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LEGO Star Wars X-Wing Starfighter Spaceship 9493 Review



Lego seems to have a soft spot for X-Wing builds – This particular build is now the fourth incarnation of the popular Star Wars vehicle.


We’ll start off this review by taking a look at the box – The completed X-Wing build is found right in the center, heading down towards the Death Star trench. We can also see that the machine is closely being followed by three silhouettes – These are the TIE fighters, and judging from the look of the box, they haven’t really practiced their aim completely.


The side of the box features the cast of characters for this build – Including R2-D2, Luke Skywalker, and two new minifigures, namely R5-D8 and Jek Porkins.


We also love the look of the Darth Maul design, in particular, the look of his lightsaber blade. That’s because not only does it have its own flowing edge, it’s also got sparks emanating from the blade’s emitter. This suggests that the blade merely sputtered right into existence, much like what happens during the movie.

The back side of the box shows off all of the build’s most important functions being highlighted, so you – And all of the other Lego fans out there – Can get excited about this new set you’re about to purchase. Apart from that, the box also includes a couple of scenes that you can potentially act out with the minifigures, if you so wish. One of them involves racing to reach the remaining X-Wing fighter before the other figure beats them to it. The second scenario involves two more minifigures inspecting a hologram shown by the TIE fighter. The functions shown by the 9493’s box include the build’s opening cockpit, the Droid socket, detachable torpedoes, as well as the landing gear, which you can fold downwards and back up. Interestingly enough, the opening wings aren’t even fully showcased in this build, and they happen to be one of the more prominent parts of the 9493 itself. Maybe this is Lego’s strategy of convincing people to purchase the two previous models released before this one? We’ll never know.


Inside of the box, we have one DSS, five bags filled with bricks, and the instruction booklet. A sticker sheet has also been included. So many people were disappointed to learn that the Red 5 stripes now come in sticker form, instead of being painted on. Certain owners were also saddened after finding out that the wing vents have been converted to stickers as well.

We now move on to the minifigures – Since Luke Skywalker and R2-D2 have been around in other Star Wars-themed Lego builds, we will be focusing more on the two new characters in the 9493, namely the R5 Unit figure and Porkins figure. Porkins only carries one expression in his figure, which we feel like limits his pure potential to be a fan favorite. If you want to use his head in another scene, you have to acquire his helmet first – Or else it’s going to look a tad bit peculiar. The Porkins figure also looks slightly thinner than his previous incarnation.

The new helmets found in this build are amazing. And since he’s the main character, Luke Skywalker’s own helmet looks so much better compared to Porkins’. It’s a great improvement if you compare Luke’s current helmet to the ones that he wore in past builds, you can be certain that it looks 10x better than the original. Meanwhile, Porkins’ own helmet looks just as good. We could’ve used a Wedge and Biggs minifigure too so that the entire family is present.

Only the Porkins and Luke minifigures have back printing, while R2-D2 and the R5 unit only have them around their heads. Porkins and Luke’s vests have also been incorporated into their orange jumpsuits, since they have been printed in a darker hue.


The first bag of bricks contain plenty of lighter tanned pieces. There aren’t any transparent gear-boxes included here, compared to the Lego 6212 and the Lego 4502. Instead, the first segment of the 9493 is created by connecting separate parts together. This doesn’t take up too much room in the build’s rear area – And the results are amazing.


Some of the build’s technic beams do give support to the fighter’s nose. At the backside, there’s something that has never been seen before in a Lego set – Upside down building techniques. These will eventually result in the shape of the craft. The second bag lets you build up the craft’s nose, cockpit, and backside.


After you have constructed the contents of the second bag, this section will now be able to connect itself to the technic beam, while the bricks will gradually be attached to the craft’s main body. You might have noticed something at the back of the cockpit after you have attached both parts together – These happen to be the upside-down white slopes that create a part of the droid socket area.


The third part of the build deals with the lower-right and upper-left set of the build’s wings. You must need a good dose of patience during this part, since the building technique can be quite repetitive. After you’re done, you can now attach the stickers in it, and be careful not to mess up! If you do, you can simply hide the bad one on the plane’s lower wings and keep the nicer-looking ones on the upper wings. Unfortunately, you cannot do the same thing when it comes to the wing vents.


Make sure to build both wings before connecting them to the craft, since it’s going to look a bit lopsided.

The fourth bag contains the same amount and types of bricks found in the third one. And once again, the building process will be repetitive.


After you have completed building the underside of the wings, you can now use the tan dishes to help it open up. There are a couple of dark gray bricks found here which can help layer out the wings, letting them sit flushed alongside its counterparts on both the top and bottom side of the build.

For the fifth bag – After you have taken out the parts required to build the fighter’s body, there are now loads of leftover identical pieces. You can use them to create the four guns, as well as the four engines. And once you’re done creating and adding those to the 9493, you are officially done with bag 5 and the entire build!


Plenty of people have expressed their sheer disappointment in regards to the brand new Droid socket orientation. While some people actually did enjoy it – Since it gets rid of the bulkiness issues that most previous incarnations have suffered from. The guns that came with the build are now much more detailed as well, and are too proportionate. Compare this to the guns used in the Lego 6212 and the Lego 7140.

When it comes to a set of this magnitude, we’re pretty surprised that the X-wing doesn’t have its own range of no-flick fire missiles. While the build has its own set of detachable torpedoes, that’s almost as far as it goes. This isn’t a problem at all – It just means that the torpedoes aren’t as easily lost. But if they do end up getting lost, it’s much harder to find a good replacement.

The upside-down techniques utilized at the back of the craft have allowed the hexagonal rear to be shown for the very first time in a Lego build. No more weird hatches, which is good.

There aren’t any visible gaps found at the back of this version either – Everything is built solid, although you can find some gaps at the top. However, they do serve a purpose – So that the newly-built wings can be opened. The rubber bands can put a bit of force on the Lego 9493’s own wings – They do make the craft tougher to open up, and once you attempt to close it, everything snaps shut, literally.


The underside of the craft lets you take a glimpse at the effect of using those wings in an upside-down position, much like the original studio model found in the box. We see an awful lot of blue bricks here, especially on the landing gear. It would have been great if they used blue instead of gray pegs – It makes the build look less obtrusive.

The spare pieces that come with the build look amazing, especially if you’re also into making Lego Technic builds. There are a few spare gears and pegs available – As well as some studs left over from the body and the build.

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