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LEGO Star Wars Ultimate Collector's Millennium Falcon 10179 Review


Star Wars has been one of the most favourite series — with an unmatched plot and truly intriguing characters with those huge spaceships — of every kid of all ages, no matter a boy or a girl. An ultimate series that stole the hearts of millions across the globe, it evoked a lot of curiosity and enthrallment among the kids who found the space their secret abode and got transported to it along with the characters (fictitiously, of course). Now what if we say that the Star Wars moment is back with a bang? What if we say that we have come with an amazing product that will be a pleasant shock and excite you like never before?

Here comes the biggest model for the ultimate pleasure to build a Star War spaceship: The Millennium Falcon. Yes! You read it right! It indeed is the Falcon that was commanded by Han Solo and you are going to experience a repeat of events.

What You Find Inside

You are definitely going to find a myriad of neatly packed and zip-locked packets of 5196 LEGO pieces, instruction booklets that are going to sail you through this huge project, and a collector’s display card.

This set also has five mini figures, namely, Han Solo, Chewbacca, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Luke Skywalker, and Leia Organa. So you can really replay your favourite scenes from your favourite series.

Front Cover: Now that you get a good glimpse of what you are going to find inside, take a keen look at it before you scroll down further to look at the how-to instructions for building up this massive spaceship. The box gives you a proper image of the Falcon along with its occupants (shown below).


Back Cover: The back cover shows how exactly the spaceship will look once you have built it completely. As shown in the images, you can find the rotating top and bottom quad-laser turrets, a rotatable radar dish and a boarding ramp. This is one of the most complex structures built by the Star War enthusiasts and was also one of the most complex spaceships built for the movie series. LEGO has come up with this amazing self-building spaceship model to get a hands on feel of being part of the spaceship building and launching feat. It also shows the mini-figures who are going to take off when you launch the spaceship.



Getting Started: The image below shows the carton that is going to be delivered at your place when you order the product on Amazon. Being a complex structure, the parts are packed in zip-lock covers, neatly, with the mini-figures segregated in to separate packets and the parts of the spaceship in separate packets.



Here is the image of the components neatly packed in labelled in the zip-lock packets. From the number packets in the image you can gauge that it is a big stable model that you will be building and, for your information, this set consists of 5195 pieces! Yes, indeed that many pieces go into creating this model (even it is for the purpose pure inquisitiveness and excitement of your children!).




Here is the how-to-do guide for this monstrous structure which is an utmost necessity for both the kids and their parents. The LEGO instruction book is a very detailed one which explains clearly and accurately how to use the pieces provided in the heap of packets and helps you to put them in the correct order for the correct structure till you finally are ready with the final spaceship. It has images, too, in case you get confused or doubtful halfway through this Herculean task that you are going to take up.

Do not be anxious, it is understandable that the spaceship is an extremely huge one and is very complex to understand and build. But imagine the thrill you will witness in your kids when you sit down and help them build this massive one! It will be an amazing and completely engrossing work for you both.



You would actually beam with pride and happiness once you finish building the spaceship and you can easily place this structure in your living room for your friends and family to see and appreciate.

Product Specifications

The model is Lego Star Wars set 10179

This BIG stable model measures (in inches): 33.1 (L) x 22.2 (W) x 8.3 (H)

This is the biggest LEGO Star Wars model ever made - 5195 pieces

Every detail of this famous, modified Corellian Engineering Corporation YT-1300 freighter is packed into this model.

As shown below, you can see that the spaceship can sit pompously on your desk without occupying too much space and at the same time creating a majestic aura about it. Images clicked from the front and top view are shown below to give you a rough idea about how big it will be after you build it and how much space consumption goes into this structure.



Here from the top view you can see distinctly the various parts of the spaceship. You can see the boarding ramp that can be extended, the cockpit, quad-laser turrets and a radar dish in the picture that is given below.




The image given below depicts what can be supposedly called the engineering bay, the crew quarters and the port-side corridor/docking ring. These are actual portions of the Millennium Falcon YT-1300 that was built by the Corellian Engineering Corporation. Basically, now you must have got an idea of how realistic and actual the set for this structure is; LEGO gives an experience like never before and always does so through its close-to-reality type of products.




In the image below, you get a much better picture of the front end of the spaceship which holds the cockpit, the cockpit access corridor, the rotatable radar, and the rotating top- and bottom-mounted quad-laser turrets.

Huge, spectacular, and movie-accurate, the Millennium Falcon is the ultimate centre piece of any Star Wars or LEGO collection.





In the next image you can see the landing gear very clearly. This is the structure that provides a stable base for your gargantuan model to stand on majestically before and after its mission.




The image below shows the closer look of the cockpit where in the smuggler Han Solo (with your command, of course!) is going to sit and take control of this gigantic spaceship to navigate the Kessel Run in less than 12 parsecs to stage an attack on the dangerous Death Star.

Special features include a retractable boarding ramp. The cockpit top can be easily removed as it can be fixed just in case you wish to say hello to your mini-figures travelling in the Falcon.

You can seat a crew of four mini-figures at the controls in the removable cockpit to monitor the entire spaceship controls and to see whether everything is perfect before the launch of your spaceship. They can provide a perfect company to Han Solo and Chewbacca.


The radar which is going to receive and send information through the signals is shown below. It is of rotatable nature and can gain signal access in a jiffy! The closely-clicked images of the radar and are shown below. This is one of the most important parts of any spaceship, small or large, mini or massive!











In the image below, you can clearly see the guns; the guns in this spaceship are present at the top and bottom turrets and can be rotated easily. As an additional feature, the top gun turret can be removed to sit mini-figure. This is solely dedicated for attacking purposes. Let the shooting begin!



Yes we remember that you were waiting to meet the five mini-figures that were going to go for the space expedition along with you! So here is your crew: Han Solo, Chewbacca, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Luke Skywalker, and Leia Organa, exclusively selected for your accompaniment. They are equally excited as much as you are.

The first gut in the black jacket and brown trousers is the smuggler, the hero, the fighter —Hans Solo.

Next comes the co-pilot, Hans Solo’s aid, his legendary warrior, and the terrific guy coated brown completely — Chewbacca.

Next up in the crew is the Jedi Master, a mentor, a noble, wise man, the figure in the white attire — Obi-wan Kenobi.

He is followed by his fierce looking Luke Skywalker, who is professionally trained by Obi-wan Kenobi and becomes one of the greatest Jedi in the galaxy.

The last one in the league is the fearless and completely brave Leia Organa, or Princess Leia Organa, who later came to be known as the General as she contributed to ending the tyranny of the Empire. She was very fierce warrior on the battlefield.



You can see the crew members greeting the others and getting ready for their mission. Hans Solo is the one occupying a seat in the cockpit along with the legendary warrior and co-pilot Chewbacca. We can see Hans Solo shaking his hand with the Jedi, Obi-wan Kenobi, while the Chewbacca and Leia Organa see them.


In the image below, you can see Hans Solo and Chewbacca sitting in the cockpit with Leia Organa taking a position behind them.


Here is a special feature that is included in the spaceship — a retractable boarding ramp. This helps in the mini-figures to be accessed by you as even the cockpit top can be removed. Now you have a complete option of placing which ever mini figure you want in whatever position you wish. You get the complete command of the spaceship and you can choose the way you want. You may see in the image that since the cockpit top was removable, the mini figure of Obi-wan Kenobi can easily fit in. You have complete freedom of placing the mini figures anywhere inside the spaceship.


The model can also be lifted in the black technic beams when gun turret is off. The following images show the same. Take a look at each one of them and you will see how they look.



In the above image, you can see the heads of the two mini figures you had placed inside the cockpit — Hans Solo and Chewbacca.




The image below shows a close-up of the cockpit where the crew members are seen seated. Hans Solo and his co-pilot, Chewbecca, seem under complete control and all set for the mission. The most iconic vessel in the Star Wars universe, the smuggler Han Solo won the Millennium Falcon from fellow rogue Lando Calrissian in a game of sabacc. They are just waiting for you to let them take off from Imperial Starfleet.


The amazing, breath-taking structure is shown below from a front angle. It highlights the complexity and at the same time, the intricate and detailed structure that is built into this gargantuan and iconic vessel. It truly intrigues the user and requires days of dedicated work to become this awesome structure that is shown in the images.


No wonder LEGO is offering you 5196 pieces that go into building this Millennium Falcon. A truly mesmerising set for an ardent Star War fan, completely crazy about the entire series.


This is how the massive structure will stand on your table majestically once you put in approximately 50-60 hours of dedication. This beautiful structure will come to life only after a significant amount of hard work on your side!




Building the Millennium Falcon

Building this giant is not an easy task. It takes around 50-60 dedicated hours to build this and you are advised to take it slowly; one part at a time. As mentioned on the box, this set consists 5196 pieces out of which huge percentage of the pieces are gray in colour.

It will be an arduous task to actually sit and understand which set of pieces are going to build which structure of this massive Falcon. You must have understood by now that building this Falcon is not a cup of tea for the faint-hearts.

So be ready, brace yourself for the task ahead. You are required to follow the instructions step by step without leaving out any important step in between. Once it's built, the Millennium Falcon is sure to inspire awe all around. Collector's will appreciate the display card that allows them to show off ship specs with the model.

This structure is sure to test your patience and perseverance. It will make you more focussed and accurate in the work once you are done building it. You will have something substantial to be proud about when you see the Falcon standing neatly on your table.

Important Points to Be Noted

It is advised to the user that the packets be opened and used as per the number mentioned on it in order to reduce confusion and better clarity.

Do not jumble or mix the pieces as it will become a Herculean task for you to segregate the pieces and find the right ones for each structure that is a part of this Millennium Falcon.

Final Thoughts

The LEGO Star Wars Ultimate Collector's Millennium Falcon is meant for the adolescents aged 16 years and above. This is mentioned on the box very clearly. With so many little pieces and such unbelievable detailing, the Millennium Falcon is recommended for advanced Lego builders ages 16 and up.

This is noted as one of Lucas Licensing's favourite Star Wars models for 2007 and building this would actually be equivalent to revisiting the famous scenes from Star Wars series.

The mini figures in the set only add to the entire thrill and excitement of building the Falcon as they make it a close-to-reality kind of an experience. You will be virtually revisiting the entire series of Star Wars and its subsequent series The Empire Strikes Back, Return of the Jedi, etc.

Although you might find a mountain of multicoloured pieces to build this monstrous structure, it sure is an enjoyable task and will give you an amazing experience for your money.

This one of the best gifts for any teenager interested in building and testing stuff. This will give him/her a hands-on experience to build a big structure from the scratch and also develop his skills.

Now that you have read through this entire elaborate product details, feel free to order a set of LEGO Star Wars Ultimate Collector's Millennium Falcon for your teenager just to see him beam with ecstasy.

If you are finding too heavy for your pocket, worry not! We have another option: A Collectible. Although it is not a first edition, all pieces in it are also 100% original and it comes with the assembling pieces, the box and the instruction booklet. This option will surely put you at ease as it will give you the same experience for a lesser cost.

So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and claim your Millennium Falcon before it goes out of stock!

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