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LEGO Star Wars TIE Striker Walker 75154 Star Wars Toy Review



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Lego’s line of builds for Star Wars: The Force Awakens unfortunately received plenty of criticism from Lego fans and Star Wars fans alike since it failed to introduce a brand new line of vehicles to a new audience. However, the case is different in regards to their line of builds for Rogue One: A Star Wars Story.


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The Lego 75154 TIE Striker is one of the several new crafts featured heavily in the first Star Wars stand-alone film – Although the set of builds didn’t have lots of appeal with the fans at first when Lego first revealed the preview images during the beginning of September 2016. The set is priced at $69.99 and includes over 500 pieces. However, the product images made it seem like the completed build was a tad bit too small, so a few fans were slightly concerned that the price does not justify what the model really looked like.


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As mentioned, Rogue One: A Star Wars Story is the very first Star Wars stand-alone film. It is, however, an official part of the Star Wars Anthology series, in which all of the films in the series take place several years before Star Wars: A New Hope. Directed by Gareth Edwards, the film was released in 2016. It stars Felicity Jones (as Jyn Erso), Diego Luna (as Cassian Andor), Riz Ahmed (as Bodhi Rook), Forest Whitaker (as Saw Gerrera), Donnie Yen (as Chirrut Imwe), Ben Mendelsohn (as Orson Krennic), and Mads Mikkelsen (as Galen Erso). Rogue One: A Star Wars Story is different from the other films in the series since not only does it carry a different style and pacing from the usual Star Wars film, it also removes the iconic opening crawl seen in the beginning of all of its films. Rogue One tells the story about a group of rebels who work together on a mission to steal the plans for creating the Death Star, the superweapon of the evil Galactic Empire.


The first TIE Pilot minifigure has undergone through several transformations on different occasions over the past couple of years. And with the 75154, he goes through yet another change as well. The helmet that he dons comes with silver streaks, much like the TIE Fighter minifigure that comes with the Lego 75095. You can find the standard Clone Trooper head beneath the helmet. Unfortunately, a small bit of the pilot’s head is still exposed behind the helmet, so it would have been great if Lego built an updated piece. You won’t see this error though if you place the minifigure right inside the build’s cockpit. And not only that – Everything looks amazing in front. The design of his torso has been changed to include even just a tiny bit of silver detailing on his belt. But other than that, nothing has been altered too much.


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The Imperial Ground Crew is in charge of the Empire’s huge fleet. He comes with a pair of directional batons. He also sports a brand new helmet, but it looks similar to the one worn by the Imperial Gunners, minus the extended neck guard and the Imperial logo. The helmet instead includes some integrated ear defenders, as well as a beautifully-molded design that looks similar to the Death Star Trooper Helmet. The crew member also dons a finely detailed uniform, which incorporates some pieces of armor on his upper torso. There’s also a belt that looks similar to the one worn by the TIE Pilot.


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The Imperial Weapons Research Facility found on Scarif, is well-guarded by a group of Imperial Shoretroopers. This is perhaps the remaining set in the series that contains these important soldiers. One more iteration will be showing up in the next wave of Rogue One builds. The Shoretrooper’s tanned armor is designed to blend in with the sandy beach. There’s even a couple of sand-blue highlights that give the uniform an interesting look. Meanwhile, his legs tend to expose a small part of the Shoretrooper’s reddish-brown body glove, much like the ones seen in the film.


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The next minifigure is a singular Rebel Trooper, who is there to oppose the TIE Striker. He is clad in a gray combat jacket, a detailed helmet, and tanned trousers, which all look fantastic on him. His outfit isn’t unique to his character, though. For example, his torso has also been utilized in the Lego 75153 AT-ST Walker, which is rather disappointing since these two figures cannot be shown together. The trooper’s legs also show up in another set, but the one seen in the 75154 looks more effective on him, since the look is very generic.


We now move on to the build: The Lego 75154 includes some rather sharp wings, making the build look similar to the TIE Inceptor. Each one has a measurement of over 40 centimeters in length. The size of the build can only be matched by the cockpit’s weight. Meanwhile, you can swoosh the model around by giving it a rather firm grip found towards the rear end of the fuselage. You might also notice that a couple of sand blue pieces are utilized all over the build, and these look surprisingly nice as compared to the standard grey and black color of the TIE Series build.


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Its wings can be folded between dihedral and anhedral configurations for flight or landing modes, respectively. You can activate this by turning the levers at the backside of the fighter. Every wing is firmly locked into position, so there’s a small chance that you’ll end up switching modes by accident throughout the play. You can rest the TIE Striker on top of two spring-loaded shooters, which come with a slider that measures 2 x 2. The slider and the shooters are all mounted beneath the build. It would have been great if Lego has also included some sort of foldable landing gear. However, this design works very nicely in its present state, and doesn’t interfere too much with the model’s outward look.


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You can access the 75154’s cockpit by opening up a hatch located on top. There’s a printed viewport which you can also open up. Inside the cockpit is a single seat together with a control yoke, which you can create with the aid of a droid body piece. The build’s pilots are all resting on top of smooth tiles, so they do have the tendency to get rattled around. However, the seat itself doesn’t contain any issues, such as the minifigure’s legs locking into place. This guarantees that they stay seated no matter what kind of acrobatic maneuvers the plane performs.


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The design found on the top of the cockpit module is very nice as well. You can create this with the aid of a lovely combination of stickers, small elements including binoculars, as well as a whole host of printed pieces. This gives off the impression that the build has some rather impressive mechanical detailing. It looks fantastic overall. The same standard of design goes on right onto the sides of the fuselage, which is curved nicely with the help of slopes measuring 2 x 3 and 1 x 3.

You can also open up the rear end of the build, which shows off a tiny storage area. You can use this to hold several accessories owned by the minifigures. This feature is highly useful, but it still doesn’t exploit the build to its complete potential. In fact, the whole thing feels a tad bit engineered, since it does contain several pieces of Lego Technic elements, which was honestly unnecessary, in our opinion.

The entire Rogue One: A Star Wars Story series of builds has been mighty impressive, and this includes the Lego 75154. We really enjoyed the vehicle’s design, since it’s highly detailed, while at the same time it gives off an excellent play value. However, we feel like the pricing is still a tad bit too high, while the designer has to utilize several Lego parts to be able to justify the build’s cost. The cockpit module is littered with so many Lego pieces, with most of them looking very superfluous. So in our opinion, the TIE Striker should have been priced at around $59.99 instead.

And what’s more, the assortment of minifigures aren’t too exciting. We think the set would’ve been better if they included a Saw Gerrera minifigure – He is one of the film’s main characters but a minifigure never shows up in any of the Rogue One: A Star Wars Story builds. it is not known what kind of role he holds in the film, but Lego should’ve included a minifigure of him nonetheless – Whether or not he comes with a TIE Striker build or not. On the other hand, maybe the inclusion of a C2B5 minifigure would’ve been great too.

The set in itself is enjoyable as a whole – But out of the five builds connected to Rogue One, this has got to be our least favorite one of the entire bunch. We suggest that you purchase this build when you come across it on a Lego sale.

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