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LEGO Star Wars Vader's TIE Advanced vs. A-Wing Starfighter 75150 Review


Lego 75150 – Vader’s TIE Advanced VS. A-Wing Starfighter: A Fight to the Finish


So far, we, along with every other Lego fan and Star Wars fan, have enjoyed everything that Lego has churned out for the Star Wars Rebels line, as well as every other Lego Star Wars sets build. We sincerely hope that the upcoming three sets from the same line will wow us even more, as they have done for the past couple of years.


Since the start of season two, a couple of the line’s most beloved characters, along with the craft from the original Star Wars Trilogy came back. This includes Darth Vader and his famous TIE Advanced, paired together with the A-Wing Fighter.


The Lego 75150 provides both builds in one set. This is definitely proving to be one of the best sets this summer: And we hope we’re correct.

First, let’s take a look at the minifigures. The Lego 75150 marks Sabine Wren’s first appearance donned in her guise from the second season. In our opinion, this newest version looks so much better than her past incarnations, which have all made appearances in several sets from the previous year. Perhaps the only thing that hasn’t been changed is her skin tone – We think it makes her look a little bit pale, although the green and purple-streaked hair was way too cool for our taste.

The minifigure’s head looks the same as usual – She sports a grimace on one side, and an indifferent expression on the other side. Meanwhile, her legs and torso have both been given updates, and she now has plenty of printed details on both the front and back side of her body. The belt she wears doesn’t seem to match between the look of her torso and hips, but we think it looks great on her – Even better than last year’s belt.

One more improvement we see on Sabine’s minifigure are her arms. No more of those awkward-looking flesh-colored components. Instead, her arms are now decorated with dark orange and black gloves. We think her arms could use a little bit more printing and decoration, but the gloves are better than nothing. She comes equipped with a pair of blaster pistols, but no helmet – A bit of a downgrade from last year’s figure. Sometimes we wonder why Lego doesn’t want to include a helmet for this particular character, but the awesomeness of her hair makes up for it anyway.

The second minifigure is the generic A-wing pilot, another female minifigure. This figure carries the same look as the Phoenix Two minifigure from one of season two’s builds, ‘Homecoming’ (Lego 75059). It’s interesting how Lego decided to include in this minifigure in particular, since her character only shows up for a couple of seconds before being shot as she attempts to leave a scuffle. The fighter’s color scheme outfit even looks similar to the model from that set, and both of them are filled with lots of impressive details.

We think the helmet mold looks great – And we do appreciate the new color scheme found in the new helmet as well, even though most of the pilots in the series wear these helmets with their visors down (probably due to limited animation costs). As a result, the exposed face is slightly inaccurate. Still, this minifigure is excellent and we’re actually quite pleased to see the different ranks found in the Rebel personnel.


Darth Vader’s minifigure is only given a slight upgrade here, as compared to the Sabine Wren and the pilot’s own minifigures. Keep in mind that his last appearance was in the Lego 75093 Death Star Final Duel set, released in 2015. Now, the new Vader figure sports a printed design on his torso, giving him a more angular appearance, which matches his character in the animated series – As compared to the real live-action Star Wars films. His helmet, however, remains the same as before. So we think it’s slightly inaccurate since this version of Darth Vader is supposed to represent the one found on Star Wars Rebels – Although we think the helmet looks spiffy.

His figure is comprised of two sections, and you can actually split it to show off Darth Vader’s scarred head beneath it. Scars are littered not just across his face, but on the back as well. A lot of owners have told us that the helmet that he uses here looks quite bothersome, since it makes it look like he’s staring upwards all the time. But we think it’s a great improvement over the previous helmet. Vader also dons a rather stylish yet intimidating cape, and comes with his signature red lightsaber. Unfortunately, his TIE Advanced headquarters has no place to put the lightsaber in, even though we’re still happy that this extra accessory has been included.


Onto the build! The A-Wing fighter has always made its presence felt in the Star Wars Rebels animated series, first making its appearance in the season one finale. The design looks vastly similar to Ralph McQuarrie’s original artwork, which means Lego has made this build similar to the design. The build looks different from its earlier versions, such as the Lego 75003 A-Wing Starfighter, and the one found in Lego 75094.


One of the more surprising aspects that we have discovered with the Lego 75150 build is the A-Wing’s own color scheme. Those dark green lines have actually shown up in a couple of other Star Wars Rebels starfighter builds (in particular, the Lego 75104), as well as in the TV show itself. But the blue designs are far more common and give off a better appeal to the audience in plenty of aspects. Sometimes we often wonder if the grey and blue color scheme found in the Lego 75149 Resistance X-Wing Fighter was the main reason why the 75150 carries this color right now.


That aside, we do like the combination of light blue gray and dark green. The yellow bits look absolutely splendid, and instead of making the color combo look out of place, it gives the build a bit more personality. We also like the model’s shape, with its enclosed thrust vector rudders and angled wings – An element found in the TV series. We actually like this version of the A-Wing to the version that shows up in Return of the Jedi, although of course, it does depend on the person you talk to.


You can open up the build’s cockpit canopy to place one or two of the minifigures inside it. The build also has its own stickered control panel. Another aspect here is being able to move the laser cannons around, getting them to face forwards and backwards during a fight. We also like this machine’s engine pods, as well as the brand new elements that you can utilize both on top and bottom of the build, since this results in a highly beautiful profile.


You can find the landing gear beneath the build, alongside two rubber bands that are attached in the build in three various spots. This comprises the A-Wing’s main part, even though a quick glance at it might make you think that this is just another useless detail, since it’s hidden inside the build’s body.


And now we move on to Darth Vader’s TIE Advanced build! The last time we have seen this kind of build was actually in 2009 – Almost a decade ago! So many new building techniques and advancements have developed since. So we were a little bit surprised when we learned that the TIE Advanced looks pretty much the same as its 2009 version, even though there have been plenty of changes made for the better.


One of the most notable things found in the center of the build is its cockpit, which contains a pair of printed hatch elements measuring 6 x 6. These elements have been introduced in the previous year, and look absolutely amazing. It’s quite hard to imagine how this design could be improved much further in future versions, especially when you consider the wonderful details found inside the vehicle’s cockpit. You can place the Darth Vader figure right behind the controls, as well as open up the top hatch so you can take him out or place him in his seat.


You can find spring-loaded shooters found underneath the cockpit. These can be activated when you press down the black buttons located on top. There are elements found inside the same cockpit which are also present in a Lego Technic build. These could be a bit of a bother for some owners, but they don’t take away too much attention from the build itself. The build’s wings can hide these colors effectively.


The TIE Advanced’s wings also have a nice angle to them – However, they are attached to the main portion of the build with the help of Technic pins, so they do have a tendency to wobble just a tiny bit in between flights. Make sure those minifigures of yours have their seatbelts on! Seriously speaking, this flaw in the build disappoints us since we had hoped it would go away following secure building methods used in previous builds.


The rear section is also the best place to grip the model while you’re flying it around. It’s also decorated with a bunch of detailed stickers, which are most likely set to repeat the designs found in the show.


Overall, the Lego 75150 build in itself is highly impressive, although there are a couple of drawbacks still – The biggest of them being the price. The TIE Advanced and the A-Wing both come in the same size, and in our opinion, neither of them deserves to be priced at $79.99 when combined together. The builds are indeed stable, but not in the extent that we prefer.

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