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LEGO Super Heroes 76035 Jokerland Building Kit Review


If you are a fan of the lego 76023 set, which was a superhero, why not try a DC super hero set? Go ahead, push those Lego Star Wars sets and the Lego City sets to the side, because we have something even more exciting for you – did you hear the Lego news? The Lego 76035 set is here, which is the Lego DC Super Heroes Jokerland set. This is one of the most playable sets we have ever came across and before we start this review, we must say, if you’re looking for your cute little Lego Disney minifigures here, you’re not going to find that.

As we were saying, this set has a large amount of playable features and it is a whole lot of fun to build. Each part does a great job at keeping a level of interest. If you build this set around your kids, be careful, because as soon as you get pieces put together, they’re going to take it from you.

Speaking in children, Jokerland is a set that is recommended for ages 8 and up. There are a total of 1027 pieces here, which truly is exciting. When a Lego set contains this many pieces, you automatically know it’s going to be a whole lot of fun. Like the Lego 10179 set, with all of the pieces it contained – it took us a couple of days to put that together, but there’s no complaining, because that means we were able to prolong our fun. There’s also 8 amazing minifigures in this set with some pretty lovely accessories, all of which we will be telling you about in this review.

For the SuperHeroes in this set, you have Beast Boy, Robin, Batman and Starfire. For the bad guys in this set, you have Poison Ivy, The Penguin, Harley Quinn, and of course, our personal favorite, The Joker.


The Box

We must say, the front cover of the box is pretty exciting and if you’re a fan of DC Comics, it’ll make you want to buy it right away. The box is nice, it shows Jokerland against a nice sunset backdrop of a carnival.

We included a picture of the box in the beginning of this review.

Flipping the box over and looking at the back, you’re going to see the Super Heroes in action. Here, we’re going to cut to the chase and give you a picture of the back of the box:



Opening up the box, everything has been split into single bags. The bags are numbers from 1-8.

Inside the box everything is split into single bags numbered 1-8, plus a big instruction booklet, a little comic and 1 loose slide piece...


Also, don’t forget about the Lego building instructions, here’s a picture of them:



When we opened the box and looked through the parts, we couldn’t help but to notice there were some pretty nice parts here. There’s the bright green seashells, lime green girders, the purple arches and slide, the pink doorframe and the azure plates that are used on the Duckies.




It’s a real shame to have to say this, but Penguin and Poison Ivy aren’t exactly new to this set – they are something we have seen many times before, since the beginning of the theme. Joker is a hybrid of his gangster suit and the head and hair we saw back in 2012.

Batman is almost a repeat of what we have seen before, but exclusive dual-molded legs, giving him boots, is present.

Robin appears to be based on his Teen Titans design. He is sporting a new torso with a nice short sleeved shirt and a short cape with spiky hair. We believe Robin’s look in this set suits him perfectly.

Beast Boy has a decent figure, but in our opinion, we believe it could be better. His green skin seems a bit too dark to our liking – we think a bright green would have fit him better. His faces seem a bit odd – one of them has a borderline evil look, while the other has a worried goofy looking look. His outfit though, looks great and it includes dual-molded boots.

Starfire is another minifigure that comes with the set. Some would say she is the best figure in the set and we admit Starfire does look good. They took her Teen Titans Go!design and standardized it so that it matches with the normal minifigures in the set. Her costume and her hair look stunning and her bronzed skin has a nice dark shade to it. Her solar-energy shines through with her green eyes and she has two dishes to place on her hands. Her legs, like Wonder Woman, don’t have any details on them and it looks as if she was made in China, which resulted in looser joints.

Harley Quinn …all we can say is “Why, Lego?” his Harley Quinn is based on the new 52 series. Her costume has been altered to resemble an acrobatic leotard and her face has some cleverly outlined grey circles around her eyes – this represents the dark makeup she wears. She even has a jingle-bell collar on and we cannot forget about her boots. Her face looks good, with an evil/happy exrpression on it. She has a hat …this is the reason we say “Why, Lego?” The hat almost ruins Harley Quinn’s look. In the New 52, she never wore a hat that we recall. She wears her hair in pigtails that have been dyed to match the hat, but she never actually wears the hat itself.


The Rides

Lego 76035 set has obviously been designed around the concept of a trap-filled theme park that is being ran by Batman’s rogue’s gallery. This set has been split into five primary sections. You have four attractions and the Batmobile. At first glance, the attractions look pretty cool. You have a Penguin-themed Ferris wheel, a Poison Ivy Drop Ride, a Harley Quinn Motorcycle Stunt and of course, a Joker Fun House. On their own, any one of these four would be fun to play with, so it is a real pleasure to find them right here, packed all in one fun play set.

The Batmobile is really cool looking. It has built-in weapons both at the front of the vehicle in the form of missiles, and in the back with exhaust stud shooters. Yes, you can buy this version of the bat mobile separately, but it would be a good idea to just pick it up in this set as you’ll really like the theme setting.


Harley Quinn’s bike ride is a big hit. This involves a tightrope going across two high standing platforms where Robin has been tied under Harley Quinn. He looks like he is in some big trouble. This concept is pretty good, but the section is a bit on the flimsy side for this guy because he has heavy hands that are prone to breaking the single brick rope. Older children shouldn’t have any issue riding Harley Quinn back and forth across the platforms.


The Poison Ivy ride reminds us of the classic film and we’re not sure if you’ve ever heard of it, but “Little Shop of Horrors.” This is a classic film. This setup has the classic drop style fairground ride tossed into the mix. The harnesses make great details and help add to the world of imagination. Do you think Batman is going to be the hero he is meant to be and save Starfire before she is gobbled up by the mutated plants?

Moving on, we have Penguin’s Deadly Duckie wheel, which is complete with the turning mechanism. Chained up in one of the duck carriages, we have Beast Boy who might be blown up by a dynamite. Penguin is looking down from his platform. Sharks are waiting below to pick up the pieces of Beast Boy.

Then, here we are, at the main ride – this is where we witness Joker standing at the top of his super fun house. His fun house is complete with magic mirrors and a nice slide that goes into a pool of poison – how convenient, right? Sounds like something Joker would do. This ride faces a giant clown face complete with a moving hat, spinning bow and rolling eyes – all of this adds on to the already warped, slightly crazy fair.

With this set, there is a whole lot of stuff you can play with. You can play with it separately, or all together if you like. Either way you stack it, this set is fun. All of the rides contain moving parts and are extremely colorful – just as colorful as you would expect a fairground like this to be.



In case you’re curious, the entire build itself took us a good two hours, but this is only because we got stuck on a couple of parts, but it was nothing big. The Lego building instructions were easy to follow and honestly, without those Lego Instructions, we don’t think we would have survived this build. Next, we are going to move forward to the Lego 42043 set and the Lego 10179 set.

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