive unit installed in the rear that can also be removed if you so desire. I had to use a pin for it, but you can always use something else.

There is also a considerable difference in the aesthetics. The 75149 uses an orange and black combination while the 75102 makes use of a blue and gray combination. It also makes use of a moisture evaporator which can collapse as soon as flames arise on the ground. In the old one, there was a ground crew gear instead of all this. 

Of course, that does not mean that the new model is completely devoid of all flaws compared to the previous one. For example, you will not find the long and sloped cockpit that angles forward like in the 75102. People loved that design just as I did and I must admit, it was a bit disappointing to see that they had left this feature out.

The Figurines

Without question, the highly of the set is the X-Wing Fighter itself. However, do not forget about these little devils. Just like the Lego 75094, the 75149 also has quite a few of them: 3 in total to be precise. While most of the internet is raving about Poe Dameron, my favourite remains the slickly constructed Flame-trooper.

The nice black and white finishing along with the flame element attached to its gun is well and truly something to behold. Not only that, the helmet can also be opened, thus revealing its face for everyone to see. The other 2 figurines are also equally good. It is an important part of this set and one that adds a lot of charm to it as well. It is definitely something which sets like the Lego 75095 misses out on.

To Conclude

Overall, the Lego 75149 is definitely one that will appease both LEGO and Star Wars fans alike. It has everything you need to get started off with, especially if you are new to this series. It has the perfect balance of big toys and mini figurines, which is always good to see. For more expansive figurine sets, the Lego 75104 will be more up your alley.

But whatever the case, this is also worth your money. If you want to gift it to your kids, you are more than welcome to do so. For nerds and other fans alike, this is one set I highly recommend to everyone. So do check it out.

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